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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Arther Rackham - The Artist

Arther Rackham-
Fairies of the lake
Arther Rackham is a wonderful Artist when it  comes to painting & drawing
interpretations of the Fae. I feel this artist has
captured the true meaning of what if might truly be like
in the enchanted dimensions of the Fae.¸.*¨ƸӜƷ
`✿.¸ )¸¸ 
¸.❀´¸.✿*´¨) ¸.❀*¨)♥♥
(¸.✿´ (¸.❀` *(`'✿.¸¸.✿'
As one looks into one of his many paintings & drawings
you can image yourself entering each of the different worlds he has
created for all.☺ ♥ © ƸӜƷ ♪♫

For example: The painting "meeting" - I could just image being one of the
tiny little girls holding the lanterns for the Fairy Princess meeting the Prince.
Or swimming with the painting called "seafairies."
And lastly "Dancing with the Fairies with the Daises in the land with the long
For a brief bio on the wonderful Artist of Fairies-Arther Rackham
Born Sept 1867 - Died Sept 1939  age 71
Rackham was born in London as one of 12 children-
In 1884 at the age of 17years old  he was sent to sea voyage to Australia to
improve his Fragile  health. And was accompanied by two of his Aunts.
At 18 years old he worked as a clerk and that is when he began his part-time studies
at Lambert School of Art.
This is where it all began...
It began in 1893 His first book was, illustrated and published in the year 1893. And from there
He had a great love of illustrating many books of his beautiful paintings and drawings. Some
of his last works were-
The Milan International Exhibition in 1906-
Barcelona International Exposition in 1912-
And the last were Numerous Exhibitions including one in the Louvre in Paris in 1914-
He lived a very happy life. And I would like to think that he is with the lovely creatures that
He created in his paintings in those beautiful worlds of enchantment.══════════════════════════════♥
╔ ║═ '-(¯`˅´¯)-'═════ΜΔǤƗĆ═════════♥
║ ╚ (¯`.•*”*•.´¯) ƗŞ β€ŁƗ€VƗŇǤ ƗŇ ¥ØỮŘŞ€Ł₣ 
║ ╔ (_¸*•.„.•*¸_)════════════♥
║ ║═ '-(_¸˄¸_)-'Ɨ₣ ¥ØỮ ĆΔŇ ĐØ ŦĦΔŦ 
║ ║═ '-(¯`˅´¯) ¥ØỮ ĆΔŇ ΜΔҜ€
║ ╚ (¯`.•*”*•.´¯)════════════♥
║ ╔ (_¸*•.„.•*¸_)   ΔŇ¥ŦĦƗŇǤ ĦΔРР€Ň 

╚ ║═ '-(_¸˄¸_)-'═════════════════♥... I feel that is where Arther
Rackham is, In those amazing enchanted worlds he created and is very happy. I hope that you all
 Remember this great artist for all that he did and his
Passion for the Fae.
Wendy ...
Fairies - Rackham 
Mermaid - Rackham
Fairies - Rackham
Fairie - Rackham 
Add ladies of the lake - Rackhamcaption
 Fairies - Rackham 
Dragons - Rackhamaption
Fairies - Rackham
 Fairies - Rackham 
Fairies - Rackham
Fairies - Rackham 
 Arther  Rackham


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