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Dark Elves/History Images -2015

Dark Elves/History Images -2015
Dark Elves
feared above all others
I thought I would do a post on the dark elves on the History and the beautiful images that these amazing artist do with the different media of either painting, photoshop, digital painting and so many other kinds of ways I hope that you enjoy the history and legend of the dark elves and the beauty of the images. I hope to continue to finish all the different kinda elves with History-Images on elves for 2015.. love you all very much my dears friends and followers. Have a great coming July Tommorrow ...YOUR WENDY  
It is said that they live for battle and enjoy slaughtering their enemies. That, however, is just a negative stereotype that has been put on them for many centuries ago.While the Dark Elves are the first to the battlefield, they don't live for it.  They see themselves as guardians of the elven race. Never hesitating to protect their land by any means necessary. 
It is also said that they are the most promiscuous of the Elves~
That is not a negative stereotype but is the Truth. If they find another Dark Elf that is in the same mood you bet they will find a dark quiet place to get some action going...They are known to be very intelligent as well as strong & agile. The females are much more promiscuous than the males elves. - But it seems that all dark elves are promiscuous and the combination of their powerful strength, agile and intelligent ~ plus being know for having quite the physique type of body too - they have quite the package -
They stand at about 5 feet tall & their skin ranges from dark blue to jet black -Their hair is almost always silver but is also red, green, and black too. Their eyes tend to be pale in color. They can be either green, violet, deep blue & red too -Among the elves they are considered the most beautiful of all the elven races.

Male Dark Elve
You may ask why? One reason could be that they are considered the most superior warriors and sorceresses and they all know it. You could say they are all a bit arrogant.
It is not unheard of for a entire, armies to be slaughter while other party's is there drooling over the dark elves warrior's physique.
Dark Elves tend to keep themselves, as they are very distrusting & entrusted by others even in different elven clans~
They often are found in smaller groups & can be ruthless & cruel at times. But overall they are a very close net group of elf's.
As with the Drows I love the dark elves too - I thought I would add to this post since it was a bit short and I wanted to do a new post for 2015 with the history/images and I wouldn't be able to do that if I didn't add to this post. so without more ado more about the history of the Dark Elves... From what I discovered is that the Dark elfin race was born in the Crown wars, which was a huge conflict that has continued for more between 5,000 & 10,000
years +.  I guess what happened within the war [Crown Wars Elfin] is that 
there happen to a High Elf Prince of very noble blood, life was going 
very well for this Prince until it was foretold that he was destined 
to become  a King of the Dark Elves. However, he would not only be just 
a king of the Dark Elves he would be a Witch King. This of course
change his whole world of light into the dark world of the 
Dark world of the Dark Elves. Once living outside in grand Empire 
Kingdoms to the deep shadows of the darkest caves. 
Well in short the King name Malekith was actually in secret experimenting 
with the power of dark magic and in doing so his spirit was in time
corrupted with the evil energies  that  were too overwhelming for him
to let along for that supreme power of evil. Not realizing how it was affecting his appearance and his personality, the King became more & 
more introverted, sinister and intimidating. Also, his skin became very pale. So when it was his time to step up to be king and was passed over
he just bided his time. How, you might wonder? Well he led his 
armies against the Orcs and the forces of the Chaos.  This is when the witch king took him to the coldest colonies of the northern world and abandoned his human city he had,  to a talisman of awesome sorcerous power.
After thousands of decades, the witch-king had finally got himself
in the second power to be the Phoenix King. He knew this was the 
time to act, so he secretly worshipped to the Chaos Gods
and had the Phoenix King poisoned so that he could crown himself 
as the new Phoenix King.  The silly king Malekith thought that he could 
become the Phoenix King just by taking it for himself. Also he was 
under the control of dark magic and it took his spirit to the evil
Side of the energy. This could be why he believed that he could just 
march into the sacred flame of the God Asuryan, which is always the 
final test that each Phoenix King has to pass to prove his worthiness for the  Crown for his people.  Well Malekith was sure that he would be 
able to endure the sacred flame of the God Asuryan as his father had 
done before him many years before. However, since he had taken up with the dark forces of the Chaos Gods
and had the present Phoenix King poisoned, so that he could crown himself as the new Phoenix King, he was setting himself for a horrible faith.
For the Phoenix, King, is to be pure at heart & soul. To serve only  the 
the Flame God of Asuryan. But since he strayed off the pure path of 
a noble king walking into the flame of the God of Asuryan horribly 
scarred and burned him. He was lucky to be alive.
His body was too polluted with the Chaos of the Gods of dark forces and
the flames of Asuryan would not let him pass through without being
scarred, burned and cast back  to the platform for all to see.
Soon after that he fled with his dark chaos followers to the mountains of the north. This is where Malekith king slowly recovered his strength 
with the aid of sorcerers & became too heavily train in the dark Magic.
He also forged a great suit of black armour which would lend strength to his withered and fire blasted body from the fires of  the God of Asuryan.
He was able to pass through the internal heat, without it killing him but every day after that those who looked upon him would shudder at his appearance. That is when he truly became the Witch King. As for 
his new suit of black armour at the brow of it, there was a grand horned helmet that was welded with a circlet or iron. On the day of its creation he 
had his armour fused the suit directly to his body. 
They had many battles with the new Phoenix King and the Elves and each time, the Witch King found himself in battle defeated by the Phoenix mightiest armies driving them into the marshes bound to the realm of the Chaos of the North. Finally, the Witch King revealed his last plan of attack, with his sorcerers and called upon the dark gods of the Chaos themselves to help defeat the Phoenix God. Many of the Dark Elves readily agreed to join. At dusk, the sky shimmered with many-coloured lights, the Witch King and his followers attempted to carry out their  evil plan. For hours the Witch King and dark elves struggled, but it slowly became obvious their evil plan wasn't great enough to break through the magical barriers that contained the Realm of Chaos. It seems a sudden surge  of magick power came  suddenly at the Witch-king and the dark elves without a warning. Thousands of the Witch Kings dark elves fell dead[good elves too] and his land bucked and heaved like some kinda terrifying storm racing through his land by strong magic. There was nothing he could do to stop the terrible forces that were unleashed. The earth itself buckled under the titanic stress and across the continent earthquakes cast down cities and levelled mountains.. After

that a thousand-foot wall of water came down over the area of the north where the Witch King and the dark elves. Tens of thousands of elves were drowned by the waves and buried by the earthquakes. All was felt as far as the Dwarf Kings home. While most of the elves were to weak to pursue the dark elves and the witch king they were able to escape and rebuild in the land  of the Black Arks which became their new world home and the kingdom of the Dark Elves was born.

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Silver Elves Images/History-2015

Silver Elves-
Silver Elve/ True
Good evening, my dear friends & followers, I hope you are having a
great Monday afternoon. For today, I am going to bring you into the
world of the reclusive Silver elves/Lythari elves or as they, say the true 
lycanthropes. They are also known among the wood elves as the Silver 
shadows elves. These elves are as they say in the ancients the true
lycanthropes. Good aligned elves able to take lupine form - no hybrid forms. This is why the Silver elves are called lycanthropes and are so reclusive too. While in their wolf form, the silver elves are quite beautiful. They have play gray, silver or pure white fur & have the most intelligent looking blue or brown eyes you will ever see. A Lycanthrope wolf-silver, white or gray leaves no impression of danger or ferocity, but 
Silver Elfin in their Wolf
form as a pure white Wolf
rather seems very friendly, kind and companionable. An adult wolf-Elve is the size of a small pony and can carry a human man allies if need if the 
need is great. In rare times, the Silver elves remain in their elfin form. Most of the times they would be in their wolf form, but in their elfin form-lythari they are just as beautiful & otherworldly, even for an elfin. They dress in fine clothes silks, furs, beautiful white hides and natural type of clothing. They would decorate themselves with feathers, bone jewelry and other similar fashion of the ancient jewels of the oldest wood elfin tribes. They are very
Silver elfin-wolf in her
Elfin form
tall and pale skin in their elfin form & have light blue or green eyes. Hair is flowing soft white or silver, the same color as their wolf-form. While, in their wolf form, they speak in a manner that all wolves would understand, but when in their Silver Elfin form-lythari they speak Elvish. Some of them can speak other races of their kin and human too. Like all elves, the Siver elves can pass through its natural surroundings, the woods or forest silently and nearly invisible. They dislike combat and prefer to flee rather than fight. If they aid in warfare at all, they will only serve as a scout or messenger in war. However, if cornered or if put in a situation to defend their own, they will fight with great skill and they do so in the wolf form. Which they prefer the most for combat. They usually only bite, if needed & if they need they will do more. Unlike most lycanthropes, the Silver Elves - Wolf are very gentle, benevolent creatures. Although they do hunt and kill in the manner as all wolves do. They neither inflict wanton violence nor attack intelligent species. They are typically in a community, of groups no larger as 30 or more. The typical encounter with a lythari is with a single hunter or the pack. The largest of the tribal communities is 30 or more with up to a dozen of younger lythari learning to hunt. Most Lythari's live between worlds, not dwelling on the prime material plane, but living in the forested places that can be only reached through special gates known only to themselves.The Silver Elf's are known to be a very shy race, and preferring to remain far from civilization and even from other elves. They are a communal society and have no real leaders, its complete equality for all members of the tribe
The Silver Elves Lythari's do not produce any metal of any kind. They build nothing more than elaborate brush shelter. A Spellcaster is quite rare among the Silver elves/Lythari's. They are mostly
Specialty priests of the woodland deities.
The Silver Elves -Lythari' are interfertile and reproduce among themselves. They can also create new Lythari [Silver Elves] from being among other races in a special ritual of bonding that leaves a permanent scar resembling a wolf bite. The status of the Lythari can only be confirmed only if both silver elves that gave the wolf bite/scar and the elfin cousin agree to the transformation. And only if the secret initiation is performed.
Most all silver elves-Lythari live in groups of packs in the forest ever meet. Some still linger in FaerunMost still live in Magical fairylands that touch only the prime martial plane.
I hope that you all enjoyed the bit of history on the 
Silver Elves-Wolfs my dearest Friends & Followers 
I love you all very much and you are always Welcome 
to my humble blog to have a sit, tea, coffee and listen to
some music and stories hugsssssssss
and enjoy the few images that I was able to find for

your all happy Monday...
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