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Sunday, December 1, 2013

VIOLET-CROWNED HUMMINGBIRD♥. ¸.✫¨´`'*°☆. (: ♥♥i`❥•♪♫¸¸.☆

Violet-crowned Hummingbird
These hummers origins name is the Amazilia Violiceps because they are an Spanish hummer. The Chupamirto Corona Azul -
Violet-crowned Hummingbird~
These Gems of the sky as I call them are from Western Mexico, with their summer homes being in a few places in the southeast of Arizona and the Southerner New Mexico too.
These hummers just recently arrived to the U.S. The Violet-crowned Hummingbird were virtually unknown to the north of Mexico border until the late 1950's and  even today they are quite scarce in many areas

to even localize. These beautiful Violet-crown's are frequent in area's of semiarid open woodlands. When they are seen, they are usually found in the U.S. near groves of very tall trees, especially
sycamores and the cottonwoods that are surrounded by a bushy understory. They feel more protected this way. During their breeding season these beautiful hummers will deliver a squeaky song that is often heard at dawn. This is when this type of hummer tries to attract the female Violet crown's with their musical squeaky song. Afterwards their favorite nesting sites are the deciduous trees,
especially sycamores or
the large shrubs even. These nest are placed in the open, but in shady spots between four and forty feet from the ground! Now that is Amazing! for a hummer. 

This is very different form your adverged hummingbird. Nest with a range from 4 to 40feet from the ground is HUGE!
But then again these hummers are one of the largest of the hummingbirds, not thee largerest but large!Its about four and half inches long [note the smallest of the hummingbirds on Earth is a mere 21/4 inches long ~ which is called -The Bee Hummingbird - The longest hummingbird on Earth is 8 1/2 inches long is the gaint hummingbird of the South American Andes] <note I will do a post on these two hummers at some point >
Both the Male and Female look very similar with bright white

underbellys and throats, bronzy green upper parts and green tails.
The Violet -Crowned hummers bills are bright red and the tip is black.
The crown of these hummers is an violet-blue, yet with the felmale it is just slightly a bit duller in color. 
When flower nector is not abundant or even available, the Violet-crowned hummingbirds cand be seen hovering vid level inthe shade of tall trees catching insects. The hummingbirds name violiceps is from the Greek meaning 'Violethead" a reference to the hummers Voilets -blue crown. 
This is another of my post that I am doing of my love of the 

I hope that you all Enjoyed this beautiful gem as much as I. Love you all! My dear Friends & Followers with love Yur Wendy! -ooo)

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