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Monday, May 27, 2013

Seductive Fairies

Seductive Fairies
Mischief-Seductive ~Fairies are more dangerous than that you're average fairy because these wee ones may be small but in their spirit form of a alluring fairies they will entrap mortals by arousing them with love or lustful thoughts- This is what makes them so dangerous compared to most fairies.
The can also become Human size figures too. Who are Keenly beautiful and emerge from territories where humans cannot thrive, deep in the thickest woods & beneath the deepest ocean waves. One Kiss is enough to grip a heart of unraveling a mortals mind.
Even mere devotees of faerie poetry and paintings are caught up in the unearthly beauty's,
flashing as the poet or painter rushes to embrace the theme.
In Yeats' words' Our cheeks are pale, our hair is unbound, our breast are heavy, our eyes are a gleam." But these spirits only will suck out your Life Essenes.  So beware of the warm-blooded stunning beauty's. Many of fairy muse, Lhiannan-shee. Who attaches herself to poets and Musicians, inspiring them to ever greater feats of creation, while slowly inhaling their life essences from their shells or by a kiss. 
As she cast aside the first fey young men, she readies herself to devours another. 
Seductive Spirits of either regions of the world, being the mermaid dark spirit will sun themselves at the ocean edge,
singing irresistible songs to draw in sailors or any man for that matter that is near the oceans edge - who will lust after them into the merciless surf and brewing storms to punish those who forsake them.
The wary might may gain a clue to the darker side of the mermaids deceitful natural by the mirror she carries, which sufficient multiply or by that impenetrable tail.Though she oozes in temptation, she can only stay virginal. Faeries, Spirits and Ladies of the Sea. 

You must remember there are the light side of the realm too! Being the kindred side of the meridians which at some point I will cover 
note: the fantastic artist paintings. These are not my but I hope that you all will enjoy the artist depiction of the Seductive fairies and mermaids. 
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