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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dr. Theda 'Hero Post' - 'Six Questions'

Dr. Theda' 'Hero Post' 
Askings his followers to do a post on their Blogs
'Six Questions'
I have been following a dear Friend Of Mine[Stacey]
for a couple of years. He has an Awesome Blog!
I thought I would add a few of my Scary Gifs that I have
collected over the years...
'How long have you been Blogging and How did You get into 
it in the first Place...?''
Two Years since 2013... I began because I had been on the Ning Network
for many years...over 10+ and needed to do something different not so
demanding. Not to say It was like that all the time. At first it was
fun. But after the years It was getting more about the site then
about my own think. So a dear friend/sister too decided to leave the
Ning network and make our own blogs and loved ever since. I love the 
freedom of doing your own thing designing your own thing. And 
creating a place that reflects your personality without having a huge
network like NING. It also helps me with my health issues and I get to write
what I want and show what kinda image I want. My main goal is to 
make folks have a happy time on my blog with good music and 
fun stories and a place to escape from the hardships of the world.

'What do you blog about and How frequently do you post...?
Well I mostly blog about - All kinda Dragons, Elves, Faeries,
Magical Creatures, Folklore Legends, Greek/African Mythology, 
My Garden, Wendy Tales, Dragon poems, Stories of dragons, elves, faeries
and legend of all kinds. I also love to do posts of images of amazing 
artists of the above fantasy woman, dragons etc.  Do movie nights and
Celebrate the seasons on my blog. I try to post as frequently as 
possible. Although so months are better than others.
it just depends on what is going on in my life. 
'How does your blog stand out from all of the rest...?"
I been told that I [Wendy] Have a place that folks can come to and relax if 
they had a hard day at work or what every day they might have had or even late in the evening too. My viewers have said they love the music with the combination of the stories, images, and videos.... I try to give the viewers
a place of enchantment with images, stories, and videos. 

'What's the Best & Worst things about Blogging...?''

Well the Best part of Blogging is the many wonderful people that
I have meant and become friends and have supported me during my good
and bad time during this last 2years. The worst, well that would be
the days that my depression takes over and I just can't do anything....

Do you have any Rules for self-imposed 

No nudity. I don't use any profanity at all. I keep it to my style.

There maybe a few images with elves with small clothing, but all

women & men are always covered. I feel this is important to my blog.


'Name One blog that people should be reading [other than your own]...?'

Well, one blog that's kinda hard so I am going to put down a few

that I think are people should read. 

Welcome to Suz's Little World



Creepy Horror Movies

Myths Fairies and me

After Midnight Behind the Closet Door
Dr. Theda' Crypt 

After Midnight Behind the Closet Door

Sorry, I couldn't pick one either!

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