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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Plague of 1348

~Black Death of 1348~
Good evening my dears and welcome to my humble blog. I know my dearest Friends, Followers, Supports and Readers that I have been gone for almost all of January and basically all of
February too. I am sorry for this my dears I am writing again from my desktop and I hope that soon that I will have everything in order. Well, basically what has happened is this; first in the beginning of January my windows 10 went off its rocker so I was able to have a dear friend fix the program and the virus to. I was able to work on the laptop for a few days but then the next problem came up. And this one had been brewing for 3years and I didn't realize it till it was to late. You see I have had the wonderful laptop that my parents gave me and my husband only 3years ago and just 6to8 months into it I was have problems with the heating fan. however, I did take care of it the whole time by writing and looking up the HP support and call techs on what to do. I cleaned 2times a week got cool sense and even a special cooling fan that sits  under the laptop. for my birthday in December. but we still had to baby the computer. So that's why I having been around for almost 2months. 
I am sorry for the last couple of months but I hope to catch up this month with as many stories as I can. For today's story I am going into the curious reasons of why the Black Death happen in 1348. I have read many of books on it not on the actually truth of what it's history but books that are more like fiction on 'What if? books. One is that I remember was about some boys or a family that found some very old bones on their farm land will doing their crops in old England. They decided they might be worth some money to help the family and brought it to the local Science Medical of Bones. Well, they got a huge surprise. The bones were very old, but they still had the black death host still living within the bones that they found. Well, as I remember the family members got the same plague as in 1348 and the
Father Carry's his sick young child
while  others stay far away
book was a race against time to stop the same Black Death the reached all over England to the shores of Italy. It was a interesting book and a creeping book at the same time. It is said that the Back Death is to originated in the arid plains of Central Asia, where the plague then travelled along the Silk Road reaching Crimea by the year 1343. How it was carried is most likely by 'ORIENTAL RAT FLEAS' that were living on the 'BLACK RATS' that were regular passengers on the huge merchant ships of the day. This is how they believe the PLAGUE, spread throughout the MEDITERRANEAN & EUROPE. The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30 to 60% of Europe's total population. In total, the Plague reduced the world's population from an estimated 450 million people to 350 - 375 million in the 14 century.
Bubonic plague, which has disappeared from Europe and large parts of the globe, is spread by bites from plague-carrying rat fleas – Xenopsylla cheopis – whose main host is the black rat. In Europe the threat of the Black Death pandemic, which appeared with black rats brought by merchant ships from Asia, eventually died out as black rats were displaced by brown rats and health and hygiene improved.
Victims often develop painful swelling in the lymph nodes called buboes, flu-like symptoms and gangrene. Although the disease is treatable with antibiotics, without treatment the mortality rate is almost two-thirds of those infected, according to the US Centres for Disease Control.

The world's population as a whole did not recover to pre-plague levels until the 17th century. That's 3
century's later. That tells you how one disease can wipe out almost have the world for 3centurys. Kinda makes you think? If that could happen back in the ancient times what about modern times. We could very well be just as easy wipe out the same if we don't take care of out people and the earth all around the world. It would seem that the plague of 1343 still would recurred occasionally in Europe up to the 19th century. Well, since the 19 century, I thought I would look on line to see if there has been any more modern 20th century First Case of Bubonic Plague. I found it? In 2011it appears that in New Mexico the Bubonic Plague or Black Death isn't just ancient history anymore. New Mexico health officials recently confirmed the first human case of the bubonic plague previously known as the 'BLACK DEATH' TO SURFACE IN THE US IN 2011. The unidentified man of 58 years old was hospitalized for a week after suffering from a high fever, pain in his abdomen and his groin. He also had swollen lymph nodes reported New York Daily News. The officials declined to say when the man was released from the hospital, however a blood sample from the man was tested positive for the Black Death. It seems that the Santa Fe officials said they are still investigating how the man contracted the black plague. Flea bites are the most common method of transmission to humans; in this case the doctors suspect a flea bit the man on his left leg.
The case Bubonic plague found in Madagascar ~
In Madagascar health experts have confirm one of the worst outbreaks in the modern times of the Bubonic plague that has taken the lives of 20 villagers which has raises fears that the disease could spread to nearby towns & cities in Madagascar. Once feared as the Black Death - of 1348 the rodent borne disease that wiped out a third of the world's population in the Middle Ages 'Bubonic Plague' has now killed 20 villagers in Madagascar in one of the worst outbreaks globally in recent years, health experts have confirmed. This confirmation that the bubonic plague was responsible for the deaths last week near the north-western town of Mandritsara of Madagascar followed a warning in October from the International Committee of Red of the Red Cross (ICRC) that the island nation was at risk of a plague epidemic. It would seem that the 20 cases have turned into 50 cases. The one person that was affected by the bubonic plague has become a great health risk in his environment which happens to be a very densely populated cities, such as the poor districts and prisons of Madagascar. A plague many be an disaster for All! The professor Togier from the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar who has descried  the situation as the "Nuclear Blast' Why! because the disease could become extremely difficult to stop and contain if we don't get a handle on it. That is the major risk with the Bubonic Plague and how it was back In 1348. This is why the health ministry and other actors in Madagascar have put in place a contingency plan. The Pasteur Institute of Madagascar revealed on Tuesday that tests taken from the bodies in the village last week that showed that they all had died of the bubonic black plague. They institute added it was concerned that the disease could spread to many many!!! other neighboring towns & cities where living standards have declined since a couple lived in 2009. The deaths are doubly concerning because the outbreak occurred both outside the island of Madagascar. Normal plague season runs from July to October, however at  the lower elevations of  Madagascar there has been signs of outbreaks occurring.. This is a scary sign It might be spreading all around the island. It seems that there are two forms of the Bubonic plague; The first and the most common is the Bubonic plague that is transmitted from fleas to humans. In some cases the humans can be the transmitter and then the disease becomes the pneumonia plague, which can kill within 24 hours scary stuff. There have been roughly one case in 50 that will turn into pneumonia plague. Then this effected person sadly a serious health risk in his/her environment. This is when a person that is effected with this pneumonia plague in a very densely populated cities-poor districts & even prisons of Madagascar it can spread at a alarming rate - even on ships overseas. Last Year about 60+ people died in Madagascar of the Bubonic Plague - the highest number globally of modern times. The Plague has prevalent in the island central highlands of Madagascar, where 200 to 400 confirmed cases of the plague has been reported every year to the world health organization. This is just a third to fifth of the globally cases that have been reported. Who knows about the ones that haven't been. Professor Rogier from the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar has said that if this doesn't get handled it can become what you call a nuclear blast of disease all over the world. Because once it gets a hold of the few country's it will be extremely difficult to stop and contain.
The plague spreads in Madagascar ever year and the Red Cross focuses closely on trying to prevent
Bubonic plague in Madagascar Lab
the plague within Madagascar’s prisons. Inmates are at particular risk due to a lack of water and overall sanitation in prisons; they share their cells with cockroaches, bugs and hundreds of rats. Prisons in Malagasy are tough and very overcrowded, so if one or two people become sick with the plague, it can rapidly become a catastrophe. Our aim is to ensure that we stick to zero cases.
This involves training the “rat brigades” we teach them how to prepare special boxes through which the rats pass so that their fur gets covered in insecticides that kill the fleas and their eggs. It is only after the rats have been used to spread the insecticides that they are captured and killed and the brigades check if any of them have been infected. Eleven prisons now have properly-trained rat brigades, and we just have to supply them with the necessary items.
Fleas is what is killing us all
from the carrier Rats
In fact, this is the process that you are supposed to carry out everywhere – not just in prisons – if you want to reduce the risk of catching the plague. The difficulty is that the rats are everywhere in the capital. I live in Antananarivo, and just yesterday we saw rats running around our house. We were just saying, “Well, we need to do something about it in our own home!”.
But, as I said, this year is not particularly different to previous years; it’s just that people are now writing about it and linking it to Ebola. An outbreak of disease comes along and everybody freaks out a bit. It’s true that in the 14 and 15th centuries bubonic plague wiped out half of Europe. It still has not been eradicated completely from the world; around 20 countries are still affected.
The last case in the US was reported back in 2011. One person died, a scientist. He was tracking a wild animal, and for some reason he found a fox and he decided to carry this animal back home for an autopsy. Basically, the animal transmitted the plague and he died.

But in truth, the biggest problem here and around the world is ignorance. The biggest killer in this country, and in many places of the world, is really ignorance.
If war can wipe out millions of lives from the face of Earth, so can a disease. The worst ever pandemic in history of mankind was the Black Death that claimed the lives of nearly 75 to 200 million people worldwide. The disease received its name 'Black Death' in Europe where it was responsible for wiping out nearly 30-60% of the total European population. So, what was the disease? How did it spread? How was it stopped? There are many questions like these that will be answered in this article titled 50 interesting Black Death Facts. Definitely, this article is going to be a long one so, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea!
It’s just that people don’t get the diagnosis, don’t get the antibiotics, and die. And this is the drama of this country. The plague should not kill anybody in Madagascar. The health ministry has a stock of antibiotics and the treatment of plague is free so there is no discrimination. It is ignorance that is killing people .
It would seem that there is 1,000 to 3,000 globally yearly of the plague. Although Australia and Europe are the only two countries that are free of the Black plague. The countries that have the recent epidemics in recent years are Asia, Africa, & US. So this isn't something to take lightly. I believe that it won't be some war but a disease that will probably that us all out if we don't get a handle on this. It might look something like this old map if we don't do something and something fast.

Hello my dears 
welcome to my blog 
I hope that you find it informitive & interesting
I have always been interested in this subject
I am sorry for the darkr subject but
I am still dealing with my G+/ Blogger accout
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but I hope to get it all worked out soon I am
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 I love you all my dears 
Your friend always

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