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Sunday, April 10, 2016



In this post, I have been wanting to do this subject matter for quite some time. I will try to give you as much information that I can on this subject so that you will be in the coming years. As you know by looking at my blog, I have an clear subject going on with blog; One is the love and strong believe in the Fae, love of fantasy, mythology, urban legends, gardens, stories, poetry, faeries, dragons, hummingbirds, causes for children and animals and much more. However there is another side to me that I used to do when I was on network sites - Ning networks... And one of them was Climate and how it effects our planted. Since the world was so effected by weather the last couple of years I thought I would do a new group of posts on the problems that we are all are facing with Climate change. I hope you find this post interesting and helpful. I will do one or two a week, or when I find them. The first problem on American soil is the growing number of Americans that are making their new or old homes very near the idyllic beaches of the Florida Keys. I must say this area is beautiful, however it's also a very dangerous area too. Its only a matter of time when half of the state of Florida is under the ocean.  Sadly this is one of the first place that will be rushed with Hugh rogue waves that will cover have of the entire state of Florida. And beautiful Florida Keys will be gone! You see the combination of rising populations and rising seas could see millions of Americans living in homes that flood regularly during the next decades ahead, according to a nationwide analysis who wrote in the journal 'NaturFlooding' is already a routine during high tides and storms in parts of Florida.
The only way to protect the populations is by taking step now, and that is relocation of large populations or redirect the building in these high dangerous area's of the rising seas to come. Which isn't going to be easy because most don't believe that this is actually going to happen. The other huge problem that we need to address is the rising levels of the greenhouse effect of gas pollution that is continue warming the planet which is causing the seas to rise and the glaciers to melt. Scientists have combined their studies and research on the matter on local population trends with the conservation projections for the rising sea levels to conclude that the homes of 4million Americans would be inundated during high tides following 3 feet of seal level rise by the year 2100. I quote one ecologist at Stetson University as he says' Once you take into account growth of population, the numbers end up being two to three times more in terms of overall population that's going to be impacted than of you just look at current populations, who contributed to the study 'Florida really pops out'!
It would seem that the scientific researches have already done some preliminary steps in adapting to the rising seas in Monroe County & in some other vulnerable regions too. This places were studied for many things such as if a fossil fuel burning and deforestation continued at the current rates, they found it was leading to sea level rise of 6 feet by 2100. Sadly with these predictions, the researchers projected that the number of Americans living in homes that would be in the flooding areas would jump to 13million. Sadly most of those 13 million people that would be impacted by the rising seas;
California, New York and Louisiana alike would be home to about 1million people apiece whose homes could flood at high tide in 2100 if seas rise by 6 feet. Even though the results are speculative they are assume that developers well continue to build homes in the same manner on coastal hubs the way they currently do and at the current rates with the rising seas they also assume that the people will not make any changes and remain in the same area of the rising flood area's. Because no one truly believes it will happen. Another researcher at the nonprofit resource for the future said', 'People may now be living in areas that will be inundated in 50 or 100 years but we have time to react'. 'Sea level rise is not an immediate impact there is time to move and adapt.'
Nobody really know how our communities will be reshaped as the flooding continues to become more routine in the lowland area's. We just have to hope that the people will listen to the warning early as the projections are true - so that we can re locate millions of people before it happens.
In doing this post I did find that Florida is in the most danger of loosing huge percent of their populations. If the rising seas just goes to 3 feet they could loose about 4percet of the population of Florida and if its 6 feet well, that could be a disaster. The problem could affect nearly 2million residents of the county in 2100, even more that a third of the people who are expected to live there by the year too. As for the affect on Monroe County , which includes key west and other islands at the tip of Florida or any islands around the world that are sea level, they all would be hit the hardest. If the seas rise up to 6 feet+ by 2100 the researcher project that 83% of its residents world endure daily flooding. Some saw that half of Florida would be gone after all the flooding is done and no more island in around the oceans would survive. So we need to act now and help as many people as we can. Sadly when  I started doing this over 10+ years ago no one believed I hope now people will start because it is getting worst and it will happen. I just wish that people would have listen 10+ years ago when lots of folks were trying to tell people it was going to happen and it was slowly how lets just hope it isn't to late. love you Wendy...


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