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Friday, January 31, 2014

Copper Dragon

The Copper Dragon

The Copper Dragon, For my Love for the Dragon! I hope you all will Enjoy
this most Interesting Dragon as all the dragons that I’ve Posted.

History of the Copper Dragon-

I found that these dragons have some different aspects than their cousins do. For example; The Copper Dragons are huge six legged Beasts. They usually live in very warm desert climates or in caverns, that are usually very elaborate underneath the desert ground. The Copper dragons are very intelligent creatures, who enjoy testing other creatures on their own intelligence with either riddles or jokes, but their favorite is Riddles. You must be very careful if you ever run across a Copper Dragon and he wants to play a game of Riddles, be warned-
The Copper Dragon Always Wins! The Game of Riddles! Then you can only guess what happen next! Even though they are known to be good natured dragons, they will guard their wealth very closely. Which is usually in huge caverns under the great hot deserts of the world. You probably would never guess this one for a dragon, but the Copper dragons are great jumpers and climber. Their diet is a little different too. They will eat almost anything, but their favorite food source is giant scorpions. So it makes you think how big those scorpions got in ancient times? And what do you think these Grand Dragons eat Now!


These dragons are quite striking with their warm coppery scales and a tinge of blue within each of the copper scales as the become
adult dragons. Like the Brass Dragon, the Copper Dragon’s winds are connected to its body all the way to the tip of its tail. As I have mentioned before in my brief history of the Copper Dragon, these creatures are powerful jumpers and climbers with their powerful massive thigh and shoulder muscles in all their limbs.
Their two horns are broad and flat that sits on their head, which are pointing backwards to the tail from the top of their heads. They also have a distinctive frill that protrudes from either jaw. So when their mouth is closed, their very sharp teeth are completely hidden,but will exude a stony Oder, which is very strong and nasty.

These Dragons prefer to avoid combat if possible,but if they have to they would rather fight opening or taunt,humiliate and tease
their opponents until they simply give up the battle at hand.This is how the Copper Dragon has gotten his name as being a huge tease or a joker at times. Even in Battle. Although if a Copper Dragon is forced in Battle , he/she will fight  to the very End! And it is very incredibly devious and antagonist too when it comes to battles and winning too. This is when These dragons will use their Breath weapon usually.

Breath Weapons-

The Copper dragon has two types of breath weapons that he can use in battle.

The First is the Acid Breath which will blind and then dissolved its attacker or prey.

The Second is the is a Cone Sleeping Gas, It is used to knock out his/her attackers or prey. [The Cone Sleeping gas can slowly cramp up all the muscles of anyone within the Cone Sleeping Gas, once that happens, he/she is helpless both in sleep and movement].


The lair of the Copper dragon is that of a cave, but its entrance is concealed
by many enormous rocks and boulders. Basically, you will find yourself in a huge labyrinth of tunnels. The Copper Dragons are among the most of all their cousins that can complete his most confusing caverns with such complex labyrinths within them. If a friendly visitor which was usually human or a lost Elf, became hopelessly loss in one of these confusing labyrinths caverns [which in ancient times it was rather common] the copper dragon would actually rescue these friendly visitors.

It was if a visitor found himself deeper inside the tunnels where the dragons
treasure or young dragons were where the danger lay. This is when the Dragon isn’t so friendly you could say. How if the visitor finds themselves in a enormous spacious foyer, beyond which is the main entertaining Chamber, which is where the dragon spend most of its time! There is doom for anyone that gets that far into the Coppery Dragons lair, unless he happens to be in a forgiving mood that day. They are said to be good natured Dragons, and considered to be very polite too. So one never will really know what happens in his Chambers with lost souls so long ago.
As for now in the preside times, I really don’t think the Coppey dragons would be as good natured and as polite toward the human race, and this is my own option. I feel this way because of what has happen in the last 30years on our Great Blue Planet/ Mother Earth. Its not so much Blue Mother Earth, as it was 30years ago. Also the problems of War/hatred and lack of concern for  our Mother Earth I feel has a great deal to do with the Fae Creatues of the magic world too. The Dragons, where they might be now!, one really never knows, that includes My fairies and Elves too. I do know that they are still here but in a different form as for the fairies and maybe the /Elves this I do not know for sure. As for the dragons I believe they are in deep deep hiding. And really, don’t come out, only in the darkest of nights. I believe it has a lot to do with us over population of our Earth. I just had to put my option sometimes my dear friends and followers I hope you will understand. Love you all-ooo)


The Copper dragons take part both in their young raising. Both mother and
father are very much part of their baby eggs and to the time it is for the young dragon to go on their own. These Copper Dragons will stay together until that time comes, from the eggs are laid in the sand, to when they hatch. Then during the process of hatching , both of the parents will take turns watching over their eggs until they hatch. When the newly hatched eggs do hatch the call their baby dragons wyrmling until they get to be juvenile dragons. Their scales will have a muddy brown in colour of
which will gradually shift to a glowing copper with the hints of the beautiful deep blue just like their parents. Young copper dragons or juvenile dragons will start with a rusty brown color on their scales before their scales turn the beautiful coppery color. All the coppery Dragons have the most Beautiful turquoise Blue Eyes.

I hope you like the Copper Dragon . I found this to be most interesting and a beautiful dragon. For my Love for the Dragon!

I Truly do Enjoy Writing about Dragons! It is fun and I wish in someways I could go back in time to be with the dragons that I love so much! I know in my heart they are still around, but they are in hiding for good reason!

Anyway Here is another Beautiful dragon! For My Love for the Dragon! Love you all, my dears Friends and Followers!

Your Wendy –oooo)
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