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Sunday, March 8, 2015



Welcome to my New Post Called
Like TipsFromtheGarden~ This too will bring you
helpful tips for your Garden, Stories, Poems and
some of my own experiences in life. These which will include 
how my Garden/Hummingbird has helped put light and 
happiness in my life.  You will find its new home on 
Sunday's. So when I get myself together I hope that you all 
will come and visit me also on Sundays as well. 
For my Next post 
Good Afternoon my dears and Welcome to 
WendyTales, my time personal time with 
you all to either tell stories, my own experiences in life or 
even helpful hints from my own garden. 
So for today I thought I would tell you a 
Story about ME!
So find that cozy chair and a warm cup of coffee or tea
 and have a sit and I will give you a bit of a tale about me.
I  didn't always have health issues, there was 
a time when I felt to be a very strong woman
and could do anything; well I still feel that way to a agree.
My confidence has flew out the window in the year 2005,
but i do have a strong love and peace for my 
 my Husband and Son. Since that year.
Also since I meet I wonderful lady over 10-years ago,
On many Ning.sites, we have been sisters ever since. 
You all know her  as The Fairy Lady, I just know her as my
sister and dearest friend, Cynthia with love.
I found out at 45, yes I am aging myself but that is what 
this post is all about anyways, that is when I found out that
the cancer got me. The best time of my life, I had been married about,
if i can remember 8-years and my husband and I were so happy with 
our 4 year old son. Life was good for the three of us. 
And when I was walking out of that mammogram office
so long ago, knowing that I would have to tell my beloved husband 
that I had aggressive breast cancer with our 4 year old jumping around 
so happy. It was so surreal, Like walking in a tunnel in a different reality.
When I got there he knew something was wrong.
And this was the beginning of my journey that has lasted to 
the year 2015. 
i will Maybe tell more if you like 
and if I can remember and if my heart can do it .
I hope that you like my personal story. 
love you all very much 

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