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Monday, February 23, 2015


Haunted San Francisco - Scary Story of Golden Gate Park's Haunted Stow Lake
Lady of the Lake
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California is pretty well-known for its paranormal stories. If you believe locals, it is so full of spirits that you run the risk of crashing straight into one while jogging. They might as well rename it “No One Is Alive Here Park.” But one ghost story has been the most popular and circulated, ever since it appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 6, 1908. That’s the story of the Ghost of Stow Lake.  

I thought you all might like another interesting urban legend myth, this one is more of a ghostly kinda one but it has the Golden Gate Park as part of the urban legend too. I hope that you all find it interesting.. The story is said to have a few various starting points, however when I started looking into the legend I discovered that the main story was of a mother of three children who lost one of her children in the Stow lake that drowned from a boating accident. It seems that someone had took the mother and her young toddler on the Stow lake for a boating trip and her toddler accidentally fell into the lake; in a panic, the mother jumped into the water to rescue her baby. Sadly both her and the young child drown in the lake in the late 1800's. There was another version that was told in the 1920's or 1930's about a woman that become pregnant. Of course in those days a single woman pregnant in the 1920's isn't a good thing. It was highly look down upon. So the young girl decided to hid her pregnancy from her family and everyone she knew by disposed of the baby. So she killed herself in the Stow Lake.
These are the two versions and the only ones of the Ghost lady of the Stow Lake. It is hard to say which one is true since it was so long ago and there was no records of this young woman. There is only sighing over the many years of hundred's of people who claim to see a woman late at night searching for her baby around Stow Lake, Haunting her only home the tourist lake in the Golden Gate Park where she died so many years ago. Her spirit never able to be at rest since she is always searching for her lost child.
The woman was usually described in the same way every time. She was seen wearing a dirty white dress, in some cases she was seen soaking wet. She has long dark hair, with an anxious look on her face and is always wandering on the lakes edge. Sometimes the woman is also seen on a hill adjacent to the lake, known as Strawberry Hill too! 
There have been Countless witnesses that have seen this ghostly woman and their  descriptions  of her, have all been the same over the 100 years.
Here are a few stories that I found of true folks and their experience's creepy stuff!!!

1-i went to the lake last night  thinking the story was fake, we parked next to the 2nd bridge and turned the truck off. in the silence we heard someone humming. so my boyfriend and i got out of the truck while our friend,Jeff, stayed in the truck. i put my hands on the bridge and my boyfriend said that i started to hum a song and froze for about 2 minutes. while i was standing there Jeff and Paul were yelling my name, i didn't even hear them, i was fixed on something in the lake that caught my eye, it looked like a little girl dressed all in white reaching for me to help her out of the water. i couldn't even walk away from the bridge because i had forgotten how to walk. then i ran to get in the truck and we left and drove around again and got out of the truck again, this time at the first bridge. i put my hands on the bridge and the humming got louder then we saw a cloud of smoke approach the bridge so we took off. then on the way out we slowly pulled up to the second bridge we stopped for a second and we saw a cloud of smoke come in front of the truck and went back and forth in front of the truck and the humming began to start again. we got out of there so fast that i don't think i ever want to go back there again.i belive the story now.
2-Man, I was there on Halloween too!  Just a couple hours ago actually... I must say.. I didn't experience anything that you guys did, but that place scared the life out of me and my friends. We couldn't find that bridge, but we went to the side of the lake and walked around. It was rather weird.. like you just get this weird feeling. Then we left... Then we went to the statue... we actually walked around it... and was messing with it but tot ell you the truth, i felt the most chilling feeling on my spine, no joke. Man, i must say that that place is weird. The statue didn't move.. and I didn't want it to but yeah... It's a scary place.
3-I went to the lake about 3 or 4 years ago with my ex-boyfriend David and his friend named david S. I was very skeptical but at the the sametime intrigued and curious about the legend i was told. I was told that the woman drowned her two kids in the lake and in her despair, grief, and guilt is doomed to wander the stow lake site for the rest of eternity in search of her children murdered at her own hand. I was told if you go to the lake with no more than 3 people after 12:00am she will come to you and ask you if you know where her children are if you say you know where they are she will drown you in the lake if you say you do not know where her children are she will pass you by. On this particular night all three of us were looking for a rush. Armed with a baseball bat in the trunk of Davids car. We stood before the statue laughing and cracking jokes. After about 3-5 minutes of doing this David S said "hey shhh you guys i think i hear a baby crying!" David and i laughed and called david a wimp amongst other names. However david and i got quiet for 30 seconds and heard a baby's cry coming from inside the statue! we got scared and ran back to davids car. Later that same night we went back with two other friends and nothing happened. Perhaps because we had too many people with us the ghostly being was too shy to come out. It is true that you hear the baby's cry theres no mistakening that when three different people hear it all at the same time.
 Well I hope you enjoy the 
creepy legend of the Haunted 
Stow Lake

Love you all very much 
my dear Friends & Followers 

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