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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hera Goddess of the Olympias

Hera Goddess of the Olympias- 
Hera the Goddess of the Olympias
For today's Post I thought I would bring you all my dears, Friends, Readers & Followers to the Greek Gods/Goddess of the Olympias. Hera Goddess of of all the Goddess of Mount Olympia & wife of Zeus GreekMythology; or under my labels on on the right hand side on the very bottom of the blog...
God of all the Gods of the Olympias. I have done a few of the different Olympias, however I haven't gotten to Hera herself. So I thought I would today. After today If you want to find this post you can always find under the tab on the top called;
Hera [Here is how it is pronounced in Greek] is said to some to be purely a Greek divinty, However I will get more into that later. I thought I would give you a bit of her history first. Hera was born the eldest daughter of Krono's and Rhea and was the sister of the Three Brothers that would take over their father Kingdom of Mount Olympian. They were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. However it seems that Hera was called Hestia by her father Krono's and that she was also the twin-sister of Zeus. That is something I didn't know myself. So how did Hera and Zeus End-up together? There are many different theory's that I have read and research but I found this to be the most interesting and I hope that you find that too. It seems that Hera was brought up by the Oceanus and Thetys, as Zeus had usurped the throne of their Father Krono's; Afterwards Hera became his wife; without the knowledge of their parents Krono's and Rhea.
It seems that after her rescue from being swallowed by her father Krono's [I've done the Story of Krono's If your curious to read it. Here is the link so you don't have to look to far;   ] there was much more to the tale of Hera that I didn't know when doing the post of her father Krono's. According to what I found she was brought up by Temenus the son of Pelasgus. However there is other stories that say she was brought up by other Gods/Goddess with her other sisters/ Hestia & Demeter by the river of
Hera and Zeus in the beginning of the Marriage 
Asterion. Soon when she became of age is when Her marriage with Zeus came about. Her marriage to the God/ her Oldest Brother Zeus, who had freed all his brothers and sisters from his own Father Krono's had many meaning from what I could guess. The problem was understanding what they all meant in the sorta Greek language that the write about the union of the two siblings. This is what what I could understand that was important for the marriage of Hera and Zeus; It was to act as a prominent part in the worship of Hera under Hiros Gamos; on that occasion all the Gods honoured the bride with presents, and presented Hera with a Tree with Golden apples, which was guarded by the Hesperides in Hera Garden. It seems that after the marriage to Zeus she was treated by all the Olympians including her other 2-older brothers Poseidon and Hades as the Queen or Goddesses of Olympian. Although Hades I wouldn't count as being an Olympian he had his own World the Underworld...  At any rate, Hera was given the same reverence as her husband Zeus himself. Which she very much Enjoyed. Zeus would listen to her counsels, and her communicated his secrets to Hera rather than to the other gods his brothers Poseidon and Hades. Of course Hera also thought herself justified in censuring Zeus when ever he would consult others without letting her know about such things.. The one thing I that I
Hera Having to obey Zeus unconditionally
Even as the Queen Goddess of the Olympias
would say that the Goddess is far inferior to Zeus or for that matter any of her other brother is Godly Powers. As I read many times about the Gods/Goddess of the Olympias I can't remember ever that the Sisters of the brother Zeus, Poseidon and Hades  having any of the Godly powers that they have. Not one of them Hera,Hestia and Demeter. [Well the Demeter has some godly powers my notwithstanding as their brothers].I also discovered that Hera must obey Zeus unconditionally and like the Gods, Hera is chastised by Zeus when she has offended him. And must do as he please even as the Queen Goddess of the Olympians. So Hence Hera the Queen Goddess of Olympians, in my opinion is not or was ever in the same light as Zeus. If you truly thing about it Zeus was the Queen of Gods, Goddess and Mortal men and Hera was simply the wife of a supreme God. If you have a look at the old masters Artist oil painting they tell the story much more clearly than in now in the 21st century. I guess Hera power of queen of the heaven with regal wealth and power came much much later in the Greek age, but in the being it wasn't the fairytale that some would have thought.
Hera In her later Year of Power
It seems that later much, much later in the marriage Hera possessed similar powers as Zeus and she is able to confer the power of prophecy. Like in the beinging of their marriage she is innocence and kind; well over the years her character changes with that of Zeus's infidelity with their Royal Bedroom Chamber. So she becomes not of a very amiable personality and  its main features are jealously, obstinacy and alot of quarrelling or yelling between the two Gods. Hence there were arise for frequent disputes between Hera and Zeus. Most of these disputes were that of Zeus infidelity with the many lovers that Zeus had after the quote honeymoon was over' .... Zeus would try to hind many hundreds of either goddess, nymphs or sometimes even mortal women in their royal bedroom when Hera was away.. But of course Zeus would always get catch and the one that would be punished which I never understood was the women, but maybe that is just how it was in the ancient day of the gods.
There were a few stories in which Hera tries to show a bit of her Queen like power of dispute against her husband - One time she happened to get the help of Poseidon and Athena to contemplated putting Zeus into chains,but in all cases, only threatens, but still yet Hera is beaten by this act. And even once Zeus had hung her up in the clouds, her hands chained and with two anvils suspended from her feet. It seems that this goes back and forth thru the ages of the Gods/Goddess of the Olympias. She gives in for a while then when able, she has an recourse to even more cunning and intrigues.. This must have gone on for ages between the to of them.
Even with all the stuff they went thru, Hera was the only real married Goddess among the Olympians.
Aphrodite well she didn' t marry one of the 3-brothers of Krono's God from His Father Ouranos of the Sky & Gaea Mother Earth. So hence the Goddess Hera gave birth to Several Godly Children. Several were that of Eileithuia, Gamelia, Zugia, Teleia to be a few which all had the characters of the Goddess Hera. And Eileithyiae are described as her daughters. Hera most favorite thing to do was to ride on a chariot of drawn horses and her favorite places won earth were Argos, Sparta, Mycenae and Paris. She didn't care much for the Trojans and the Trojan war. It is said that she was on the side with the Greek and even saw help from the Oceanus to help with their enormous waves. Of course she didn' t care much for Heracles - and that will be another tale. I found that Hera has many sanctuaries and is worshipped in many parts of Greece.
Respectfully looking at Hera in the ancient times some would regard her as the personification of the Queen of heavens or the Goddess of the stars/ and moons. She has even been seen with Ceres, Diana and Proserpina. Some say she is the Goddess of nature too.  Truly Hera was a strong Goddess in her on right. She had a hard part to fill when she became the Queen of all the Goddess. And with that I think she did the best she could within the times.  I hope that 
You all Enjoyed my post on the Queen Goddes Hera

I hope to do more interesting tales for you all love you all Your WENDY{O:)
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