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Friday, November 6, 2015

Legend of the Nymphs

Legend of the Nymphs~
Good afternoon my dear friends & Followers, I know I have done a few posts on the legend of the Nymphs, however, when I find something that might be a bit different within the legend I always try to share with you all. Some have said that the Nymph are physical incarnations of the forces of all nature. Others will say that they are from many different cultures of ancient times. In most of my encounters of the legend of the Nymphs, they are female like that of the tree nymphs[Dryads of the Forests] for which I have written about quite a lot within my blog. Also, the Greek Mythology and the life of the nymphs towards mortal men. Nymphs are born from nature itself one day and appeared human like & the next moment can be a gust of the wind, a budded tree, or part of the enormous ocean. Nymphs can also be born through mating with other races depending on the race. This can be human, or immortal. If you read some of my other post on Nymphs, you might find that these creatures of natures exist in an unusual state of limbo between life and death. In a general sense nymphs are immortal, however, some nymphs can be killed or made mortal through rare circumstances that nymphs keep guard dearly.
Air Nymphs~
Air Nymph
Air Nymphs are referred to Nymphs that are attuned to the element of the sky. They spend most of their time in the skies above and affect the weather through their manipulation of air currents. These Nymphs are widely known for their beautiful singing voices, which is very much like that of the sirens and mermaids of the seas. These Air nymphs are most probably the most populous and can be found almost anywhere, from the smallest of breezes brushing through the leaves to the fiercest of storms that rage high above us humans. Despite their population which is high due to the fact, they never or are elusive and refuse to interact with the mortal humans or for that fact any other mortal races. This could be why their numbers are still high and are hidden. It is said that air nymphs never stay in one place very long and do not usually make emotional attachments either. Also, contrary to popular belief, the air nymphs cannot be captured in jars like fireflies, enchanted or not. However they can be trapped in containers made of celestite, that is if one can find the stuff.
It is said that most of the Air Nymphs are born from the first breath of a mortal baby. They are truly immortal, however, they can succumb to sickness if the air becomes polluted. If this happens it can lead to very strange weather occurrences or stagnant air. As to what is happening in this 21th century. If we don't get our act together the strange weather will just get worst and worst as it has in the last century....
Note; Air Nymphs can also be divided into two different classes, the most common would be that of the wind nymphs & the least common is the storm nymphs even though they are 'Sisters' they are quite different from each other, but who isn't. Even in the human world sisters are very different and we all get along mostly.
Wind Nymphs~
Wind Nymphs
The Wind Nymphs are the most recognized for their very long white flowing hair, which creates waves in the wind, as they dance and fly. They say that the Wind Nymphs are the most graceful of all the sister's. They have a presence that their other sisters don't presence. The Wind Nymphs never remain in a tangible state, their long hair covers their naked bodies which their breasts, all the way down to their waist and delicate feet. They are nothing but shifting winds. Also they are translucent, being able to partially see through them and their eyes are shades of gray. These Wind Nymphs are the most passive of their sister's as well as the most common of all the Nymphs. They strictly refrain from contact with mortals humans, especially humans and stick to their roles as observers or guardians of the skies. As I have said that these Nymphs are very kind and compassionate beings, known for being very understanding to those who gain their audience.
They are also known for their beautiful singing voices and dance. There have been cases where a wind nymph will appear before someone gifted with a beautiful singing voice, singing along with the person. They are a very free spirited Nymph and will literally go wherever the wind blows them, riding on the currents of the air. The Wind Nymph have control over any sort of wind and some even have the ability to control gale winds. They may conjure a gentle breeze to rock a baby in a cradle to sleep or dance along sails of ships of the deepest oceans and sending them into endless circles something like the Sirens and Mermaids. It is said that the wind nymphs know all that occurs in the world presently and the past. So I would take care when you are out and about on a windy day!
Storm Nymphs~
This was the best
image I could find
of the Storm Nymph
The Storm Nymphs Is another of the sisters, although these Nymphs are quite contrasting from their wind/air sisters. Their hair is quite curly, but sill very long and has a general flow to it like that of their sisters. I found that in most cases their hair is dark and sometimes black signifying their seniority. Their complexion can be a gray or very pale which is different to the wind nymph's sister's. These Nymphs stay intangible like their wind nymph sisters; however it is of greater offense to walk  through a storm nymph. Why? because while tangible they have bronze shoulder pads with jagged spikes, indicating lighting. Their hair also covers their chest but, they are also wearing dark material over their chests behind their hair. Storm Nymphs are not quite as passive as their sister's the Wind Nymphs. However, they similarly don't enter into conflicts that concern themselves. These nymphs primarily travel will in storm clouds or even will conjure up an storm of clouds on their own. They say that it is very easy to offend a storm nymph, so if one happens to pass through a bad storm, be prepared to dodge the lightening of an storm nymph. Storm Nymphs generally live over the ocean where they can form, spin their enormous clouds one after another. They can also turn a beautiful blue clear day into a very dark creepy one filled with the rumbling of thunder and lighting. The Storm Nymphs are also capable of creating sandstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes too, which is why most people tend not to like these type of nymphs. As for the type of lighting they can create, these bolts of lighting can be some of the most unusual colours such as green and purple and many others.
Earth Nymphs~
Earth Nymphs
Earth Nymphs are attuned to our Earth & all thing within like minerals and even gems of the earth. They are immediately recognized by their brown skin tones which unusual since they live underground.  Their hair is usually black or brown, depending on the earth nymphs. She may keep her hair long, short or even up in a variety of gemstones. Earth Nymphs eyes are vivid, blues, reds, greens and yellows and they wear a variety of clothing that is attuned with the depths of the earth. They wear traditional earth armour which is made with diamonds, sapphires, ruby's and other strong metals and gemstones. Ever since their birth of the first kingdoms of Elenlond, these earth nymphs have served not only as protectors of the balance of the earth but protectors of the ancient treasures as well.
These nymphs have a few special powers too! they have the ability to become stone; giving them the appearance to statues that many stay dormant for eons until awakened by an intruder.
They are referred to as Statuettes or guardians. However, one must gain an favour of an earth nymph in order to obtain one. They are fiercely loyal and will fight viciously for all they love. These nymphs will marry into dwarven or gnomish families quite often and live with their husbands raising their children together as a family. The female offspring of dwarf/gnome and earth nymphs are always earth nymphs. Earth Nymphs get along with dwarves quite well too! They say the greatest weapons were drawn from the earth by an earth nymph and forged by a dwarf.
In very rare cases, an Earth Nymph will marry a human. This is highly rare but happens once in a blue moon. It doesn't happen usually because of the nature of the Earth Nymph who prefer to live under the ground.
Some of the other special things about the Earth Nymphs;
-Is that they control over all of earth, rocks and minerals.
-They change into any shape they desire, as well as move their shape in a sort of limited telekinesis.
-They can shift the earth by causing either small or violent earthquakes
-Earth Nymphs can also turn their bodies into an almost impenetrable stone.
-Earth Nymph are usually immortal however it is said that a sewing needle made from a mixture of gold and meteorite fragments can puncture into their skin will make them completely mortal.
Mountain Nymphs~ 
Mountain Nymph
Here are the Mountain Nymphs which are essentially the same as the Earth Nymphs except they live solely on the mountains. These Nymphs, however, prefer to live in isolation instead of infusing themselves into society. The Earth Nymphs who inter-society with dwarven or gnomish families and live with their husbands raising their children together as a family. These Mountain Nymphs are first noticeably taller than their cousins and they don't wear regular clothing as the earth nymphs do. They to be mostly naked with just a bit of cloth on. These Mountain nymphs will help travellers who have gotten lost or need aid, however, they will produce an thick mist similar to wood nymphs that cause the traveller to merely think that it was all a dream.
Water Nymphs~
Water Nymphs are very attuned to various forms of water however, there are different kinds of water nymphs --- Ocean, Lake, & River. There is one form that is restricted to the Water Nymph and that is when water is solid like Ice. It seems that while ocean & river nymphs are restricted to water in its liquid and gaseous form. The water nymphs spend most of the time in the water & are known for their rivalry with the mermaid. It seems that most the water Nymphs dislike their watery sisters [mermaids/sierns] because of their flirtatious behaviour and their habit of seducing males who happen to cross their path. They can easily be found lying on the banks of rivers or on rocky outcrops in the sea
Water Nymphs 
enjoying the sun or simply combing their hair. These Water nymphs are notorious peepers and if one happens to hear giggling while bathing in a river waterfall or beach, in most cases it's a water nymph. Water nymphs are said to be the most beautiful of all nymphs and are excellent seers. Many water and ice nymphs can see the future from a pool of water.
Ocean & River Nymphs-common water nymph
Ocean Nymphs
The main difference with the water nymph and the Ocean/River Nymphs are generally the same except for one thing - The Ocean Nymph always lives in the ocean and the River Nymph in the River. Ocean Nymphs for some unexplained reasons are not capable of entering rivers and will simply stand on it as if it were a solid piece of ground, which is vice versa for the river nymphs for the ocean.
Ocean/River Nymphs have a slightly blue colour to their skin however if they spend long periods of time out of the water sunny on the rocks it could make them appear almost human.Also, their hair will come in a variety of different blue hues with some sort of sea plant within it but if again if they spend long periods of time sunny themselves on the rocks their hair can change to a more human look. The clothing that they wear is mostly comprised of seaweed and shells or silks from sunken treasure. As for the River Nymphs they to find what they can deep underneath the depths of the river. Their eyes are very enchanting which can cause those who gaze into them to be attracted to them with these big blue-green eyes.
There have been many of case when a water nymph either ocean/river and a human male - most cases an fisherman or sailor will fall in love. Though these water nymphs are quite fickle in relationships - there have been cases where they became betrothed to whom they will love for the rest of their lives too. Water nymphs are passionate lovers and it is possible for one to literally die of a broken heart. When a Water Nymph dies whether it be from a broken heart or other causes they become the sea foam of the sea and  simply exist as the ocean or river.
Unlike their Cousins Air nymphs, they may be trapped in bottles or jars. They also have the capability to purify water to make it adequate for life as well as drinking water. It is said that the purest springs in the world are almost always tended by a water nymph.
The rivalry that is between the water nymphs and mermaids is actually quite fierce -
It has erupted into many battles in ancient times in the past. In many cases, the seas far from the land masses are the most dangerous as that is where they are the most likely to do their great battles.
Ice Nymphs~
Ice Nymph
Ice Nymphs are actually water nymphs who were created far-far-far north. These nymphs are quite different from their warmer sisters. They live usually in the wastelands of ice or in frozen pools of water. They too are very beautiful though they use their beauty to punish the mortals men mostly. The skin of the Ice Nymph is much paler blue and their hair is a dark blue usually sprinkled with snow. Their eyes are a piercingly bright ice blue. Almost like looking at blue ice. They wear dresses of blue fur and trim. Although they may also wear a jagged armour of ice which won't melt even in the heat of the sun. They use their beauty to lure shallow men into their territory in which they freeze them to death as punishment. Other traits that are unlike their sister nymphs is they are not flirtatious and are unsurprisingly cold to others.
Queen Ice Nymph
They are also rather isolated from their cousins and keep to themselves separate from human/mortals & most other creatures. Ice Nymphs could control Ice similarly to how earth nymphs control earth. Unlike many of the other nymphs, there are Ice Queens. They are recognized for their power & wisdom. I also discovered that Ice Queen Nymphs usually assemble groups of ice nymphs together for their entourage. The Ice nymphs are not as populous as other nymphs. It's been said that the Ice Nymphs had been born through the rare union of a man. It is common to happen in especially after a blizzard.
Fire Nymphs~
Fire Nymph
The Fire Nymphs are the second rarest nymphs to the Ice Nymph. The reason is it's because they are impossible for anyone to ever catch a glimpse of one. This could be because of the non-interaction with the human race. These beautiful nymphs can control fire and are capable of producing their own.
Fire Nymph
Their skin tones were of slight red or orange to a vivid yellow too. Their hair is usually a fiery orange, red, or brownish red and their eyes range from red to yellow. It not very concise whether the Fire Nymphs wear clothing or simply give the appearance of it with fire.  Not  much is know about these Fire Nymphs except that they are born
from a natural lightning bolt that strikes something & catches fire then creates a fire nymph. 

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