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Monday, April 25, 2016

A Fairy Friend-A poem written by Cynthia my dear Friend!

A Fairy Friend-
Tiny fairy light dancing in the woods

They flutter and dance every
where around and round me,

Enticing me to dance sing
with them a merry little tune.
And I will prance and dance a
merry little dance with them,
Under the star filled sky silvery
moon above.

Whilst a little green fairy
whistles her merry little tune

in tempo with the singing
of the many colored fairies.

sitting upon the branches
above me casting their spells

of merriment and joy upon all
within the magical forest,

filled with sparkly fairy dust.

Together we dance the night
in merriment and joy.
Dancing dancing about until we've spent

Then we sit and slip the magic
elixir of fairy tea,
We eat of the sweetness of fairy scones,
and laugh blissfully.

Oh, little fairy, dance and sing
with me til dawn,

Where the birds will twitter
and squirrels chirp.

Joy and magic fills the morning air
of the new day

So, when a fun and spiritedly little fairy
comes to play,

I hope you have a fairy friend. 

A poem written by my 
Dear Friend
My dearest sister/friend that
has been part of my life for over
10+years I thought you all would
like to see a few of her beautiful works
I have many others when
I am able to get my word to work.
but for now here is my dearest sis
and please send out prays to her too.
I love you dearest sis
always will forever
with our Rainbow stew
Your wendy


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