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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Fox of Inca of Peru

The Fox of Inca of Peru-
The fox is one of the primary Gods of the Inca of Peru. 
They named the constellation, Known to us as the Pleiades, after the Fox. 
The Inca Fox of Peru, placement in the eastern sky where the sunrise's on the winter-solstice is what makes this creature's myth so important in Peru-
As with many other cultures, the Inca had a flood story too.
In this story the Fox is found clinging to the top of a mountain as the water rises. Finally the fox is almost jostled form his perch high up on the mountain top, by the other animals trying to to get up from the rising waters themselves. So that his tail touches the water and it is for this reason that the fox is said to have a black tail. I found this to be a very interesting tale.
And I wish that I could have put a few images in the post for you my dear friends and Followers but for now, at least I will continue my story telling 
love you all my dears -ooo) Your Wendy
As for a few images of this post. Well this one was a bit hard to fine. The ones that I did fine, are quite old and don't really have any painting of the legend. The only ones I could find was the actually ruin sites where the legend/myth in Peru of the Inca Fox could have been. Enjoy....ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... Much love¸"(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ... 





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