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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Nymphs of the Gods

The Nymph - From the Gods 
The Nymphs were the daughters of the Great Zeus, King of the Greek Gods. Zeus daughters were of
course were very beautiful and would dwell all over the the earth - In the Mountains, rivers, valleys, underworld, oceans, forests, lakes and woods. They would love to dance,sing and lure human men into their world of enchantment. Each of his Nymph daughters would have a close connection to nature. 
The Nymphs were joined by the Greek Gods - Artemis, Apollo and Acheloos the River God and they love to play with them. But out of all the Greek Gods the Nymphs enjoyed frolicking with Hermes, the messenger God and Hermes son the Satyr pan the most. 
They were also often pictured frolicking with other Gods, especially pastoral Gods like Pan and the Gods of Revelry Dionysus, Bacchus & hunting with Artemis or looking with Apollo and Hermes. 
The Nymph~
A nymph is a female usually of a nature deity typically associated with a location or land formation- 
These are your typically kinds of Nymphs from the Great God Zeus-
Celestilia Nymph,Water Nymph, Land Nymph, Plant Nymph, and Underworld Nymph. 
Each Nymph are generally from a different Goddesses and God, so the Nymphs are generally regarded as Divine spirits who animated nature. And are usually depicted as beautiful young maidens who love to dance, sing and go frolicking about.
Their amorous sets them apart from the restricted chaste wives and daughters of the Greek Gods. So they have much more freedom to play , dance and frolicking with other Greek Gods which in turn gets them into trouble sometimes.
Some of their favorite places to roam about were the mountain groves, water springs and natural waterfalls. Other places that the Nymphs would go were these fancy Grottos. In the day of the Greek Gods they were very popular. The Greek God Apollo is the one who featured them. 
These Grottos became outside gardens for the Gods and Nymphs. They were surround by enormous natural rock formations, rustic porch like rock or rock over hangs with water flowing over them. Some would be inside a natural hidden oases with beautiful fountains, gardns, and Greek God Stautes.

Although the Nymph will never die of old age or illness and are able to give birth to immortal children if mated from a God. They themselves are not necessary immoral and could be beholden to death is some forms.
Sometimes they will become involved with mortal men, in rare case marry them.
But this rarely happens. Most of the time, the nymph will find another nymph to fall in love with. 
Here are a few of those connections:  
 Orpheus - Took the Nymph Eurydice for his wife as spirits of Nature they could be wild and unpredictable and were very dangerous if crossed. 
Daphnis - The son of a nymph himself , had his eyes put out for breaking an oath of fidelity to a nymph. 
Hylas - Was lured to his death by the water nymph of a spring where he was drawing water.
Hermaphrodites - The legend of  hermaphrodites tells of a beautiful youth who attracted the
attention of  Salmacis, another water nymph, who clung himself so fiercely under the water where he was swimming that their flesh cleaved into one another. They became one body, uniting both sexes.
The Daughters of Nereus - The last story is about two Sea Nymphs who are the daughter of Nereus.They are legend for their great beauty and would call upon sailors in peril for their ability to calm the ocean waves and to lull the winds to sleep. They were also thought to have brought Achilles his armor from Hephaetus - The God of Metalworking before the Trojan War. 
The Oceanids - These were the three thousands daughters of the Oceanus and Tethy's
Story of the Nymphs - Zeus - Hera -
"Scattered far and wide", according to Hesiod, "haunting everywhere alike the earth and watery
depth,' they included Styx and Eryngoes. 
Who saved Hephaestus after Hera threw him out of the Olympus's home of the Gods, and gave birth to the Graces when Zeus made love her. 
There were many other Nymphs that were descendants of both the Greek God Zeus and the Goddess Hera. 
Story of Echo the Nymph on Mount Helicon - Echo is a Mountain Nymph who lived on Mount Helicon who would always distract Hera with her insane chatter, while the other nymphs who had been carousing around with her husband the God Zeus so they could make good on their escape.
To punish Echo, Hera condemned her to only be able to repeat what others had been said, not matter what she herself wanted to say. 
Another tale about Echo - was it tells of her love for the beautiful youth Narcissus, the son of the Nymph Liriope.  He had room in his heat only for himself and as she pined, over him, she wasted away until all that was left was her voice.
This was a interesting post to do. I have always be fascinated with the Greek gods and Goddess and I will probably be doing more posts on the different Goddesses later on in my blog. So stay tune! 
I loved the images that were depicted  of the many different types of Nymphs and the Artist that paint the Nymphs - They are simply fantastic! 
I hope you enjoy this pic's I chose. 
These are not mind photos so please enjoy.


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