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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mermaids Forest

Mermaid Forest-
Yuta falls asleep under a tree Mana
goes to play with a kitten she found.
When Yuta wakes up, he can't find Mana
anywhere and finds out that there was a
accident and a young girl was hit by a car.
Yuta goes to the doctor's office where
Mana was supposed to have been taken,
and the doctor told Yuta that Mana was
not seriously injured and had left. When
Yuta STILL Can't find Mana, he realizes
that something is very wrong and follows
the doctor up to a huge mansion where
all sorts of strange things have been
happening over the decades.
Two women lived there, the ancient Sawa
and the youthful, but ill Towa. The old woman
Sawa is actually the twin sister of Towa,
who appears to be several decades younger.
Sawa was given control of the
family legacy, "Mermaid Hill," a hill where
the corpse of a mermaid was supposed to be
buried. Sawa found out that eating the body
of a mermaid could bring immortality or
turn a person into a monster. Sawa
desired immortality, and decided to test
out some of the mermaid's blood on her
fatally ill sister, Towa. Sawa figured that
since Towa was her twin, anything that
happened to her was likely to happen to
Sawa also. Towa and her dog both ended up
taking the mermaids blood because of Sawa,
and Towa's hair instantly turn white and her hand
turned into a "lost soul's" lost soul.  Towa remained
young-looking on the outside, although she was aging and
dying on the inside. Her hand often
began to pain her, so she would acquire the corpses of
gijrls who had died and cut off the girls' arms [and her own]
and then reattach the new "human" arm to herself which
would instantly heal. However, the human arm would only
last for a while. Then it would turn black into a claw.
Mana was hit by a very large truck and "died" when she ran across the road while Yuta was sleeping. She was
taken to the doctor's office and the doctor, not
knowing that Mana could come back to life, took her up
give to his fiancée toward who used the arms of recently dead
girls to replace her own mutated one.
When Mana came back to life at the mansion,
she shocked everyone. She surpised
them even MORE when she revealed that
she had eaten mermaid's flesh and was immortal.
Towa began to plan on going to use Mana to her
advantage, but Mana was too innocent to understand
that Towa was anything else but a kind woman, completely
fooled by Towa's façade. Mana spends her days as a
"guest" at the mansion wondering why Yuta has not
come for her yet. Mana did not realize that he
was already there...but Towa had "taken care"
of him already...
This is an Japanese Story of folklore . When I first
posted it I really didn't understand the story. I still don't but
I have a little better idea of the story. Its a little creepy in a weird kinda  way. I am interested in what you all might think? Wendy =ooo)
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