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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fire Dragons-2013

The Fire Dragon~

Today I thought I would do, the not so friendly Fire Dragon. Unlike the White & Silver Dragons who are friendly toward the humans. The the fire dragons are probably the worst of them all, even the Green dragon that I did about 4 weeks ago. Besides being a very unfriendly dragon, these fire dragons are the rarest of the three species - Draco flameus. 
History of the Fire Dragon~   
These dragons are virtually unknown probably do to the fact that they live inside active volcanoes and their natural surrounding are the great rivers of lava and fiery caverns in the belly of the earth. In their world of fire and incandescent molten rock this is where the (father) fire dragon dwells. This is where courtship and mating takes place. Interesting mating in a volcano... Well that's a dragon for ya! Apparently this is also where the fire dragons have their rituals too.
Fire dragons spend their infancies in theses suffocating surroundings, only venturing outside when reaching maturity and only for brief hunting expeditions. These nocturnal creatures, usually sadly forth enveloped in the flames when darkness reigns, but only if the weather is very dry and the sky is clear. Water and humidity are a great threat to these great creatures since these elements can cause a disease caused by scale corrosion, which is a fatal  and very painful in all Red - fire dragons. This horrible disease will cause the dragons scales to flake off slowly at first from the dragons body, then coming off in large quantities at a time. This then leaves the dragon very sensitive skin exposed and vulnerable. This exposure not only causes dreadful burns, that is produced from the red hot lava, but also total dehydration too.
 On their excursions into the outside world. Fire dragons set vast expanses of land a flame, scorching everything in their path. They avidly devour the charred remaids of many animals left in the ashes.
The life style of the Fire Dragon~  
The fire dragons mouth breathe fire, which is formed from a mixture of Phosphorus and methane which is produced and stored in a second stomach of these dragons. Then the mixture ignites on contact with the oxygen immediately after it leaves the dragons mouth. 
The Fire dragons favorite food is composed of hydrocarbons such as oil and bitumen which it consumes in huge quantities. They also use these substances to clean and shine their scaly armor an occupation to which fire dragons devote many hours - in taking great care of every single scale and are always on the look-out for any suspicious looking blemishes on any of their scales. Now this is not a question of vanity in the case of the Fire dragon. Although there are a bit vain and conceited at times. This is strictly do to what I was talking about earlier in this blog about the fire dragons dreadful disease - that they can get from water and high humidity area's called - scale corrosion, which is fatal. So you can see why the fire dragon would take, much of his life time taking care of his armor or his scales. 
His scales, which cover him head to tail are made up of a type of metal and asbestos. The scales of the fire dragon can range from a wide variety - from bright golden yellow to red, copper and black. These iridescent type scales are the dragons only from of protection against their fiery breathe when they belt out those fiery breathe.  When they do, the fire will consume their body. So this is the reason why they take such care of their armor. Makes since to me! There is alot more to the fire dragon then I thought, when I first started reading and researching about the fire dragons. I found this part about their scales fascinating and how such a dragon that is  portrayed  as a evil dragon to be humble in a weird kinda way. 
Areas of Sighting of the Fire Dragon~  
It has been reported that dragons of this species used to be abundant in the volcanoes of Iceland. They would venture as far as Ireland and Northern Britain too. In Italy a small colony of this charming species of dragons has survived in Sicily. These mysterious but fascinating beast have large families of servant made up of mainly of salamanders and other igneous creatures.

I have always loved and been fascinated with dragons whether they be good or evil. I believe in my heart that there are dragons that still exist today, it's just that they are hidden deeply in the un-touched forest and deep caverns of the earth... Wendy
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