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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Ancient Chinese Myth of their Gods 'CATS'

The Ancient Chinese Myth~
Cats of the Gods In
Ancient China 
Hello, my dear friends & followers, I found a few new legends about CATS! First is about the Ancient Chinese Myth & their Gods The CATS. I found this to be interesting because in many countries Cats are seen as Gods. I hope you All find this interesting. YOURWENDY---
When the world was a new-created place, the gods decided to appoint one creature to see that it ran smoothly and to oversee all other creatures. The creature that they selected was the CAT! Thoughtful and contemplative, cats were given the power of speech in order to talk with the creator Gods and given instructions to the other creatures who shared the world. For a very long-time all seemed at peace & go well with the Cats in power.
The Cats, however, were sybaritic creatures. Rather than attending to the mundane day-to-day running of the world. They wanted to doze in the sunbeams on beds of fragrant catnip and Matata Bi Vines. The Creator Gods saw this & asked the Cats whether they were doing anything to ensure the smooth running of this newly made world. The Gods asked the Cats to be more diligent in the running of the newly made world and the Cats promised to pay a little more attention to their allotted task. However, some while later, when the Gods paid another visit to their vibrant new world, they found the Cats were sleeping under cherry trees or playing with falling cherry blossoms. Once again they questioned the Cats' who were in charge of overseeing the world. Finally, the Cats were honest to the Gods, 'To be perfectly honest,' said the cats, 'We've realized that we really don't want to bother with the running of your World! We've noticed that one of your creatures shows much more promise in this respect, perhaps you could give the task of running the World to them so that we can spend our time enjoying the pleasures this world has to offer.'
The Gods reluctantly agreed but on one condition. Those that are appointed to run the world required the power of speech. Therefore, the Cats could no longer speak and the other creature, called humans, would be endowed with speech. Even though man busied himself about running the world & remaking it to his own liking. Filling it with chatter, cats basking in scented sunshine with inscrutable expressions and much more...
From that day on, mankind gained the power of speech while the Cats enjoyed the delights of the world had to offer --- Sunshine, scents, textures and things to chase or play with. However, the Gods never forgot that the Cat was their first choice to run the world and made them the timekeepers so that the humans could always tell the time of day by looking into a cat's eyes. In the morning, their eyes are pools of blackness rimmed with gold; at noon they are mere black slits on disks of gold while in the evening they open out into pools of blackness once more. Not only that, the purring of the cat is the sound of the machinery moving the world around the heavens & should the Cats cease to purr the world would stand still in the sky and the seasons and all of time would come to an END!
So while mankind has the day-to-day running of the world, the cat still remains its timekeeper and guardian which is why CATS always look so

 scrutable and so smug.

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