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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poseidon God of the Mediterranean Sea

Poseidon God of the Mediterranean Sea-
Poseidon God
 of the Mediterranean Sea
 For my next post I am going bring you to the Mediterranean Sea, the home of the God Poseidon once was many Centuries ago. I hope that this next tale will interest you all my dears, Readers, Friends and Followers too. I have always be fascinated with Greek Mythology and the Family of the Olympians. So the God of the
Mediterraneans Sea. Why the Mediterranean sea? Well because that was pretty much the major Sea at the time in Ancient Greece.
For a brief history on Poseidon God of the Sea/fluid elements, he is second son of Krono's and Rhea. His brothers are Zeus and Hades; and three sisters are Hera, Hestia and Demeter. For some stroke of luck Poseidon was predetermined that he should rule over all the oceans/sea's of the Earth. 
The Mighty Poseidon God
As probably most of you know the tale of his beginning of life  up with the Gods with his Mother Rhea and Father Kronos he was like his brothers Hades and Zeus. And we can't forget his sister either Hera, Hestia and Demeter were all swallowed after each of their births by their Father but as the tale goes their Older brother Zeus is saved by their mother Rhea and a few nurse maids in order to over throw their father in a matter of speaking. So they can rule the heaven over the humans. In which I wonder myself if they did a better job either with all the fighting and the Trojan war etc. Anyways Each of these children were raised I did discovered by someone other than their mother Rhea after they were thrown up again by their father Kronos in order to save each of the children. In the case of Poseidon - His mother decided to to conceal Poseidon among a flock of lambs & she also pretended to have given birth to a young horse which she gave to Kronos to devour. In the neighborhood of Mantineia is said to be where a nurse maid by the name of Arne, is who cared for Poseidon. So when Kronos came searching for his son, Arne the nurse maid declared that she knew not where Poseidon was and the town of Arne where Poseidon may have received his first name. There are others that have said that he was raised by the Telchines by the request of his mother Rhea, so one really doesn't know?
Poseidon and Aphrodite
as his companion on his
Chariot with horse on the sea
In some of the earliest poems that were written about Poseidon and Zeus relationship as bothers is seems that, they didn't get along at all! It seems in the poetry Poseidon is indeed equal to his brother Zeus in dignity but, his older brother Zeus still has the upper hand in strength. Hence this of course made many of arguments or haughty words as they would say in the ancient god like ways. It seems that they would go back and forth on who was more mightier or who should take the head of all The Gods. I found in one of my readings that Poseidon tried to conspired with his his sister Hera and Athena to put Zeus in chains, although there are other tales of Poseidon yielding and being submissive to his oldest brother Zeus. So now I thought I would tell you all about the life of Poseidon and his kingdom in the Sea. The Palace of Poseidon as they say was in the depths of the Sea near Aegae in Euboea where he kept his horses with brazen hoofs and golden manes. It was said that
Poseidon riding his Chariot
coming up from the depths of the Sea
Poseidon loved to ride his chariot over the the enormous sea waves, which will become smooth as glass when he approached any body of water. The monsters of the deep seemed to always recognise the God of the Seas and loved to play with him in his Chariot of Gold. Generally Poseidon would be alone on his horse's of chariot on the oceans seas, however there are times that he has a companion - Aphrodite. Most of the time Poseidon live and spends his time at his Palace in Euboea under the very depths of the all the oceans that he controls.However, he still appears when summoned or when he feels the need that something needs to be brought to the attention to the Gods/Goddess of Olympian, he will appear and will assemble with the gods/goddess. Besides being the ruler of the Seas/Oceans [the Mediterranean], Poseidon was described as the gather of all the clouds and could call forth all types of storms too. Which meant at the same time Poseidon had the Godly Power to grant humans or Gods successful voyage across the oceans and save those who are in danger; plus all other marine divinities that are subject to him. As in ancient times of the Gods/Goddess of Olympian,they said that the seas surrounds and holds the earth and Poseidon himself is the God that holds the earth who has it in his power to shake the earth within all the ocean if he choose too. There was also the time when Poseidon choose to use his powers of the sea to gather-up the thunder clouds and the storms of the sea towards Odysseus which prevented him from returning home for many centuries in consequence of this of his having blinded Polyphemus, a son of Poseidon by the Nymph Thoosa.  Poseidon was further regarded as the creator of the horse and was accordingly believed to have taught human man the art of managing horses by the bridle and to have been the originator and protector of horse races too. Interesting Eh!
Poseidon with his Trident- Neptune? 
There is so much about the God of the Sea Poseidon It is hard to choose which parts are the most important to put in a small post... I did find that it seems that Poseidon in conjunction with Apollo were have had built the walls of Troy for Laomedon. From what I understand when Poseidon and Apollo had built those walls for Troy, Laomedon had refused to give them the reward which had been stipulated and even dismissed them with threats afterwards. However Poseidon sent a marine monster which was on the point of devouring the King Laomedon' daughter; hence Heracles killed it. Well you would understand why Poseidon like that of Hera hated the Trojans and the Trojan war. Even though their brother Zeus favoured the Trojans for that I haven't figured out quite yet why? But i will for your all in time...
Now I thought I would chat a bit about Poseidon symbol of power, his Trident or spear. Mostly you see him with the Trident. The Trident was a heavy metal object with three points at one end that he could use to cause terrible storms, darken sky's, lighting in the clouds and enormous waves in all the oceans. He could also used his Trident to shatter enormous rocks, ships and anything that happened to be in his Oceanus. To call forth or subdue massive sea storms, to shake the entree earth or all the oceans of the earth. It seems all he had to do is thrust his powerful trident into the earth of the acropolis and there forth a well of massive sea-wall of water was thereby called forth. That was the power of his Trident. There are other legend that say he turns into an other personality called that of Neptune which is a more violent nature God of the Sea. I haven't research much about that but I might at some point... Lastly Its seems there was a tale about the legend about the mighty Poseidon and the King of
Poseidon God of the Oceans
Crete. Which is kinda cool. Why? Well I know I am getting of the subject a bit but, I have been to Crete many years ago in my 20's and it was amazing love the Greek islands I will have to do a post about those day if you all are interested . If you are just let me know? And I will heheh?
Well back to the tale of the King Minos of Crete. It seems that at the request of this King in Crete, he had asked Poseidon to cause a bull to rise from the sea, which the king had promised to sacrifice, but when Minos treacherously concealed the animal among a heard of oxen, Poseidon punished the King Minos by causing his daughter Pasiphae to fall in love with the bull. Periclymenus, who was either a son or a grandson or Poseidon, received from him the power of assuming various form, kinda like shapeshifteing.  It seemed that Poseidon and Amphitrite married and had three children, Triton, Rhode and Benthesicyme. It seems besides his marriage to Amphitrite and their children together, Poseidon had a vast number of children by other divinities and mortal women too. He is one of the most worshiped of all the Greek Gods besides Athena, which tells why both Zeus and Poseidon had many arguments over power and jealously too. It also seems that The Mighty God of the Oceans Poseidon worship was extended all over Greece and even the Southern Italy too. However he was especially revered in Peloponnesus and in the Ionic coast towns. It seems that in honor of the God Poseidon, in Argolis bridled horses were thrown into the wells as a sacrifice to the God Poseidon and his horses and his chariot races that were held in his honour on the Corinthian isthmus. The Panionia/The Festival of all the Ionians near Mycale was all celebrated in honor to the God Poseidon. It seems that the Romans identified Poseidon with as Neptune which I might go into another post. Also it seems that in 
lots of the art works of Poseidon You would mostly see him with either with dolphins, the horse or his trident or spear. His figure is frequently show in the ocean showing his power, and sometimes with his wife to be
Amphitrite too. You don't see Poseidon that often with his brother Zeus and after writing this post
I do understand why.  It seems that Poseidon was presented as the more calm god with
more majestic characterise than his brother Zeus. and that cause a great amount of 
agitation between the to brothers. And it seemed that the Romans prefer the God

Poseidon in many different attributes than that of Zeus.
I hope that You Enjoyed the Post On Poseidon 
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