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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Artist Alena Klementieva

Artist Alena Klementieva- 
'I have been drawing since childhood. I studied at the school of 
Art as an artist. In digital paining I like Fantasy stile. I like to 
represent fairies, angels, mermaids and mystical images and to use
many light effects.'
The quote above is one I found from the next Artist that I am going to do for you all. She is one
of my favorites and I think you will love her work too! Her work is from I could find is all
very detailed Fantasy of Fairies, angles, mermaids and many different kinds of mystical beings. Another
thing that you will discover with her work is the many different ways that she plays with colours and
light. In this technique she uses in her work it makes her painting look like the could almost jump out
of the painting or you could just step into her world she has created with the colours and light.
She is from Russia and lives in S. Petersburg which is an old part of the city. Alena is an Artist-Illustrator and Concept Artist too. Alena is also fond of the Slavonic theology & has study ethnology, eposes, bylimes, legends and traditions of the Ancient Slavonics. Alena is also interested in
Scandinavian Mythology as well and uses it alot in her paintings. I have found that she has used other
Slavonic Goddesses within her Works which show the Magick in her art which I love so much about
her work. She has been drawing since she was a young child/ and studied at the School of Art as an
Traditional Artist. In 2007 Alena discovered digital painting and her new found passion of medium.
 I have always love Alena Klementieva works of Art, they bring me into a work
of enchantment that you can almost step into her paintings as if they are 
a magick portal world. I hope that you all my dears will 
Enjoy this most wonderful and talented Artist.
I hope to continue my Regular post very soon, I haven't forgotten
Your request for the Unicorn post and have been working on it
at times. And collecting many beautiful images for the post too. So if you all
have any other subjects that you all would like me to check-out, just put them
either on one of my posts here on my blog or on the comment on Goggle+
I hope that you all have a Awesome weekend. I am getting better

everyday from my Bronchitis.  
I love you all my dear friends and Followers 
Enjoy Alena Klementieva Paintings 

Your Wendy
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