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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Good afternoon my dears, as promised I an much different post. I have a Magick Critters today
And this one is about the Basilisk which I remember very much in my favorite books Harry Potter books. I don't know if any of you out there are fans of the 8 book series but the Basilisk did play a part in one of the books.
The Basilisk has appeared in various forms throughout history. This Mythology & Magical Creature has also been In many different forms too! I have known the Basilisk only as the enormous snake that can turn anyone to stone if one see the Basilisk through a mirror. However it is also very deadly too! If you happen to look into its eyes you will died or if his craws get into your skin the poison will kill you in moments too. In this post I will try to write a little bit about each various form that the Basilisk has been throughout history + I will try to find images of the different various too. The Basilisk has appeared in various forms throughout ancient history many times over. 1-It got its start as a small crowed snake that had the ability to kill with its lethal poison and evil gaze. The poison was said to be so lethal, it left a wide trail of venom in its wake. 2-Lather in the medieval times, travelers would described the Basilisk as a much larger, fire breathing creature, with a terrifying roar. 3-The description of this Magick creature kept changing with the ages even further, creating a Rooster-with a serpents tail and occasionally dragon wings.[this show similarities with the cockatrice, however there is one difference that make them two very different creatures - The Basilisk is said to be hatched from the egg of a rooster, then incubated by a toad, while the birthing process of the Cockatrice is vica versa to the Basilisk - A toad's egg hatched by a rooster Hmm makes since Eh???????????
4-Another type of the Basilisk has been make up as part lizard, with a roosters head, the tail of a serpent and eight chicken legs. This one lead to its looks in the popular culture making it a even large as time went on, six or eight - legged lizard armed with a petrifying gaze too!
The tales about the basilisk and the mirror really do exist, however it can be slayed by other various methods. It is also vulnerable to the Cockcrow of a Rooster. This belief lead to travelers carrying roosters for self protection. It is said that the basilisk can be stopped by the odor of a weasel. Interesting I thought myself. They say that villagers will throw a weasel in a pit that is near
dying vegetation. This is in hope that they will get rid of the beast -Basilisk-. The weasel itself usually kills the basilisk on its own as well by urinating on the beast, but this almost always leads to the death of the weasel too!
More Facts about the Basilisk-
I found it very interesting that the Magical Creature basilisk can only be a male, never a female. It might be for reasons of its receptacle of venom and destructive qualities - also that it is so evil that it cannot gaze animals to death it turns to plants, withering them anywhere it goes. This could be the reason that it is a male and that it can only be a male. However, being a educated woman I know that there is a lot of evil in this world. Sadly there is many of women out there that are probably just as evil as the Creature the Basilisk as there are men. I don't think when he was created decades ago that 'they ever would come across some of the women in the modern world that would be just as evil.
They also said the Basilisk is believed to be the most poisonous creature ever lived, there are tales where the basilisk was killed by a spear from horse-back, but sadly the poison flowed upward and killed both the man and the horse too! Its presence is so tainting that not only herbs will die of its terrible breath, but stones will shatter as well. The basilisk's venom is so strong, that upon drinking from a well, that was once polluted from it centuries ago, it still will bring death to anyone that drinks from it.
Now as for the Healing powers of the Phoenix tears to save one if  were to have the poison of a
basilisk like that of the stories in Harry Potter? Well, I do love the stories however, as the truth to the
Phoenix tears and to that part of the story. I had a look and sadly I couldn't find anything but Harry
Potter stuff. So a warning that part might not be true. The only way to find out truly is to as J.R. Rowling or a historian that knows a lot about the subject. The reason is that the phoenix only lived in Arabia or occasionally Heliopolis. Although if you would like to do your own search, I would love to hear from you if you get any info on the subject.

Well, I hope that you enjoy the Post on the Basilisk
Love you all my dearsest Friends and followers
Your Wendy

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