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Saturday, June 25, 2016


The images below are quite beautiful Gifzone that I found over
the 3years that I have been doing this blog & my Tumblr too!
I hope that you have enjoyed the images that are in all forms of Art. They can be either digital paintings, paintings, animation art, photographic art, Photoshop, digital art, drawing & photography too... And so much more in the art media. There are so many of these talented artist that I have found throughout the years that I feel that we owe it to them all to show their talent and to share it to everyone. In the many years that I have shown talented artist art in many different media I try my best to show all kinds of different media. At one point I hope to do more post with the names of all the artist too. We are all very lucky to have so many talented artist that shares so many beautiful pieces of their art.

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