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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boann the Celtic Irish Goddess of the Rivers

Boann the Celtic Irish Goddess of the Rivers-
Boann was the water goddess whose name given to the river Boyne. It was associated with its
Boann Celtic Irish Goddess of Rivers
source as the 'poetic cauldron of inspiration'. I thought I would explore another Celtic Irish
Goddess that hasn't been know quite as much as the other Goddess. I found this
Goddess Boann of the Rivers quite interesting and I hope You All my dears will 
find her tale as interesting too! I have found that there are many venison of the Goddess
Boann of the Rivers in Ireland. 
From my readings I've found that there are a variety of variations of the legend of the Goddess Boann.
Yet there is one element that remains always the same in her story. And that is the fact that she was
the wife of Nechtan, another God of water. Not to be mixed up with the Greek Sea Gods of water: Poseidon, Neptume, Amphitrite, Triton, Nereids and Thetis. Like herself, Boann was a Water Goddess
Poseidon Greek God of the Seas
of the Rivers and one of her myths concerns the water. According to the tale, there was a sacred well
(Sidhe Nechtan) that contained the source of knowledge. All were forbidden to approach this well,
with the exception of the God Nechtan which of course was Boann's husband and his servants. 
This meant his Goddess Boann too! She to was forbidden to be in this scared Well Too! Well
Boann being a Goddess ignored the waring probably because she was a goddess and felt she 
could go to any scared well she pleased and strode right up to the sacred well, thus violating 
the sanctity of the area. For this act, the Goddess Boann was punished, and the waters of the defiled 
Goddess Boann in Scared Well
Goddess Boann became a
Deity of the Rivers 
Now, in some versions, I found the Goddess was drowned; while in others she managed to outrun the
raging currents of the river. In either case, this water became the river
that was known henceforth as the
Boyne. And The Goddess Boann thereafter became the presiding deity of that river.
Another Myth of the Goddess Boann was that she bore Oenghus. And she and the leader
The Secret Child of Love
that was born 
of the Tuatha De Danaan, the Dagdha engaged in an illicit affair which resulted in the birth of the God of
Love. It was Said in the legend that since both the Goddess Boann and the Dagdha had wished
to keep the birth of the God of Love and their rendezvous a secret, they used their divine
powers to cause the nine month gestation period to last but a single day/so it would seem this way
for everyone at the time living in that ancient place. For the sun became frozen in the skies for those
nine months , never setting and never rising. Then on this magick day- Oenghus emerged into the world.
This being the child they bore.... It was said that a sacred spring was then fed as a well which nine hazel
Trees grew, dropping their magic nuts into the depths of the clear pool feeding five salmon who swam into
its crystal water. After these five salmon ate these inspiring hazel nuts it caused five streams to burst forth
from the well of knowledge in which is said to be the five senses, without which no wisdom can be acquired.

There are other Legends and Myths to this tale of the Goddess Boann the
Goddess Boann
Celtic Irish Goddess of the Rivers. As one I found of the Dadga, the Irish Zeus who desired the Beauty of the Goddess Boann and he sent her husband God Nechtan of Water on a very long erran, making it a nine
months which seems like one day. It seems like these gods like to stop time quite a bit in the Irish ancient times of Nine months odd - the why they make it thus toward the birth of a child/ as today nine months is the period of time you are pregnant to have a child of modern times.. Makes you think..Hummm. So back to 
or Tale... So this union of Aonghus Og, the God of love was born. He was called Og Because Goddess
Boann said.' Young is the son who was begotten at the break of Day and born betwixt it and evening'.
After doing this post on the Goddess Boann of the Rivers, I found that there were many tales of her Legend and life. And to write down all of them would be to much.. I decided to give you the best of her tales that I could and I hope thru these tales of this beautiful Goddess of Celtic Irish descant of the Rivers was as fun and interesting for you all as it was for myself. I find in doing these different Gods and Goddess, they have such amazing and different kinda lives far from what we would ever image. 
At any Rate I hope that I have brought you another interesting
story/legend/myth to you all my dear friends and followers
I love you all very much !!! 
the Magick Lady!  

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