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Friday, March 21, 2014

Radha- Hindu Goddess of Love

Radha- Hindu Goddess of Love-
I thought I would continue my journey, with finding different Gods and Goddesses
of the World to share with you! It is very interesting to me to learn the differences in
the world of the Goddesses and Gods and hope they are either looked as in legend/myth/
celebration or even to this day Worshiped.
The Goddess Radha is well-known deity in Hindu Mythology. She is also known as Radharani in the
northern part of India, for her deep devotion toward Krishna.  Radha is usually depicted with
Krisha and Radha is sometimes considered as the incarnation of the Goddesses Lakshmi - the
consort of Lord Vishnu.
Radha is the goddess of love who was the most beloved of the god, Krishna. She is
the personification of love between humanity and God, as well as between woman and man.
 In the Vaishnava tradition of Hindu, Radha is regarded as a primary deity who is often worshippedto as an incarnation of the Goddess Lakshmi. The Goddess Radha almost
always depicted alongside Krishna as his loyal devotee and celestial wife. With her eyes closed, she will
follow him wherever he takes her. Always trusting in him completely and giving up her own ego. Radha is both his devotee and his equal. Abandoning herself to passion. Radha-Krishna was an divine Hindu love story of Embodiment love- The love story became a legend in Hindu Mythology. The story is believed to have taken place in the Dwapar Yuga, when both the Goddess Radha and Krishna took birth into this world. How the Goddess Radha was a cowherdess who through her beauty and charm, had captivated the heart and soul of the Lord Krishna. Which then later became his beloved Goddess. The Lord Krishna is considered in Hindu religion to be the incarnation of the Lord Vishnu whose birth was predestined. Of course there is more to this love story. Krishna took an avatar image or shape in
order to slay the demon King Kansa. Afterwards Krishna returned to his original form and spread happiness
throughout the land India mostly. During the life of Krishna when he did met Radha and the two fell in love with each other, by falling in love with Radha and slaying the demon King Kansa he felt he had purse in his life and and fulfilled his mission by killing the Demon King Kansa. Yet Krishna still faced many problems in his life as we all do. So Even the Hindu gods have their own problems in live. But it seems that with the Goddess Radha by his side and the intense affection
that she had for him in both love and devotion, helped Krishna to overcome the problems... It is a very interesting the relationship between the Goddess Radna and Krishna, in that there are so many different variables within Hindu Mythology/Religion. I had no idea when I first started this post. Also the divine connection and love they had for each other. Even when I studied some of the pictures one can see the affection they had for each other. It was truly a deep divine love even not knowing the Hindu Mythology or Religion.
Radha in the Hindu Religion represents the true devotee in the form of both the male and female.
Lord Krishna represents the divine. It is said that the intense love that Radha had for the Lord Krishna
symbolized each of their devotion, passion, longing for the ultimate unification with God. Radha the Goddess has attained the status in her Hindu Religion because of the immense love and dedication toward the Lord Krishna. She is truly a heavenly queen of Krishna's Celestial World. Even today Radha is Worshipped like any other goddesses in the temples of today. The people of today in Hindu Religion remember Radha-
Krishna as one! Although I found that in my reading that Radha was not the consort of Lord Krishna, but
their love was what untied them for ever as one! Radha is an inescapable part of  Krishna and the same with
Radha. So the way I see it these two godly divine people, if you will. They are united in an god like matter in the Hindu Religion to bring happiness to all across the land. They are are nothing without the other to make it even more simpler ..
Radha symbolizes the human Soul as it moves through eternity, seeking union with the Divine.
I found this post to be both enlightening and very interesting. I never really knew much about the Hindu Religion, but now that I have done this post on Radha the Goddess of love and Lord Krishna I found it to be a beautiful Religion and love story. I hope that you all Enjoy the Post Too.

Love You All! Your Wendy!
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