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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dragon of Wales~

Dragon of Wales~
The Welsh Red Dragon
For today post I'm going to bring you back to the Ancient world of Wales and the history of the Red Dragon of Wales. I have had this tale for a while i just haven't had a chance to write this story down for you all. I hope that you all will enjoy the story my dears friends and followers...It seems that the Red Dragon was part of the Welsh Royal Badge in 1807. It was displayed as a symbol of the principality of Wales.
Queen Elizabeth ll officially recognized this in the year 1959. How this happened? Well, it seems it all happened in the ninth century. The Red Dragon symbolizes political independence from the British for Wales, hence the people of Wales eventual had the expulsion of the Saxon conquerors. It seems that in previous centuries, the angio-saxons invaders had advanced relentlessly across the island of Wales, forcing both native Britons and Wales folks to retreat westward to part of the island now defined by the national borders of Wales itself. However, ironically the the Red Dragon was brought to Wales by the Britons' previous conquerors, the Romans whose legions occupied the island during the first fourth century of the Christan Era.
~Now for the Myth Part of the Red Dragon~
From what I found out about the legend of the Red Dragon of Wales, it seems that a council of wizards went on  a quest. They were called by Vortigern to go to different realms throughout his Kingdom to find a lad who was born without a father. Vortigern wanted the wizards to find the boy Now! If Vortigern should find the boy and kill him; sprinkling the boy's sacrificed blood upon the foundations which would then be so strong as to resist any siege.
So Vortigern the King, sent these wizards out through the lands of the Kingdoms to find this lad so that he could have the strongest kingdom success throughout the lands. After much looking over the lands the wizards finally came upon a city called Carmarthen and watched a group of young boys playing. It seems there was an argument between two of the boys that were playing. They said,' Thou art a fool to have do with me, for I am born of kings on the mother and the father side. But who art thou, born to no man and no man's son!
they learned the name of the second boy Merlin! '
So Now we are learning the story of Merlin, within the story of the Reo Dragon of Wales. Yes the boy that the wizards were looking for and found was the young boy Merlin.
It seemed that both Merlin and his mother were summoned to the King Vortigern's Court where Merlin's mother told the story of now Merlin was born!
This is something I never knew myself! So here is the tale, it seems that a handsome young man appeared in her bedroom chambers who converse and kissed her then vanished. Although he returned many times after that said Merlin's mother. There was one occasion when the handsome young man did lay with her then again vanish, leaving her with child and from that day on she never saw him again. She called the child Merlin Ambrosius when he was born. At that moment after his mother told the king Vortigern of his birth, they were told that his blood must be spilled upon the foundations of the tower, to make it proof against any attack. However, they got a mouth full from the young wizard Merlin.
King Vortigern finding out what
truly was under his castle
Apparently what the King Vortigern had said was all a lie. By this act Merlin asked the wizards of the King if they even knew what lay beneath the foundation in which their King wanted to spill his blood? When he had asked, of course the kings wizards didn't know and never even asked. They only did what their King Vortigern command of them.So the young boy Merlin told the workmen to dig beneath the soil foundation stones, to show them what truly was under the castle of the King. At first they found a pool of water. From that Merlin said to them all, ' This pool maketh the soil above unstabe and for this the foundations of the castle may not stand.' So after that the young Merlin commanded that the pool to be drained by saying to the King Vortigern, " O King, when the pool Hath been removed, thou shalt find two caves beneath. What Lieth within the cave is the cause of all they Trouble."
When the pool was finally drained, King Vortigern sat by the edge of the pool to see what  the trouble was under his kingdom/castle. At that very moment two very large dragons emerged from the caves, one white and the other red. After the two dragons emerged from the caves, Merlin tells King Vortigern of the Prophecy of the two Dragons. The Red Dragon was said to betokeneth the the race of the Britons and the White Dragon was betokeneth to the saxons whom thou has summoned hither to thy aid. So Merlin as only a boy could explained to the King Vortigern in detail the prophecy of the two dragons that lived under his castle till after 300-years he tells the King all of Wales will be full of joy, all foreigner shall be driven away.
The King was of course marveled with the young wizard predictions and Merlin stayed with the King for year later, but that is another tale that I will do another day. I hope that you all my
dears Enjoyed the tale of the Dragons of Wales

I will come back to this story again one day I promise 
I love you all my dear Friends & Followers 

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