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Friday, August 15, 2014

Platinum Dragons

Platinum Dragons-
Platinum Dragon
Good afternoon my dears, As the summer goes into August I am still on my discovery of the dragon! 
And for today's post I have found the Platinum Dragon. This is a Beauty of a Dragon. These Dragons appeared as they are wrapped in a scintillating aura of light & are often so brilliant with light that it is impossible to tell his true coloration of the platinum. However, his true hues are the silver-white scales. The Platinum Dragon body resembles the lean form of a winged Golden Dragon. It is said that the Bahamut Dragon is also fond of appearing as a frail old Man with a great white beard with whom he tests the virtue of his mortal worshippers and travels unnoticed among the lesser human races. Besides being fond of shift-shaping into a frail old man, the Bahamut dragon also loves to change into a avatar form similar to that of a bald warrior with four eyes, four ears and flames that shoot from his mouth when he speaks. He has a reddish tinge to his skin. In this form the Dragon wears sandals and a bronze coloured skirt. Yu could also see him carry a silvery net, well probably not! I also found that when the Bahamut Dragon decides to shape-shift into the Avatar form he is always is accompanied by his seven proxies the great golden wyrms or dragons who will have taken an appropriate form to accompany their lord. The
King of Good Dragons is also known as Bahamut & Lords of the North Winds; These Dragons dwell in the Bahamuts Palace behind the East Wind. The Platinum Dragon is at least a
The Gates of the Platinum Dragons 
quarter of the time in guise - either an human, elfin or nearly any other form he many choose. Besides spending a good part of their live as either human or some other kind of creatures, the Bahamuts are able to shape-shifter freely. These Dragons can travel either astrally or ethereally too. As to how large the Platinum Dragon can get well they are quite enormous in length measuring over 72 feet long. As far as wide or height this is something that I couldn't find, but I did find much to these amazing Creatures. As I had said before the Platinum Dragons have been bothe described both the Bahamut Dragon and the Kings of all Good Dragons and more accurately in the day  very intelligent/ genius deity's of all the Dragons. What the Bahamut Dragons duties were as a King Dragon were - well theses dragons were ever
watchful for the cause of lawful good and would sits unsleepingly in his palace on Mount Celestia, in the Seven Heavens. The Palace was quite grand as I would expect for a King Dragon. It was a glittering wonder, built entirely from the Great Dragons Kings Treasure hoard. The windows were surrounded with rare gemstones (sapphires, emeralds, blue diamonds, ruby's, pink diamonds etc). These gemstones were inlaid in every window around the entire Palace.  Some of the windows were set in gold & silver inlaid with some of his gemstones set around each of the outside windows, but it doesn't end there for a King of
The Platinum Dragon
In his Grand Palace
Dragons his palace must be grand both outside and inside. His walls of the palace were inlaid in copper and ivory and the floors were of beaten mithral. There is more to the tale of the Platinum Dragons palace - the entire exterior is of pure platinum with gold trimmings. Yes the Entire Palace. That is why they would call the King of Good Dragons Palace the one that would Sparkle in the sunlight of the Heavens. The palace exists simultaneously on an realm or huge portal which is on the first four layers of the mountain of Mount Celestia. It travels in a whirlwind from layer to layer, appearing and disappearing at will. This is how the palace is protected from anyone ever finding it. Since it is constantly  moving in and out of the parallel realms know one can ever find the King of the
Good Dragons Palace. Besides the huge realm that is under  Mountain Celestai which holds the Palace, the realm or parallel realm has an open portals on each of the first four layers that surround the Mountain  - these will lead yu through other gates to the Platinum dragons Palace to another Plane realm - which is again
guarded. So basically this Palace is heavily guarding from head to toe. Even in the Realm worlds too.
 Since these Bahamut Dragons were the Kings and protectors of all Good Dragons they were very fierce and powerful opponents against the Evil Dragons. So they had to have some powerful breath weapons to protect the Palace and the Good Dragons if needed. So if needed yet seldom used, these amazing Bahamut Dragons had three forms of Breathe weapons to choose from; 1)an cone of freeze cold 2)an cloud of vapor which causes persons to lose their substance 3)And finally his third - An Assume of gaseous Fire or a Sonic vibration which will cause disintegration. He also had seven huge ancient Golden
Dragons with strong powers of the highest abilities and they serve as loyal guards, companions, and advisers to the Dragons Bahamut, which he was seldom ever without.
These Bahamut Dragons are quite unique I thought when I first stated this post, Why you might ask? Well I have done a few different dragons by now and there are two type of dragons that I can think of that would be just as Grand and that might have been the Golden Dragon/Orange Dragon.  I was thinking of putting the whole Orange and Golden dragons in this post for you to see my thoughts, but then the post would be to long. So I am going to give you a brief quote from each of my post's, I hope you like this idea. The Orange Dragons:The History of the Orange Dragon~
Orange Dragon
Orange dragons are one of those quite rare species of the dragon too. And they are quite a powerful breed which alot of folks may not know of this special quality about them. They have been know to even exist today but are well hidden.
They are a very wise and noble creature, that seek to maintain a perfect balance between good and evil and have deemed themselves protectors of this balance in the world. Although they are the most powerful dragons - They do not  boast about it! 
The Golden Dragon:History of the Golden Dragon~
The Golden dragon doesn't belong to any of the typical three three elements - Earth, Water and Fire. By nature he embraces all three. However the Golden Dragon does have an element of his own and that would be the element Air.
But either of the main elements will predominate in him alone. 
The Life of the Golden Dragon~
The Golden's are quite beautiful in comparison to any of the other dragons. This could be that their scales and wings are made of an scintillating burnished Gold! But even if he has all this beauty he is a  noble dragon and doesn't boast about his looks. Some say, that only three knights have actually set their eyes upon the Golden dragon and only one 
single man has even been a friend to a golden dragon. 
To understand something of this mysterious, there was supposedly a BOOK OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON. This book of all the secrets of the dragons was handed down from generations for centenaries but who knows what happened to the BOOK? 
Tradition says that the Golden dragon has never taken part in any aggressive action whatsoever. He
Golden Dragons 
is pure and unsullied by any flaw. 
He has also been know as the keeper and defends and the enchanted castle where a pure hearted knight who devotedly helps guard what is know as the Sacred Chalice- 
The Sacred Chalice~ is said to have hidden font and quintessence of wisdom encompassed by a double principle. The meaning of of the Chalice is- 'Life Secrets lies In Comprehension rather than Knowledge' . 
This subtle, supernal message, has to be concealed from the minds of humans because they are not yet ready for this KNOWLEDGE! 

So it was said - when the two Companions, the pure-hearted knight and the Sacred Chalice were then Transported away by the Golden Dragon with a promise that they would return to the outside world when the dwellers of this world were worthy of the Sacred Chalice and its knowledge. 
The Castle of the Golden Dragon~
The Castle is made of pure Crystal and is hidden in the heart of a ancient Oakwood forest in a Enchanted world. In this Castle is where he is watching of the Guardian Knight until the illumination of the Sacred Chalice can be accepted onto the Earth.  
The Prophecy~
It is prophesied that when this happens every single dragon on the earth will take flight to meet the Golden dragon, to carry on their backs  the chosen men who will finally solve the enigmas of the Chalice-
The Prophecy states that once humankind is properly enlightened, humans, will eventually pay homage to the Golden Dragon.

Golden Dragon
It is said that through this Grand eventual revelation all nature will be cured of its terrible destruction,fear and hatred will be purged from the earth. 
Peace will gradually break out instead of War and a dawn emitted from the Sacred Chalice will bathe our weary world into the Golden-light of a New World.
So there you are you can judge for your self's with the bit of each of my posts of the Golden Dragon and the Orange Dragon It is kinda a hard one to do they all have their important tasts.  The Bahamut Dragon is a noble, wise, judicious, kind and very helpful dragon but  he can also be a very stern dragon, probably because he is a King of all Dragons. These Dragons believe in the Sanctity of life
and will not willingly kill another creature unless he has no other choice. This action proves his honor of being the King of the Dragons in my opinion. He prefers to polymorph them into a harmless form 
instead of slaying of killing them. That is an Kingly way of doing things.. It is said that these Platinum Dragons basically are selfless and very sharing, being neither vain nor desirous of treasure. The Bahamut values things more like that of wisdom, knowledge, prophecies and songs/music. However, 
these dragons will abhors injustice and foul play, being very disapproving of any kinda evil and not 
tolerating any kind of offenses kinds of offered by evil creatures of any kind. The Bahamut Dragon is an active deity and the king of the Good dragons and well always protect, judge and argue against 
the cases against all evil in the world of dragons, Elves, fairies creatures and even Humans ever watchful eyes up on his Mount Celestia where his palace is still probably still today. Besides the watcher of all that is evil he watchs over the good lawful good creatures and offer them aid when needed. I did find that the Platinum dragons do get along with the Gold, Silver, Bronze, some brass and Copper dragons. although I didn't see the Orange but that doesn't me that they didn't get along we really never will know with these high
level Dragons should as the Platinum dragon.. So there you are my next dragon.. I am sorry I haven't been around . Its been the summer too and I have been taking a bit of a break spend the time with the family.My
son is off for the summer and is going into the 9th grade, so I spend as much time as I can with him.
Your kids grow-up so fast and you just don't wanta miss any parts of it or at least I don't .. I do love you all but as you all know I do have a family too. So I hope that you all are having a great summer

Too my dears and I will be getting back into the groove soon..
S€ŇĐƗŇG' ¥ØỮ ŦĦƗŞ ĦỮǤ.•-:¦:-`•.¸ŦØ Ş€€ ¥ØỮ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ¥ØỮŘ ĐΔ¥*`'`« ҉ »~"˜ `.¸Ɨ HOPE ITŴƗŁŁ β€ ŞỮŘ€ ŦØ Ř€ΔĆĦ ¥ØỮ
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