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Saturday, November 21, 2015


For My Love of the Hummingbird~
Bee Hummingbird
I thought I would bring you all to the West Indies.
This is where the world's smallest bird lives.
The Bee Hummingbird...
There's variety  to islands in the West Indies,
the Greater Antilles which offer an enormous number of endemic
kinds of species and widespread of South American birds.
That's where are hummingbirds come to play.
Unfortunately, there are a few political situations within these
islands which have made visiting  these birds quite difficult.
Therefore, one isn't able to see the beauty of the species and the widespread beauty of South American birds & their Hummingbirds!
Cuba is the only site of the rare and smallest bird - hummingbird
in the world. The Bee Hummingbird which is becoming scarcer every day in Cuba. These Bee Hummingbirds live in isolated areas of
Cube, like thick areas of patched woodlands and scrub.
However, since President Obama opened the doors with Cuba, I believe it was last year? Now I pray more folks can visit Cuba's beautiful country and they can do the same with any country of their choosing. I did a little looking on the web with google to make sure I was correct on my information. And Yes! It was correct that President Obama had opened the doors with the leader of Cuba to franchising in Cuba. I can only pray that it will help the good people of Cuba and their families. It is said as long as congress doesn't screw things up and close this door that President Obama works so hard to open. The U.S. franchise industry will soon be able to bring franchising and along with new jobs to Cuba's economy. I am not sure how all this works, but I hope and pray its a good think for the people of Cuba. The President one fell swoop just opened the door to normalized relations between the two countries that have been at odds with each other for more that 5 decades. I pray that this will continue to grow as a happy union.
Bee Hummingbird
As of now there are many nature reserves, which
have been establishing near the areas of the Bee hummingbirds
in Cuba. This was done in hopes for the future of the world's
the smallest bird will have a more secure future and so that
more people can enjoy these amazing tiny hummingbirds. 
That live in Cuba and around the world. I 
Hope that you all enjoyed the post on the 
Bee Hummingbird in my Birdtales of 
For my love of the Hummingbird, I have loved
them for over 10+years and its fun to find new
and different ones to share with you all my
dearest Friends & Followers.
I hope to share more with you
all! And thank you for always being there
for me! love you all 
your friend always 
Bee Hummingbird

momma Bee hummingbird
with her babies

Quarter to the small nest/eggs of the
Bee hummingbird
Bee hummingbird so small
can sit on the top of a pencil
Bee Hummingbird    - Largest Humming 

 I have found many different
kinds of the Bee Hummingbird that
seems to be in some other areas too! 
Love your all 
Your Friend always 

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