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Friday, March 20, 2015

Daredevil Mountain Biker Takes a ride on White Line-

Daredevil Mountain Biker-
Takes a Ride on White Line' Trail-
Michal Kollbek on White Line Trail
Good Afternoon my dear Friends & Followers, I found a new and very interesting post 
for you all. Its about an Mountain Daredevil Biker named Michal Kollbek who takes on the very crazy White Line Trail. I was able to get a gift so you can see him riding on the mountain. Some have said there is a very thin line between adventurous and down right craziness adventure. So what is your opinion with this Mountain Biker who took the White Line Trail challenge? Do you think he is adventurous or just crazy?Well I think he is a professional mountain biker like all professional mountain bikers they like to push themselves to see how far he can go. I found that the biker Michal Kollbek who recently rode the White Line Trail said on his instagram to his followers that it was 'one of the scariest things I have done on a bike.'
He had known about the trail for several years, however it was only recently that he had the chance to ride the White Line Trail. It took him a few walking trips around the area and sleeping on the decision before he decided to go through it. 
He also, he said 'Conquering this ride was all mental, The key was to block the out the scary thoughts about the potential danger, so I just focused on the trail and not on the terrifying space around me.' It seems that just before the ride, Michal adjusted the air pressure in his bike tires to maximize their grip, stiffened up the bikes suspension, and he also raised his sit too. Michal walked the route one last time before he did it too. 
He also said that this Mountain is not for everyone, and it is really only for the very experienced mountain riders not the inexperienced riders so please use caution.I hope that you all enjoyed  the post on the Mountain Biker Rider  on White Line Mountain
I love you all  my dear Friends & Followers 

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