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Monday, December 29, 2014

Cuchulainn the Celtic God-The Goddess Scathach of the Celtic Underworld

Cuchulainn the Celtic God-
The Goddess Scathach of the Celtic Underworld-
CuChulainn Celtic God
-Hello my dear Friends & Followers, for today's post I am going to bring you all into the Celtic
World of the Irish God Cuchulainn~
Cuchulainn was one of the greatest heroes of Irish mythology they say, Cuchulainn was a champion warrior of Ulster and the people Ireland thought of him as the 'Irish Achilles'. Cuchulainn was born Setanta son of human parents, Sualtam the warrior hero and Dechtire half sister to Conchobar the King of Ulster. His divine lineage includes the fact that he was an 
ancestor of the Dagda- the good God, and son of Lugh the Sun God/ God of light. Cuchulainn was short in stature yet no one could look upon him without blinking. The heat of his body could melt snow and ice for yards around him, his body glowed red and when he dipped his body in water to bathe, the water would hiss and turned into steam.  As a handsome lad he was, the son of Sualtam.  The Celtic God Cuchulainn had three colours type hair. His hair was Brown, in the middle it was red and on the outside area's it was like a diadem of golden. It was comparable to yellow gold.  Each glittering long curl of his beautiful hair,would fall freely down between his  shoulders. All about his neck were a hundred tiny links of red gold flashing, with pedants hung from them. His headgear was adorned with a hundred different jewels. On either cheek he had four moles; a yellow; green; blue and a red. In either eye the Celtic God Cuchulainn had seven pupils, 
sparkling like seven gems. Each of his feet had seven toes, each of his hands had seven fingers and his hands and feet were endowed with the clutching power of hawk's talons and hedgehog's claws. He also wore his gorgeous raiment for great gatherings - a fair crimson tunic of five plies all. The champion carried a trusty special shield coloured dark crimson with a pure white silver rim all around its circumference; at his left side hung a long golden hilted sword. Beside him in his chariot was a lengthy spear, together with a keen aggressive javelin
fitted with a hurling thong and rivets of white bronze. In one hand he carried nine heads and nine more in the other; he held these heads as emblems of his valour and skill in arms and at the sight of him the opposing army shook with terror'.

Cuchulainn was given the name Setanta at birth, However, he was dubbed his now most famous name Cuchulainn, which means 'Hound of Culann'. How he got his new name Cuchulainn from his birth name? it was at a very young age when he killed a ferocious guard hound with his bare hands, and offered to take its place guarding the castle. It seems that the Celtic God Cuchulainn was the great-Grandson of the God Aonghus and so Cuchualainn had both noble and divine blood in his veins. After he was given the name of Cuchulainn, the Celtic God was very eager to head out and take on Ulster's enemies. Which the Cuchulainn did and he fought three semi-divine warriors by the name of Foill, Fannel and Tuachell. In these battles with these three semi-divine warriors Foill, Fannel and Tuachell the Celtic God Cuchulainn was able to kill each of them with little trouble at all. Of course The Celtic God Cuchulainn had a horrifying technique.
This image show the God Cuchulain in both
forms. His godly Form as the Celtic God
and the when he turn into the 'Battle of Fury'
The Creature that no man can defeat in battle, on
 any battlefield in Scotland and Ireland.
What was this? Well in battle Cuchulainn battle-frenzy was a horrifying thing in it's time. It was  called 'The Battle of Fury', his entree body would trembled violently in the beginning. Then he would suffer his paroxysm, whereby he became a fearsome, multiform and wondrous unknown  creature. All over him, from his Golden crown to the ground, his flesh and every limb and joint  point would quiver as does a tree in a mid-wind storm. Within his very skin he put forth an unnatural effort of his body, meaning his feet, heels, shins and his knees would shifted
themselves and were behind him odd Eh! Then his heels, calves and ham-strings were displaced to the front of his leg-bones in hence a condition such that they were knotted muscles that stood up in large lumps on his legs as if that of clenched fist of fighting men. But there's more! The Cuchulainn frontal sinews of his head were dragged to the back of his neck, where they showed huge lumps. These lumps that were shown on the back of his head were much larger than that of the head of a average boy at the age of one month. Then there is the face, which underwent an extraordinary transformation, to a point that the God of Celtic Cuchulainn didn't look much like himself. One eye became engulfed in his head so far that 'tis a question whether a wild heron could have got at it. And where it lay against his occupied, to drag it out upon the surface of his cheek, Horrible simply terrify. Then there was his other eye, on the contrary which protruded suddenly out on itself and rested upon his cheek. Of there is his mouth, which was a twisted awry till it met his ears.
He kinda look like a lion of sorts with his lion gnashing which caused flakes of fire, flying of his mane, each one would get larger than the next one. Then the flames would stream from his throat into his mouth and outwards. He would sound like that of a lion in the act of charging bears with the sound of a howl like a ban of wolfs. Among the clouds over his head were visible the virulent pouring showers and sparks of ruddy fire which the seething of his savage wrath which caused him to mount up above him.  It seems that his hair would always be tangled about his head, as it had been branches of a red thorn bush stuffed into a strongly fenced gap to block it.  How he would kill men? Well, it seems that in this fit of frenzy a man's head could fit into his jaw and his hair bristled like that of hawthorn, with a drop of blood at the end of each single hair. All he would have to do is flash his hair around and each individual hair would impale a warrior from the bristle at the end of each of his very long red hair. At the top of his head arose a thick column of very deep dark blood like the mast of a ship. So let me ask you? Who would try or could fight against that Creature?  And that is how many men have died horribly! His hero's paroxysm would projected itself out from his forehead, and show longer than the wet-stone of a first rate man at arms. Finally he was taller, thicker and more rigid, than any mast of the greatest ships of the day. And any man too, with the perpendicular jet of dusky dark blood which would spurt out of his scalp at very central points upward and then was scattered to the four cardinal points; meaning this! Whereby was formed a magical mist of gloom resembling the smoky pall that drapes a regal dwelling, what time a king at night-fall of a winters day draws near to it. This is what the Celtic Goddess of the
Goddess Scathach of the Underworld Celtic
 Dead and sometimes called the Shadowy One taught Cuchulainn in her lair. The Goddess is the most skilled and skilled in the arts of Combat. She was the one who taught the Celtic God Cuchulainn for a year and a day, the fighting techniques and various magick spells to build and effective weapons for his fighting skills in combat. It was she who gave the hero of Ulster, the famous and efficient launch 'Gae Bolga' which was to be launched with feet and once locked on the enemy body blew a fresh load of darts that tore inside the enemy's body. So by starting sexually educating by his amatory arts. The two became very close Cuchulainn and the Goddess Scathach. Her home being the queen of the Underworld Celtic, was located on the Isle of Skye - Isle of Shadows, which is the largest of the Inner Hebrides Islands, which is located in Scotland. The abode of the Goddess is protected by the 'Bridge of the Jumps', which when stepped upon on one end is raised and returned to the point of origin. So if you tried to jump on it the balance is lost and you are returned to the point of origin to
The Goddess Scathach 
which you jumped again where you are lost and fall into an abyss where creatures and monsters are waiting for you. The Celts have said that she is characterized as being a warrior Cuchulainn later became lovers. She had a woman's body, however of great beauty and of oddly ageless. She was strong without losing her femininity and had fiery red hair.
History of the Goddess~
The Goddess Scathach was once a mortal and was a well known woman warrior in life. She met her end to her happy life as a mortal violently. When she was captured and held in prison raped and tortured and finally murdered. Just before her death, Scathach soul called out for revenge. What the Goddess Scathach wish was? She was granted as a Demi Goddess sent back to Avenge all women and protector of women. Her job was to assist those slain in battle and then  help them through passage of the dead to Heaven. She was then called the warrior-woman risen to divinity, The Gaelic Goddess of the Dead. She is also
similar to the Valkyrie of the Norse. She would search the battlefields for the souls of the slain, it is also the duty of Scathach to destroy those who are Evil and do harm to woman and children. She would travel all over the world seeking out to destroy evil where ever it existed. She was also a potent magician. She had the gift of prophecy and also learned battle tactics from every Culture, learned all languages on thee Earth that she traveled village to village. In her quest to seek to do all the wrongs right and to protect the Innocent. Teaching women to fight and to read, write and learn not to be the weak sex or submissive to man. Since she was born in a beautiful well endowed woman it was a bait for those who had evil in their hearts and that is why she believes when she was mortal she was raped and now it is her role now to protect women and is a fearsome expert in the art of war.
Our Celtic God Cuchulainn
It is her that only the great warrior CuChulainn, of Ireland discovers there is more to his craft at a young youth. This teaching took place in Alba, I t was from Scathach that the Youth Cuchulainn received the 'Gae Bolg' his formidable barbed spear sword whose thrust was invariably fatal. Its seems it was the Celtic King Conchobar that suggested that Cuchulainn should train with the Goddess Scathach on her island off the coast of Scotland.
Well before Cuchulainn could be train he had to pass to test of the famous Bridge'. This is the bridge that is for every twisting and turning against you, which is every way you happen to land on the bridge or tilt it. The bridge will rise up vertically, almost 90 degrees,  so one will slide down to the other side and if your not quick, when your trying to cross while your sliding cross the huge vertical drop, you can fall to the depths of devouring beasts below. This is what has happened to thousands of men. However, for the Cuchulainn who attempted to cross the bridge three times and each time failed and lived. But even the heroic Cuchulainn had his limits too. But he being and strong god and clever one was able to access an stronghold of the goddess Scathach and threatened her with his sword until she agreed to teach him the skill 'Gae Bolg'. During the time that he was be taught the skill 'Gae Bolg' by the Goddess Scathach in the Underworld of the Celtic, Cuchulainn became very attracted to Scathach's daughter Uathach and the two became lovers while he lived at Schthach's stronghold. It seems that in return for the teachings of the 'Gae Bolg' from the Goddess, he had to carry out a task for Scathach. What this was?
Young Cuchulainn Celtic God
 He was to go to war and defeat another great warrior woman Aoife in battle.  This weapon was given by Scathach the warrior woman to Aoife who Cuchulainn conquered as a test while in the service of  the Goddess Scathach therefore it passed into his ownership when Aoife was defeated in battle. So now Cuchulainn has the famous weapon of harpoon with retractable barbs. This weapon had thirty barbs and was made from the bones of a sea monster with the 'Gae Bulga'. Which made Cuchulaninn unstoppable and invincible in combat and battle. He became the Greatest Warrior the Celts ever had - Cuchulainn the Celtic God which he owed much of his great fame and skill to the Goddess Scathach teaching.
Cuchulainn was known as the 'Hound of Ulster', an name he had gained after killing the guard dog of Cullan the Smith. It seems that the Celtic God was remembered as the 'tough guy' of many adventures in his time, even though he was mortal. However, he finally meet his match and his end when he meet the Goddess Morrigan.
After he had trained in the Land of Shadows under the lovey Goddess Scathach, warrior princess, where he learned his famous battle leap the "Gae Bulga' and became the most powerful warrior of Scotland and Ireland. He used his skills in his final campaign, defending Ulster against a whole army by himself fighting to the last in spite of curses and being
outnumbered by thousands-to-one, Cuchulainn tied himself to an upright stone so that he Morrigan, the Goddess of death of the battlefield. As he died, Morrigan rested on his shoulder in the form of a crow, signaling the end of the Mighty hero.
The Great Cuchulainn at his End
could fight to his very last breath, even as he was wounded and dying. Even as he was dying he spurned the advances of the
When the goddess Morrigan had offered him immortality, Cuchulainn had rejected her offer believing that it shouldn't be a gift bestowed . Thus, by not excepting the gift from the Morrigan it was his End.
It seems After the Celtic God Cuchulainn died, It was the end of a mighty hero of all of Ireland and Scotland.  As for the Goddess Scathach of the Celtic Underworld it is sad that I just came upon her. She was an amazing goddess of her time. For this reason I decided to make this post on both the God Cuchulainn and the Goddess Scathach of the Celtic Underworld.  It is said that most of the stories about her have been destroyed when Christianity came to Scotland and Ireland. However, at some point I will explore this a bit more and see for myself if there is truly any info on this Amazing Goddess. So say tune! I hope that you did Enjoy the two legends my dear

Cuchulainn last moments on the Battle field with
his mates looking on...

The Goddess Scathach of the Celtic Underworld
friends & followers. Much love, peace and laughter my friends hugs

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