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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Goddess Pele of the Volcano In Hawaii-

The Goddess Pele of the Volcano in Hawaii-
Pele is well know as the volcano Goddess, that lives in the crater of Kilauea on the island of 
Hawaii. For the people of Hawaii she is an legend and is respected as a very real 
Goddess of Hawaii.
This respect comes from ancient Hawaiian times to the present 2014.
There are many different variations of the legend of Pele Goddess of the Volcano and how 
she first came to the Hawaiian islands. 
One of the most common tales is that she was one of six daughters and seven sons born
to Haumea- the Earth Goddess. 
The story of the Goddess Pele was that she was chased from her homeland by one of her  sisters who was very angry at her. This sister was Namakaokahai Goddess of the ocean. Pele's essence is Fire and she dug into the island to find a fire-pit to live in, but was unsuccessful  and went to the western side of Kauai. Traveling along the Nepali to the North Shore she dug again, but  only found water at the wet caves and then she journeyed onward inland to a very ancient peek, that is now called "Pun ka Pele" [Pele's Hill]. Still having no luck she followed the Waymea canyon to the Southside of the island, and dug around Poipu for awhile, then went on to Oahu, Molokai, Maui and finally the big island of Hawaii where she found a place for her family to live at last in Kilauea.

When she falls in love with a mortal boy Lohiau, a chief of Kauai as a young girl, - Some say- she was sleeping in her home at Halemauman crater on the Big Island another that  she was standing on the rock of Kauai at the western end of Oahu which followed the sounds to Haena on Kauai, and saw the handsome chief dancing at a festival and fell in love materializing in the form as a beautiful young Pele was a good shaman was able to change into many forms- She entered the dance and captured the chiefs Lohiau, of Kauai heart and lived with him for a while. Finally she had to return home and 
promised that she would send for him. This is where my part of the story Ends so I thought I would do a bit of research for you all so that I could finish the legend of Pele the goddess of Hawaii.
You most Remember this is yet one version of how the legend-
 In the Ancient Hawaiian Twelfth Century to the nineteenth century the deity that was most feared and
respected on the island of Hawaii was the Goddess Pele. She was the queen of fire and the Goddess of Volcano's. Her favorite place to life was the vast and ever-seething crater of Kilauea , beneath whose molten floods, of halls of burning adamant and grottoes of fire. Pele would consume in the offerings of her worshippers and devised destruction to those who long to neglected her, fail, to dis-respect her in anyway.
At the the time her assistants were her relatives her five brothers and eight sisters, all of them clothed with especial functions that she deemed what would be important. All of these actions of her bothers and sisters were little less merciless than that of herself. 
The first of the duties under Pele was that of the King Moho of steam, Pele put all here various brothers and sisters in changed of- many different duties of crating explosions, thunder clouds, rain storms, fire, moving, keeping the clouds in place, breaking canoes, fighting with spears of flames, hurling red-hot masses of lava and doing whatever the goddess commanded of them.
As the family claimed tributes to the entire island of Hawaii [note the big island] , to receive it they frequently visited their now island, that was very active and had extended craters of other districts and earthquakes that would heralded their departure form kilauea.
The Temple of Pele were numerous, particularly in the different neighborhoods of old lava-flows, and their
priests were always well sustained. One of the most sacred to the Goddess Pele was the crater of Kilauea and the earth around it. Why? because the earth around it could not be safely disturbed there, meaning  that if and offering was first made at her sacred crater of Kilauea such as fruits, pigs, fowls, fish, and even sometimes human sacrifices were thrown into the crater to appease the wrath of the goddess and avert the flow of lava. 
From all of this Pele family was neither connected with nor could they control the supreme gods of Hawaiian worship. From what i can understand in the period of the 12th century the family of the Goddess Pele was really unknown on Hawaii and the strong hold it secured and for centuries maintained in the native heart was due partly to a poplar faith in and worship to the spirits of the departed chiefs and ancestors and too the ever-visible evidences of the power and malignity of the volcanic deities like that of Pele the goddess. It is said that there were other deities that deemed as creators of Hawaii such as Kane but, with my reading and research it seems that the attributes of the terrible Pele Goddess as some would call her and her family have put an immortal hold on the big island of Hawaii. 
So I will continue with the family and the Goddess Pele as I see it. As you must remember there are so many different versions of this story so please not quote  me my dears...
Pele the Goddess of the Volcano, this is a shorter version that i found for you all of the wonderful story of the 
story of Pele and her family.
As before I said Pele the goddess came with her brothers and sisters seeking a new home in Howai'i-nei  and they tried island after island but always, as Pele dug her fire pits she heard the voice of the sea, but on the last island that she dug a great pit high up on the island of Kilauea, far above the ocean, where she tended her fires, sometimes living in peace with her family about her, while her brothers would feed the fire too. And her sisters would make Lei to dance the hula. They were happy for a time. Sometimes Pele would go about the island in the form as a old woman to see how the people are on the island if the are good to tradition and loving. If anyone was rude to her on these travels she would often punished them, by doing so a whole country side would be laid to waste with lava because of some rude word or scornful laughter at her. These are just a few of Pele's legends and stories of long ago.
There are many stories of Pele the Goddess of the Volcano, both love/wrath stimulated by jealously or someones arrogance's to the volcanic eruptions destructive lava flows. In fact the Hawaiians respect the legends and ancient stories of Pele, for she has lasted longer than any of the other Gods and has visibly is an active power and a strong influence on the hearts and minds of the Hawaiian people.
There is a modern legend by park rangers on the big island of Hawaii which says that Pele will curse anyone with terrible bad luck if they take any of her rocks off the ground of the volcano/or the black sandy beach's. Another legend is about the black sandy beaches of Punalu'u west of Kilauea, that says there are male rocks and female rocks there that give birth to baby pebbles and that if you take any of the rocks from the black beach there, the larger rocks will not be able to make babies and the black beach will eventually disappear.
This is one of Pele's cures of course, but the curious thing is, the curse has cause hundreds of guilty people to
have very gad luck to the point that Hawaii gets hundreds of tons of black rocks asking if they would please bring them back to the black sand beach. So Pele could still be very much alive!
I hope you Enjoyed my post on Goddess Pele of the Volcano my dear Friends
and Followers.. love you all Your Wendy.

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