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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Urisk-Scottish Solitary Fairy

Urisk- Scottish Solitary Fairy-
Well I am back again today! I guess I feel like doing fun
short post on interesting Magick creatures and Faeries now that I am feeling a bit better from my nasty cold.
I ended having bronchitics, so it might take still a while for me to do my usually longer posts that I do. So
I hope you all don't mind these smaller post for a while until I get over the bronchitics:o). My next fairy
is rather interesting its called an Urisk Scott Solitary faerie. As fairies go, I would call the male fairy the most
handsome of the lot. Although most Solitary fairies are either very beautiful or very plane looking.
This Urisk Male fairy unfortunately is not your handsome type of Solitary Fairy - He is tall and will appear to be aging because of his balding head of no hair. You will only see his pointy ears coming out from in long and drawn face that seems to be always sad. The Urisk Fairy will stare at you through soulful round eyes. Most,
but not all will sport a goatee on their chin. They are emaciated and have a hairless torso which gives them a somewhat human like appearance -at least on the top have of his body. His lower half is a goat-like with
shaggy fur. And his limbs are long and thin, which he walks on cloven feet. This could be the very reason that he has made his home in secluded pools so that his lower half goat of shaggy fur is concealed in the water.
The Urisk is a brownie fairy - which I have gone over before about brownies [A brownie is a small, hardworking elf-like creature that lives in houses and barns. He is said to come out at night, to finish the housework that has been left undone.In return, a brownie will accept gifts of food - cream, bread or milk may be left for him, but other gifts offend him - like that of - clothes are left out for him, he will put them on and vanish, never to return. A brownie is rarely seen, though he can often be heard cleaning and scrubbing.
The Urisk
A mischievous brownie could sometimes disarrange rooms and furniture, and make an untidy clutter.
Brownies occur mainly in the folklore of England and Scotland.] I hope that brief description will help. If
you need more on the Legend of the Brownie I have done a post [The Browney Fairy Sunday June 16, 2013] Just look for it on my Labels: The Urisk that hales from the Scottish Highland can only be found
in the isolated ponds, lakes, marshlands and streams or even sometimes strolling about through woodland
areas of the highlands. He is considered a Solitary Fae because he lives alone. He appears as a slight human
figure with the goat legs but he isn't a satyr or an faun. Most of them will sport a nice set of horns on their balding head. Even though the Urisk lives in such a lonely place, he is a friendly Fae and seeks out human
companionship. However his appearance is what ensures most people who cross his path tend to stay far away. But the few men or women who sought release form their woes by visiting solitude places withing the woodland. Seeking ease and peace, are quite often attracted to secluded pools, lakes and marsh's; basically place of contemplation. Of course most Scott's or Celtic people of heritage by heart all know that in the dark forests, woods and marsh lands of the lowlands and highlands are more likely then anywhere else to meet a Magick creature that would have their heart in their throat by the time they hit the highway of the first human house they see.  This goes for their neighbor country of Ireland too.
'As i found 'Tis sad. Thee urisk, a humb creature by nature, so loney 
and all thee wants is to make thee friends. But most humans will shun
the poor urisk just because of his appearance. That most find horrifying or frightening
kinda makes you think a bit about our own solidity and how we
treat our own people. Just how how you look, not what thee 
person's personality might be. It seems it has followed 
all thee way into the Fae world of yet sad but true.
Still I hope that one day the Urisk will have a friend that
will come because of his friendship qualities and befriend him
I hope in the Fae world and ours!'
Love and Friendship 
can go a longggggggggggg! way in the world!
love you all my dears friends and followers 
¨´`'*°☆.❥•♪♫♥.(: ♥(◡‿◡)♥i❤*☆҉♡☆*☆҉❤
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*`'`« ҉ »~"˜ `.¸Ɨ HOPE IT ŴƗŁŁ β€ ŞỮŘ€ ŦØ Ř€ΔĆĦ ¥ØỮ
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