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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This is an Post about the legendary bird the Firebird of old Russia.
It was a celestial creature with the most beautiful pure gold feathers and the eyes of the brightest crystals you would ever would see. In some ways the Firebird, is like the Phoenix in its Grand appearance and beauty. This is how the legend of the Firebird goes, I hope you will all Enjoy the legend and story of this amazing Bird!
In the legend, it is said the Firebird grazed in the grand gardens of the Tzar Dalmet, but it had a fondness for the beautiful apples in the gardens of the Tzar Vyslav Andronovich. Since the Firebird enjoyed these delicious apples so much, he would steal them from the Tzar Vyslav Andronovich Gardens quite often. As the Russian legend goes, there was an czar that was envious of his neighbor's Firebird and decided to resolve it by taking the czar's beautiful Firebird from him, so it could be his.
So he called upon his three sons, Dimitri, Ivan, and his youngest son to find a way to steal the magnificent Celestial Firebird creature, of pure gold feathers.
It was his middle son, Ivan with the aid of an Magick wolf.
Ivan and the Magick wolf over a period of time located the
hiding place of the Firebird. Once they did this they trapped
the magnificence bird, but the two were then ambushed and killed by his own jealous brothers - Dimitri and Vasili.
Then Dimitri and Valili brought back the firebird
 to the father czar.
Unbeknown to either of the brothers-Dimitri and Vasili, the Firebird had actually been won fairly by Ivan's completing a task for Czar Dalmut and when the Magick wolf restored the prince to life, he exposed the would be murderers. Ivan kept the beautiful Firebird and his brothers Dimitri and Vasili were thrown into jail for their conspiracy to murder him.
 Another tale of this Fabulous Bird-
The Firebird from Russia. It's an traditional tale about Tzar. A tale
when all Russia's were presented with one golden feather from
the tail of the firebird by one of the Bogatyrs.
So this is now this Tale goes!
Instead of being content with just a feather of the Grand Firebird,
the Tzar's demanded that the warrior bring the Firebird itself to him!
In terror and despair the warrior began his task of looking for the
Firebird, knowing the great dangers in doing so.
It was said that the Firebird was vast in size and notoriously aggressive too! Yet the warrior was able to trap the grand bird even with all of these set-backs!
How he did this? Well, he managed to trap the beautiful bird by
strewing up a maze in a huge field. Then hiding in a tree until the Firebird swooped down for the food. Then  on his magick horse prancing nearer and nearer toward the fabulous Firebird, until
the horse pranced onto the huge glowing outstretched wings and
fastened the bird to the earth. The Firebird was then bound with
strong ropes and taken to the Tzar. The Firebird in many ways makes me think of the Phoenix. Although there is a difference that I can thing of between the two... In my research and reading I have never heard of the Phoenix being captured. It has always been

Free. I hope in this Tale/Legend of this Magnificence Firebird, that he would find a way to be free too from his captures, Even the Tzar. I hope that you all Enjoy My first of many to come Stories/legends and much much more.... My dear friends & Followers I love your all! Your Wendy..

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