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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fox Fairies

Fox Fairies

These fairies are traditionally very cunning and magical creatures. This is according to the Northern

Chinese Myth of the Fox fairies. 
In the legend when a fox reaches fifty years of age, it will be able to turn into a woman.
At the age of one hundred years the Fox Fairy will be able to transform into a young girl and at one thousands years of age, the Fox Fairy will become a Celestial Fox and will have grown nine tails. 
Most often what these Fox Fairies will do is appear in the form of young beautiful school girls. Studying in the evening and would seduce their College Professors. In the later evening these professors  would make love to these young school girls and would find that the girl had disappared in the morning. But she woud always return again that evening to seduce the professors again and again. These Scholars, is what they were called back in the day, found themselves getting weaker and weaker, until one of them learns from a 
Fox Fairies also lived invisibly with people in houses in old Beijing with a fox officials keeping watch

in the tower at the eastern side gate of the city.Families who share these houses with these Fox Faeries were to put food out for them and to not complain when they made noises at night or else the Fox Faeries would put filth in their food supply. 
The Japanese also believed in the Fox Fairies too-
They called them Koki Teno. They assumed they could take a human form by entering the bodies of

mortals or by finding a skull in a cemetery and facing the North Star.
Note: These faeries could be always be recognized by their most feared animal the Typical DOG! 
I hope you enjoyed this new Fairy as much as I have.. 
I found these Fairies to be very interesting. Also the fact that they come from Asian Culture. My husband is American Japanese so this was a treat for me! I have always love the Asian Culture and the great spiritual meaning they have behind their Culture, Family and Religion too. I found that these Fox Fairies to be in some way spiritual even though they are a very cunning and cleaver Fae too. 
Note too that the images I have found are not mind; but I hope that 
you enjoy the great artist that have created them.

Koki Teno 
Keoki Teno 
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