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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Griffin-

The Griffin-
In my next post I am going to explore the Magick creature the Griffin. In legend of the Griffin, it has been depicted many different
ways. In this post, I will be going deeper into the legend/myth of this amazing Magick Creature.
First of all the Griffin is customarily depicted as a lion with eagle or raptor wings. They usually have talons although the Griffin have been known to simply have the lions paws too.
They have prominent upturned ears that seem to have developed from earlier Egyptian times, where it shows a crest on its head.
Its front part of the Griffin's body is frequently spotted like a leopard. Now, in the classical times, all four of the Griffin's feet were that of a lion, but in later times the two front legs were that of an lions and his two hind were eagles talons.
The griffin takes its name from the Greek word, Gyphos - Which means 'hooked or curved'. An allusion to its sharply curved beak.
It is said to be one of the oldest magical creatures, that is depicted in the western civilization and even remains that even today! As
a powerful protector of modern civil institutions such as banks, car plants and breweries too.
Griffens were a feature of Egyptian Art from 3000 BC, spreading into Syria, Anatolia and Cyprus.
In Sumerian Myth, the Griffin is the weather God Iskur where it is depicted vomiting forth streams of water or lighting from its mouth upon the parched lands below.
In Assyrian Art - The Griffin is frequently shown venerating and protecting the Tree of Life. Also the flanking divine figures to assist the check list of all evil.
Griffins were also shown with the Egyptian sun god, Malakbel and in the old Kingdom, where they were a symbol of the victorious rulers striding across the bodies of the enemies wounded or killed in battle.
In the 1700's B.C the Griffins were depicted by King Mino's Palace on the Island of Crete, where it is shown fighting with bulls and lions, as well al lining the walls of his throne rooms.
The Greeks would also adorn the Griffins to many of their vases, mosaics, lyres, gems, seals, coins and reliefs but they primarily would have the Griffins craved upon their tombs to guard the dead and to act as bearers of the soul.
It is said that the Griffin became associated with many of the Greek divinities, some of these divinities were - Nemesis the Goddess of Justice, who's chariot was drawn by Griffins. Even in
medieval legends, like that of Alexander the Great in the 4th century B.C. attempted to fly on a griffin to the edge of the horizon. Even this great leader of his time couldn't tame the Magical Beast.
But Even the Great Alexander the Great couldn't control these
Powerful Creatures. As it says on his tomb... Alexander the Great.

'O, mankind, who will die,
why do you desire to be lifted on high?
why, the more you gain,
the more do your desire to possess?
Everything passes away.
And the flower of life also comes to and end.
The higher you climb,
The greater your fall from the height,
to the depth.'


There was a lot on this Magick Creature the Griffin, even I found
that Apollo God of the Sun use them to pull his chariot across the heavens, in my Apollo post. The list was much longer too! I hope that I have given  you all an Full-circle of the Griffin my dear Friends & Followers.
Your Wendy -ooo)
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