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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex-
Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers, welcome to my humble blog. I hope that you all are having a lovely afternoon. Today I am going to talk about are major problems in the climate change all around the world. First post was about Florida and the problems they will face with the rising seas.
Today 'the Polar Vortex'. It all seem to start in the first month of January of 2014 when our nation was divided by either hot verses very cold weather, 'The Polar Vortex' as they call it. This has been the big story for the last 2years and it doesn't seem like its slowing down to the year of January 2016. The polar vortex for the eastern half of the country has made record lows between 5-11 below 0 degrees and that doesn't even count Canada eastern area. [ you can check it out on the gift that I found] While, the ridiculously resilient ridge has brought warm, dry weather to most of the other states west of the Rockies. It seems like these record temperatures have been set off by both ends of the spectrum in January across the US. Its preliminary numbers indicate that 2,387 daily records were set for the lowest daytime highs while 793 days were set during the highest daytime highs through January 30, of 2014 for a start. Notable record lows from the first Arctic blast including mobile, AL which topped out at 35F on January 7, 2014. Also in Orlando, FL which saw a high of 48F that same day!
There were monthly record lows too! that set records on that same day a number of locations - From Arkansas to Wisconsin. However, the coldest record set was a bone chilling record was -18F in Laona WI. As the Polar Vortex continued its Frezze, there was teeth chattering east of Mississippi - However, the Sunglasses, t-shirts were out in numbers in the West, especially in California, Oregon and Nevada. At the San Francisco International Airport on the 15th hit a all-time high for the month of January at the station when the mercury hit 73F and went on to tie the newly set record the very next day. The Polar Vortex continue to attack- in the Farther inlands of Sacramento it hit a high of 79F on January 24, 2014. That's was 2F shy of the all-time January record high in Sacramento CA. There were other area's that were effected by the Polar Vortex-the monster west ridge and this was Alaska. There were record high temperatures being set there.
In Port Alsworth, AK, the temperature reached 62F on January 27,2014. This ties the official January Alaska record. Overall, the monthly records echo what could be in our future. There have been 44 monthly record highs and 16 monthly high minimum temperatures to date in January of 2014.
During the course of the last 60 monthly report the low maximum temperatures has marked the US with six monthly records lows.
This is only the beginning of the polar vortex'. Sadly we are probably going to see more of his same kinda strange climate change in the next couple of years along with more rising seas and more sever weather too. The only thing that we can do is be really a possible.

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