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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finding Faeries in the Forest of the Fae-

FindingFaeries in the Forest of the Fae~
Fairy in FairyLand
Is where you may see fairies gather on fern seeds, making a wreath of flowers or even on their favorite flowers known as the foxglove. There are other herbs, trees and flowers that are known to be homes of the faeries that I could name for you so that if you are very quiet and kind in these places of the fae they just might come out to play.
However, first I thought I would give you a few more secret places that the Fae are known to be so that you can experience the wonders of the faeries. You might try your favorite spot in the woods just before sunset and dawn. Make a ring of stones and then build a fire in that ring. When the Sun dips below the horizon behind the mountains and trees, take the fern seed plant that you had gathered and gentle rub it on your eyelids. They say you need to keep your thoughts away from the drudgery of the real world of your daily workday. Fill your thoughts with the beauty of Earths beauty, like that of the Redwood trees and how grand they are the plants, and the beauty of the all the many different kinds of flowers there are. Think about the wonder of how beautiful the Mountains and waterfalls are the air so clean to breath. Listen to the Dancing of the fire all around you. At this point, you should be feeling the energy of the forest and the Magick within it. And if you are honored to be able to see the Fae you will and you will have the experience of a life time.
Faerie of the Forest

There are a few other Magickal things that you can do too!

Magenta~ This is a good candle to burn with other candles when you need a speedier result.
Yellow~ The colour yellow is a great air elemental for the fae, it will bring quick changes in your mental creativity and will also develop your mind. So its always  good to have yellow flowers about. One would be the Calendula which is recognized for, its bright yellow flowers that resembles, the sun. It flourishes in warm sunny locations although it can also thrive in the shade. Also, Marigolds are great flowers of yellow.
White~ Flowers or the colour means peace calm, spirit guidance of the faeries so if you find white flowers like that of the valley of the lilies these would be a great place to find faeries.
Red~ Fire faeries are another type of fae you might see, and the colour Red is, use with fire elementals, courage, sexual relations and to lure humans to not so nice Fae to their lairs.
Gold~ The Golden faery will give you prosperity and good luck.
Black~ Colour Black is good for binding spells and other more evil faery
Blue~ The Colour Blue in the world of the Fae, can end depression, changes your spiritual dealings in light, Use the colour blue when working with water faery's and the elementals such as peace and healing. So In some ways the faeries can help with your blues and depression. 
Green~The colour Green is said to be good luck, like when working with the earth faery's such as the leprechauns, gnomes and elves to bring balance, fertility to the planet earth.
Orange~ The colour Orange is said to renew confidence in humans, change your luck for the better if your lucky enough to get a faery with an orange flower.
Pink~  The colour Pink among the faery's means love, healing, emotions. Emotions matters to all Faeries and Magick fairies lore abounds with magic. And the humans have always been fascinated with these tiny creatures and feared my them too. It's been said that they [humans have been also been annoyed by the faeries shenanigans to].
So if you want to know what a few faeries might look like

here are my thoughts on the idea...
There are many different kinds of faeries from many different 
Realms and Parallel worlds. 
Some of these faeries have elaborate wings that appeared like 
stained glass. Others have oily black wings. Some have furry wings of all
the colours of the rainbow and some colours you have never seen
before. One faerie was covered with a pale lite blue fuzz, that 
covered her entree body and wings.
There are albino and night grifter faeries, that have 
mothlike wings flecked with peppered black. 
There were, other faery's that had thorny wings & a pointy tail.
Another Faerie looked liked a reptile cover in blue
glowing scales. 
There are rare one's like the Golden Veil Fairy~
She Glows in the dark with shimmering wings of pure gold. Has Gleaming
golden feathers that flow beneath her body and around her head too.
The Golden Veil Fairy also has a rare mesmerising song.
Faerie Queen with platinum long flowing hair, silver dress that glitters with translucent wings. There are even faeries that are pure white with pearl & opal -like wings long white hair, pale white skin too. 
I hope that you all Enjoyed the post on 
I love you all my dear friends & followers 

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