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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Redwoods the Answer to Global Warming~

Redwoods the Answer to
Global Warming~
Good morning my dear friends & followers. Well, I have another climate change post that is dear to my heart! The Redwoods! Yes our California Ancient Redwoods Could be the key weapon against Global Warming!
Its just sad that thousands of the 1,000 year old+ Redwood trees have been clear cut centuries ago. Even when I was in College back in 1989-1993 in Humboldt County, I remember the large logging trucks that would go by with the huge cut redwood trees on them... However, since I have been going down to Humboldt County to visit my family I don't see the logging trucks much anymore. So I believe there is still hope...
A new study has been found that these younger 300-400year old Redwoods and the few area's where the ancient Redwoods still stand store more carbon from the atmosphere per acre than any other type of forest on the planet;
Including all our tropical rain forest around the world...
These towering trees both in the Redwoods and our Rainforest's, is where researchers have found the secret weapon against global warming. They have also found how this could influence everything from logging rules to how parks are pre-served as each state and country deals with their own climate change.
Many scientist have long known about the Van Pelts findings in the Redwoods. Plus their many factors in helping us put a hold on global warming with the Trees. Since these enormous trees can
live more than 1,000+years or more depending on many factors. And they grow to immense
heights into the sky's - they are able to capture significant amounts of the carbon dioxide from the
local skies that are sadly filling with more carbon dioxide every year.
So, You all might Wonder - how the team did it?
Well, it has to do with photosynthesis, the natural process in which plants use energy from the
sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water to sugars that helps them grow, while also
releasing the much need oxygen into our atmosphere.
The VanPelt's Team of researchers from 
Humboldt State University & University of Washington, which
painstaking set out to measure exactly how much carbon dioxide these massive Redwoods
were sucking out of our Atmosphere. Some of these Redwoods dated back to the
Roman Empires Times & were belief it or not, some of those Redwood ancients still manage to still
stand proud...
he team was working with others from UC Berkeley; Save the Redwood league too!
These teams chose the forest areas between Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, which is
near the Oregon border. Also the choose UC's Landels - Hill Creek, Reserve in Big Sur, which is
about 500 miles away.
Then, from these points of reference is how the teams began their research on the Redwoods.
They found that the forest in the Northern part of Jedediah Smith Redwood park - had stored
more than 2,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide per hectare in a given area of about 2.5 areas
of the Jedediah Smith Redwood park in their study...
If you think about it that's more than twice the amount of the 1,000 metric tons estimated for the 
Ancient Conifer forest in the Pacific Northwest; Then there's the...
Towering Eucalyptus Forests in Australia with their Tasmania forest.
As for how these research teams actually did their studies, it was a bit to complex for me
to write down or figure out exactly what they did....
However, I did figure out a few things that made sense to me...For one thing it is said, that it
took 7years and a very large team that was very deicated  to stick with the research for the
7 long years...
They also discovered, that there were 6 types of trees around the world that can grow more
than 300+ feet tall...
These trees are;
1-Redwood; 2-Giant Sequoia; 3-Douglas Fir; 4-Sitka Spruce; 5-Australias Mountain Ash;
6-Tasmanian Blue Gum...
However, out of all 6 trees, the Redwood is the best at storing Carbons which is growing ever
so fast in our atmosphere around the world. Especially in certain countries around the world,
which facing huge problems with Carbons in their atmosphere. In some countries the people have to
ware face masks to protect themselves from the harmful carbons that have drifted so much lower in the atmosphere of their large cities. I don't want to name names of these places but I do hope that
in the coming years climate change and our air quality will become I high priority...
As for why the Redwoods are the number1 for storing Carbon that is in are atmosphere - and at this time is harming even our oceans too....
1-They live longer than most of the other trees above that I mention; 2-Their wood is virtually fireproof; 3-They can survive winds that break their
tops off, but the rest of the tree survives for hundred's of years;
Finally These Redwoods will roughly store two-thirds of all the carbon in their heartwood. 
What this means it deep inside the tree. This will last hundreds of years inside their heartwood,
even after the tree dies. So in a sense it is incase in the heartwood of the dead redwood for another 1000 years to save our atmosphere.
The reason for this, the Redwood trees don't quickly rot away like most trees do...
Its the climate that they live in that helps this of course. Sadly. the beauty of the tropical/rainforest area's they do rot very quickly... Too much rain.
This is the reason why I love the Redwoods... Their beauty and the ancient strength that
protects us all around the world. I am just lucky that my family lives very near the Redwoods
so every summer when my family Mark &Kai we get to see them every year...
I have loved the redwoods I would say since 1989 when I went to college up there and lived there for many years. However, live changes and I am now in Washington State... these last almost 20years...
I hope and pray one day Mark Kai and I can be back down with the family once again... I figure once my son is out of high school and has decided where he wants to go to college so its not to much longer..
For the last 10years+ our climate has been changing for the worst. I use to do lots of post on the many site that I was on... One was -Goddesss&;
 these were just two that I remember. I was on many others. The thing that I remember about these two was I had many groups as they called it on climate change.. however, at the time no one truly believe that it was happening no matter how many posts or groups on the subject that I wrote.
But now over 10years later on this new platform...
I have started one more time but on a smaller scale... Mostly because I can't handle that horrors of what is happening in the world due to climate change..
Lots has happen in my life that I just cant do as much as I could back then.
But I am still going to try...Why because I believe the people out there are starting to believe that it
truly is happening. For example as the earth continues to warm the earth the Antartica and Artica are melting at rapid rates. This will make our seas rise at alarming rates..
There are islands in the seas that had entire country of people on them with wild life too ---
Gone! Disappered  under the sea.. This will happen more and more.. There is more problems that will happen too. I happen to watch the move Waterworld..... the movie isn't that far off.
So I hope that you found this all interesting .. I am going to do more of these on a small scale...
I have a few home viedos of the Redwoods I hope you like


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