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Friday, March 27, 2015

Tanning or Cooked~

Tanning or Cooked-
Good afternoon my dear friends and followers today I am bring you all a post that might
make you think twice about the tanning salon. Besides the fact that these tanning beds can cause skin cancer at a much faster rate. So this is how the tale or urban legend goes my dear friends & followers. I hope you enjoy the tale. It was basically about a young woman who was going to be in a wedding, however she was very unhappy with her pale skin and wanted to look good for the wedding. For me, I was very happy at my wedding 18-years ago and I was quite the pale skin bride. But I guess everybody has their own idea of what beauty is.
So as the tale goes, the young woman in the wedding party decided to go to the tanning salons. Since there was a 30-min limit per-day on all tanning salons, she visited several each day. This was to try to increase the speed up the tan in the shortest time possible. So that she would have a glowing tan by the time of the wedding.
After several weeks of going to many different tanning salons, she noticed that she wasn't feeling very well and even after taking a bath she couldn't get the foul odor that was about her body to go away. So she decided she had better go to the doctor and get check-out before the wedding which was only in a few days.
She was able to make an doctor appointment that very day, After the doctor examined her and did a number of special tests, The doctor discovered through the number of tests, that all those visits to the tanning salons each day , had slowly cooked her internal organs.
This happened by the over use of the exposure to the tanning rays the doctor told her and the odor that she was smelling was actually her rotting organs. Sadly the doctor told her because of this foolish act she had just two weeks to live.
Well, my dearest friends & followers I did check this one out and it seems that it is one of those old urban legends. Even though it is an urban legend it is a story of great warning to these tanning beds. They can cause lots of harm in other ways if your not careful about it.
The Ultraviolet rays that come through these lights in these tanning beds are the same as the sun so hence skin cancer. So you have to be careful when getting that tan.
I hope you enjoyed this post, my dears love you all 

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