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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mummy Infant Who Waits For Eternity

Mummy Infant Waits for Eternity~
6-month old mummy
For this Post my dear friends & followers I am going back 500-years in Greenland in a glimpse of the culture of the past. I hope that you find this to be interesting as myself my dears. 
The tale starts over 40-years ago, when two brothers went hunting in Greenland and happened to stumbled upon a few grave sites that were over 500-years old mummies. These grave sites were naturally preserved by the Arctic environment inside an old Inuit settlement of the Qilakitsoq.  These men found these settlement beneath an outcrop of rock, and there were two separate graves that contained eight bodies in all. There was 6 women and two young children.  Everyone in the tomb was dressed in traditional hunting clothes at the times. In '1972 the two brothers found a gem when they found what they thought to be a family or two families buried in the ice 500-years ago. It seems that the Qilakitsoq is an old Inuit settlement on the Nuussuaq peninsula on the west coast of Greenland around the north of Arctic Circle. The two brothers had found eight bodies in the tomb and all were fully dressed.
The bodies of the woman and the small
infant that was only 6-months old
The brothers felt they were left in such a particularly fantastic state of preservation because of the location where they were buried, the dry air and the low temperatures. They also discovered that the eight bodies; six woman & two children were equipped for a long cold journey ahead for hunting and for their after death too. Since their tribe beliefs at those ancient times, it was necessary to prepared for death and after death. So there are still so questions What happened to these woman in the very cold parts of Greenland 500-years ago? 

1-these women weren't buried accorded to family traditions
2-they were buried without men, which is very odd because it was against the Inuit customs.
3- All the six women in the tomb had tradition tattoos, for the time that they were buried but one.
4-Their stomachs were full as they discover later, and their diet had came from the sea.
5-It seems by the conditions of the bodies, it revealed that the woman had worked with animal skins and sinew.
6-It seems that cause of death was illness, for two of the women and the older child. 
7-Also it wasn't clear what the illness was that caused the deaths of the two women and the older child. And it wasn't clear if they had died all at the same time?
8-As I had said there were two children and only the older child had died of an illness... Well there was an even younger child of only six-months old - a baby boy. which appears to have been buried alive!
The Baby boy waiting for his
birth mother to reach for him in
the afterlife 
In my opinion the reason why this baby boy was found buried alive, with his face upturned next to his mother as you can see with one of the images, is they believe that after death in the afterlife they will come together and she will be able to reach again for her baby in the after life. So in a sense the Qilakitsoq people customs of the Inuit was if there is no-one there to take care of him or another woman from the tribe is available to care for the baby boy either because of the situation, it was their tradition to bury the child alive or suffocate him within the tomb with the others. Then place him by his birth mother. It seems that even though they hadn't done any tests on the baby mummy, all felt the baby Inuit was taken under the tribal customs at the times 500-years ago which indicate that the tribe women probably suffocated or bury the baby boy alive after the death of its mother. These were the traditions of the oldest preserved mummies of the Qilakitsoq mummies tribe.
Archaeologists have dated the mummies to be around 1475AD and all the bodies were stacked on top of each other with layers of animal skins in between. As to the age of the woman in the Tomb they were able to reveal that by the teeth. In one Grave it contained 3 woman, a four-year old child and the six-month baby boy. Two of the women were young and one was between her 20's - 30's the other 25's - 35's years of age. The final woman was between 40 - 50 years. 
The second tomb contained three female bodies. These women were in their 50's while the final woman was between 18-21 years of age. 
It seems that as far as the tattoos on the woman they were tribal as customary among the adult Inuit woman. Five of the woman in the tomb, faces were tattooed.  They all consisted of either blue or black lines arching over the eyebrows and over the cheeks too. Three of the woman also had lines tattooed beneath their chins. And the remaining two had a dot that was tattooed on their foreheads which indicated that some of the woman could have been married in the group.
As far as their health, all weren't in perfect health. The child of four-year that they x-rayed had revealed to have a deformed pelvis & was suffering from Calve Perthes disease - which
destroys the thigh bone preventing him from walking.   Then there was one of the older women that had an imperfectly-healed collar bone which may have limited the use of her left arm. She also had cancer in the back of her nasal passage which had spread, affecting her eyes and ears. 
The two oldest women in the Tomb could have possibly been sisters. Well there was so much more information, but that would be a much longer post. I hope that you enjoyed the tale I love you all my dears friends & followers

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