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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last Summer Baby birds in my backyard-2013

Last Summer baby birds in my backyard - 2013
Last summer I noticed two small brown & white birds hanging
around my garden. I wondered what the commotion was all about,
when I watch the tiny birds dart back and forth from the big trees to my hanging basket of Ivy. 
I was curious what could be in my basket of Ivy because it was very thick but, in the basket center it was empty. I decided to have a peek. So when the birds were away, which was tricky. I got our stool with my camera of course and slowly moved up toward the hanging basket. Then I carefully moved some of the Ivy so I could see if anything was there ?

I was pleasantly surprised... 
I found 2 tiny eggs [bluest white] in a very well built nest. It was quite round and deep too. I took a few quick pictures before the mom and dad birds came back. And when they did they were very upset with me being so close to their nest and babies. I discovered later from my mom and two dear friends Paula and Cynthia that they were Northern Rough-wing Swallows. 
I watch them for a few days and the nest. The next time I took a

peek at the tiny woven and intertwine nest, I saw three birds and two eggs [couldn't get a picture of that one!] plus two very protective Northern Swallows parents making lots of noise with bugs in their beaks. 

I waited a few more days to a week after that to find all five baby birds had hatched.They were very cute, but very difficult to get pictures at this point. The two parent birds were always around. At least one was there protecting while the other was getting insects.
But there were moments when they were both would go out and that is how I was able to give you these amazing images.
The only thing was my Ivy that I've had for almost 7years
wasn't getting any water in the hot summer days and was dying. 
I didn't like that part of this

whole journey with the Northern Swallow birds. 
They did get bigger and bigger all five of the baby birds. It was 
amazing how they all fit in that tiny nest. The last picture was 
the last time I saw all five of the baby birds together. 

I did see one or two learning to fly on the grass with one of the parents. 
It was a fun experience. But after that I made sure they couldn't
make another nest in my Ivy basket again, so I could get the water it needed. to get it back to its beauty that it was. 

The two adult Shallow Birds did hang around for a few weeks and
they did make one more nest in my Fusia hanging.
It was at the edge of the circular basket and it was very deep. It two had five baby birds as I remembered and that was the end of my summer experience of the Northern Rough winged Swallow birds. 

They were fun, but I love Rosy  the hummingbird. 

I hope you enjoyed The Story!
Love you All my dear Friends & Followers!
Your Wendy-ooo)

Here's the one of the baby's all grown-up!

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