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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Leshy-2013

The Leshy

An Male Woodland Spirit of Slavic Mythology - Lesovik~ 
The Leshy is a male wood land spirit in the Slavic Mythology who protects wild animals, birds and the forest. They say that mass migration will happen of the animals, and birds of the forest is to be instruction of an Leshy, in order to keep them from harms way from predators. 
 The Leshy will protect all wild animals and the forest itself. Often it will lead humans astray to its cave in the deepest parts of the forest where it can make the humans sick and even in some stories to tickle them to death. These odd  magical creatures are known to have a mischievous behaviour and often takes the form of a peasant. Although they can be spotted because of their glowing reddish eyes. In their normal state it has a beard made of living grass and vines. He is often depicted with a tail, hooves and horns. They also have the ability to shrink themselves down to the size to a blade of grass or to the height of the tallest trees in the forest. 
The life Style of a Leshy~
Some of the Leshy's  traits are; they have horrible cries that they can make, to scare humans in their
forest that they protect. They also can imitate voices of people who are familiar to the people who wander around his forest and then lure them back to their caves, where Leshy's will tickle them to death. Kinda strange creature wouldn't you say? They say that these Mythology creatures aren't evil although they do enjoy misguiding humans and kidnapping young women. I don't know what they do with the young women? I didn't find that part out. So you can use your imagination on that.. Creepy I would guess! These woodland spirits also are known to keep grazing cattle from wandering too far into the forest and from getting lost too. I found out that if more than one Leshy inhabits a forest, they will fight territorial rights for that entire forest. The evidence of this would be huge fallen tree's scattered about the forest and large amounts of wild animals acting strange.
The Traits of the Leshy~
It is said that the Leshy has the ability to shape-shift into any form, animal or plant. When he's in the human form, the Leshy has many different looks of the Slavic Lesovik. I have described one version earlier. He has been seen as a peasant form, with glowing green eyes and his shoes are on backwards and in other tales he appears to visitors as a large talking mushroom. It just depends on the Leshy mood. 
If a person befriends a Leshy, the latter will teach them the secret of their magic. Farmers and shepherds would make pacts with the Leshy to protect their crops and sheep. The Leshy has many tricks including leading peasants astray by making them sick or tickling them to death. They are also known the hide the axes of woodcutters too, so that they cannot cut down his forest. Also if a Leshy crosses the path of a person in the woods, the person will get lost immediately to find the way out, you have to turn your clothes inside our and wear shoes on your opposite feet. 
I found this Oh, magical creature fascinating. It was quite different than your average mythology creature. 
 The Lyeshy by W.R.S. Ralston. ru. 
When the Lyeshy goes round to inspect his domains,
the forest roars around him and the trees shake. 
By night he sleeps in some hut in the depths of the
woods, and if by chance he finds that a belated traveler 
or sportsman has taken up his quarters in the refuge he had
intended for himself, he strives hard to turn out the intruder,
sweeping over the hut in the form of a whirlwind which makes
the door rattle and the roof heave, while all around the trees bend 
and a terrible howling goes through the forest. If, in spite of all these
hints, the uninvited guest will not retire, he runs the risk of being lost
next day in the woods, or swallowed up in the swamp.

 I hope that you find it interesting too. I found a few images from great Artist's that have depicted this creature what it might look like. I hope you find these as helpful as I did... Wendy

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