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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


In this post I will bring you into the sacred world of the Celts my dearest friends,followers, supports and 
 reader's too! I'm going to cover the world of the mystic Hounds that are mostly connected to the Celtic other world. It is said in the Ancient world of the Celtic, 'of all the hounds he had seen in the world, had seen no dogs the colour as these were. Their colour was an brilliant shining white & their ears as red as some say as blood.' King Pwyll of Dyfed was right to wonder about these strange dogs, for their master as Arawn(note I have done a post on Arawn & it is at the bottom of this in the purple color link)
Arawn was the ruler of Annwn, the magical other world of the
Celtic Dogs were among the most often type of animal that was connected with the Celtic at the time of the ancient Celtic. These Mystic hounds may be the harbingers of death, as the red-eared hounds of Annwn. Some have said the colour Red is associated with death too. However these legends and traditions were many centuries ago in the Celtic counties of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In the Celtic tale of Da Derga is said to possess a pack of nine white hounds. They have said that white is another colour that indicates the supernatural in the world of the Celtic.
The Celtic dogs were also believed to have magical healing qualities. It has been suggested that this is because they heal their own wounds by licking them, but for whatever reasons they are commonly found at Celtic healing sanctuaries too. It would seem that at one sanctuary,at Lydney in Gloucestershine. No fewer than nine canine images have been discover as offerings to the British Gods Nodens.
They have also found many dog skeletons at sites in areas to Wales,
 Ireland and Scotland which suggests that they were involved in the
 virtual of these sacrifices, that were possibly associated with the afterlife and the otherworldly. So there are many things that are truly quite amazing that have happened all around this beautiful Earth of ours in all different cultures around the would. And I have only partly touch it in the 3years I have been blogging and writing in the sites too. I hope that you all enjoy my stories,
 legends, research on true stories and ancient legends and factual stories too. Of course the scary Urban legends are fun too, with a bit of my life. I love you all and I will see you soon.

Your Friend Always

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