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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Yakshas Spirits

Yakshas Spirits-
Well I thought I would go deep and try to find as many different
kinda Faeries, Nature spirits, Nymphs, Muse's, and Magick creatures as I can for you all my dears friends
Female Yakhas
and followers. So here is the Yakshas sometimes benevolent nature spirits- They are said to be the 

guardians of treasures hidden in the earth and roots of trees. Their ruler is Kubera, who lives on a 
mountain in the great Himalayas. Yakshas are deities of cities, districts, lakes and wells, and
are also thought to have originated from a cult of the ancient Dravidians.
I found that also in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Mythology the Yakshas Spirits had a dual personality.
On one hand a Yaksa may be a offensive natural fairy that is associated with the woods and mountains of 
the Grand Himalayas/ but there is another side to this Yaksa Spirit fairy, which is much darker and has a 
cannibalistic ogre, ghost or demon like to the fairy spirit that haunts the wilderness of the forest and woods
of Himalayas. That will devour any travelers that happens to get lost within those woods that he/she haunts.
 They say that the Yaksha is basically a very dangerous cannibalistic, the tutelary spirit of the lake
who threatens the life of the epic hero Yudhisthira. The Yaksas may have origin been the tutelary gods of
the forests and villages and were later viewed as the stewed deities of the earth and the weatlh buried beneath. Males Yakshas are portrayed as either as fearsome warriors stout dwarf-like females Yakshas are
portrayed as beautiful young women with happy round faces and full breasts and hips. In the state of Kerala in South India a Yakshis are depicted as an vampire enchantresses.
I hope you enjoyed this short post on the Yaksha 
I found it quite interesting myself I hope you did too!
I love you all my dears friends and followers 
Much love to you all 
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