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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sulamith Wulfing Artist-

Sulamith Wulfing Artist-
The Internationally acclaimed Artist Sulamith Wulfing was born in 1901 in
Wuppertal - Elberfeld Germany, into a very spiritual Germany family. Her
Parents were Karl and Hedwig Wulfing both in the field of Theosophist
 and her earliest most memories included seeing
angles, gnomes and small delicate creatures. As Sulamith would call the faeries
and elves, that you would see mostly in all her drawings and some of her
paintings. Sulamith first began drawing these versions at the age of 4 and the
visions continued throughout her life, and was directly inspirited her with her paintings.
She Graduated from the Art Collage in Wuppertal in 1921 and in 1932 she married
a professor by the name of Otto Schulze at the art college she was studying. During
those time it didn't matter much on student and college Professor getting together.
Her first exhibitions of Painting was in the year of 1923 at the age of 22, during
WW ll. Then the couple created the Sulamith Wulfing Verlag Publishing House,
but during WW ll, the industrial area Whppertal where her Art Publishing House
was became a bombing target at the time of WW ll. So unfortunately the Wulfing Verlag
Publishing House was destroyed along with most of all her paintings.
The young Sulamith at only 22years old was force to flee the Nazis with her
son and Mother. Her family became separated during the war, when she also received
a false report of her husbands death on the Russian front and fled to France with her
only child and mother.They were later reunited, but Sulamith considered her
religious teacher from college Jiddu Krishnamurti her spiritual mentor and guide.
She also believed his influenced helped her get through her very difficult times
during the war -WW ll. And kept her form the concentration camps.
The family experienced a number of great tragic events before
they were reunited on  Christmas Day in 1945.
She Continued her beautiful art until she died in 1989 at age 88.
My drawings are a visual representation of my deepest feelings - pleasure, fear, sorrow, happiness, humor. And, to people attuned to my compositions, they may well be mirrors of their own experiences.
It is because of this that I have left the explanation of the drawings completely to the viewer, so that they are not bound by my interpretation of what each picture should be.
Sulamith Wufing
For me it is not a matter of creating illustrations to fit nursery rhyme themes. My ideas come to me from many sources, and in such harmony with my personal experiences that I can turn them into these fairy compositions.
My Angels are my consolers, leaders, companions, guards. And dwarfs often show me the small ironies and other things to make me smile even in life's most awesome events.
Sulamith Wülfing

I hope that you Enjoy the most Wondrous Artist Sulamith Wulfing who Visions
of Faeries and Natures Spirits will bring the Magick alive into your
lives.. My dear friends and followers:o)

Sulamith Wulfing 

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