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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Beautiful Liger
Today I am going to bring you another Animal Tale On Ligers! So have a sit with your favorite coffee or tea a warm comfy chair and I will tell you all about these amazing creatures. 
The Ligers are the offspring of an male lion and a female tiger. They beautiful animals are very rare if ever seen -probably never. They never happen in the wild as the ranges of lions and tigers seldom - well really never overlap in the wild. Besides, our Lions and Tigers are all very much endangered species so the amounts of the species of both would never cross because of this fact. Liger's are primarily found and breed in Zoo's and Wild Animal Preserves. The cross-species mating has occurred in resulting in the hybrid - Liger or the less frequent Tigons. Who's, are the parents of a male tiger and a female lion, these beautiful creatures have a body forms and stripping that may vary considerably with some of the Liger like tiger looking hybrid. Then the others that look more lion, like hybrid. 
Ligers behavior~
The Ligers behavior is an mixture of the lion/tiger of course!  It would make sense, being that they are cross-species of both. However, I did discover that the tigers are most like other cats, unlike the lions. interesting Eh!  Liger love, to be in the water which is a trait of  both the tiger and lion. 
Ligers can grow to immense, size. The growth - regulating genes in lions are contributed by the female and in tigers by the male. Not having these genes, when the Ligers are about 3 to 4 years old they are usually as large as a full-grown lion or tiger. By the time these beautiful animals stop growing which is about 7years old, they have passed you're averaged  lion or tiger. The largest Ligers may be twice the size of a lions or tiger. And can get to a weight up to 900 to 1500 pounds.
An Erindale Liger and cub
from the Kat's Bane wildlife for the liger's

They can reach up to 12 feet in height when they are standing on their hind legs. The Ligers have a unusually docile disposition, but because of their enormous size, they are very dangerous and must be handled with care; even a momentary distraction could have fatal consequences.  It was for this reason that the Eriudale Liger, Kat's Bane was created. At the center, the Erindale Liger was created with a combining the dramatic coloring of a tiger with the broad nose and Baleful eyes of a lion. The image conveys the mystery and menace that would surely be attendant upon meeting such fantastic creatures in the wild.

Well, I hope you all Enjoyed the tall of the 
Ligers, I have had this story for a while, I just forgot
about it. I just love animals tales and I know 
that lots of you all my dear Friends and Followers
do too. I love you all my dears

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