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Dark Elves-2013

Dark Elves are feared above all other elves -
Dark Elves
feared above all others
It is said that they live for battle and enjoy slaughtering their enemies. That, however, is just a negative stereotype that has been put on them for many centuries ago.While the Dark Elves are the first to the battlefield, they don't live for it.  They see themselves as guardians of the elven race. Never hesitating to protect their land by any means necessary. 
It is also said that they are the most promiscuous of the Elves~
That is not a negative stereotype but is the Truth. If they find another Dark Elf that is in the same mood you bet they will find a dark quiet place to get some action going...They are known to be very intelligent as well as strong & agile. The females are much more promiscuous than the males elves. - But it seems that all dark elves are promiscuous and the combination of their powerful strength, agile and intelligent ~ plus being know for having quite the physique type of body too - they have quite the package -
They stand at about 5 feet tall & their skin ranges from dark blue to jet black -Their hair is almost always silver but is also red, green, and black too. Their eyes tend to be pale in color. They can be either green, violet, deep blue & red too -Among the elves they are considered the most beautiful of all the elven races.

Male Dark Elve
You may ask why? One reason could be that they are considered the most superior warriors and sorceress and they all know it. You could say they are all a bit arrogant.
It is not unheard of for a entire, armies to be slaughter while other party's is there drooling over the dark elves warrior's physique.
Dark Elves tend to keep themselves, as they are very distrusting & entrusted by others even in different elven clans~
They often are found in smaller groups & can be ruthless & cruel at times. But overall they are a very close net group of elf's.
As with the Drows I love the dark elves too - I thought I would add to this post since it was a bit short and I wanted to do a new post for 2015 with the history/images and I wouldn't be able to do that if I didn't add to this post. so without more ado more about the history of the Dark Elves... From what I discovered is that the Dark elfin race was born in the Crown wars, which was a huge conflict that has continued for more between 5,000 & 10,000
years +.  I guess what happened within the war [Crown Wars Elfin] is that 
there happen to a High Elf Prince of very noble blood, life was going 
very well for this Prince until it was foretold that he was destined 
to become  a King of the Dark Elves. However, he would not only be just 
a king of the Dark Elves he would be a Witch King. This of course
change his whole world of light into the dark world of the 
Dark world of the Dark Elves. Once living outside in grand Empire 
Kingdoms to the deep shadows of the darkest caves. 
Well in short the King name Malekith was actually in secret experimenting 
with the power of dark magic and in doing so his spirit was in time
corrupted with the evil energies  that  were too overwhelming for him
to let along for that supreme power of evil. Not realizing how it was affecting his appearance and his personality, the King became more & 
more introverted, sinister and intimidating. Also, his skin became very pale. So when it was his time to step up to be king and was passed over
he just bided his time. How, you might wonder? Well he led his 
armies against the Orcs and the forces of the Chaos.  This is when the witch king took him to the coldest colonies of the northern world and abandoned his human city he had,  to a talisman of awesome sorcerous power.
After thousands of decades, the witch-king had finally got himself
in the second power to be the Phoenix King. He knew this was the 
time to act, so he secretly worshipped to the Chaos Gods
and had the Phoenix King poisoned, so that he could crown himself 
as the new Phoenix King.  The silly king Malekith thought that he could 
become the Phoenix King just by taking it for himself. Also he was 
under the control of dark magic and it took his spirit to the evil
Side of the energy. This could be why he believed that he could just 
march into the sacred flame of the God Asuryan, which is always the 
final test that each Phoenix King has to pass to prove his worthiness for the  Crown for his people.  Well Malekith was sure that he would be 
able to endure the sacred flame of the God Asuryan as his father had 
done before him many years before. However, since he had taken up with the dark forces of the Chaos Gods
and had the present Phoenix King poisoned, so that he could crown himself as the new Phoenix King, he was setting himself for a horrible faith.
For the Phoenix, King, is to be pure at heart & soul. To serve only  the 
the Flame God of Asuryan. But since he strayed off the pure path of 
a noble king walking into the flame of the God of Asuryan horribly 
scarred and burned him. He was lucky to be alive.
His body was to polluted with the Chaos of the Gods of dark forces and
the flames of Asuryan would not let him pass through without being
scarred, burned and cast back  to the platform for all to see.
Soon after that he fled with his dark chaos followers to the mountains of the north. This is where Malekith king slowly recovered his strength 
with the aid of sorcerers & became to heavily train in the dark Magic.
He also forged a great suit of black armour which would lend strength to his withered and fire blasted body from the fires of  the God of Asuryan.
He was able to pass through the internal heat, without it killing him but every day after that those who looked upon him would shudder at his appearance. That is when he truly became the Witch King. As for 
his new suit of black armour at the brow of it, there was a grand horned helmet that was welded with a circlet or iron. On the day of its creation he 
had his armour fused the suit directly to his body. 
They had many battles with the new Phoenix King and the Elves and each time, the Witch King found himself in battle defeated by the Phoenix mightiest armies driving them into the marshes bound to the realm of the Chaos of the North. Finally, the Witch King revealed his last plan of attack, with his sorcerers and called upon the dark gods of the Chaos themselves to help defeat the Phoenix God. Many of the Dark Elves readily agreed to join. At dusk, the sky shimmered with many-coloured lights, the Witch King and his followers attempted to carry out their  evil plan. For hours the Witch King and dark elves struggled, but it slowly became obvious their evil plan wasn't great enough to break through the magical barriers that contained the Realm of Chaos. It seems a sudden surge  of magick power came  suddenly at the Witch-king and the dark elves without a warning. Thousands of the Witch Kings dark elves fell dead[good elves too] and his land bucked and heaved like some kinda terrifying storm racing through his land by strong magic. There was nothing he could do to stop the terrible forces that were unleashed. The earth itself buckled under the titanic stress and across the continent earthquakes cast down cities and levelled mountains.. After
that a thousand-foot wall of water came down over the area of the north where the Witch King and the dark elves. Tens of thousands of elves were drowned by the waves and buried by the earthquakes. All was felt as far as the Dwarf Kings home. While most of the elves were to weak to pursue the dark elves and the witch king they were able to escape and rebuild in the land  of the Black Arks which became their new world home and the kingdom of the Dark Elves was born.



The tree of eternity 
whose roots rise on high 
and whose branches reach down to earth 
is pure spirit 
who in truth is called non-death.
All the worlds rest in it
and beyond it no one can go.
by the Katha Upanishad

Trees connect us directly with the spirit realm of the Faeries, Elves, dryads Oak fairy's & many other kinds of tree fairy's and - magical creatures too... 

The Oak Tree is the most ancient & magical of all the tree's. It is said that the Oak tree or an ancient Oak forest is like a gateway to where the Elves and all magical creatures world is. Its like our two worlds thrive in the ancient forest of the Oak. It is said that an Oak tree is especially magical if mistletoe grows within its boughs - this is a rare occurrence. But if your are lucky to find this tree - This is most likely where you would find an portal hole between the two worlds.

Enter these enchanted woods,
You who dare.
Nothing harms beneath the leaves,
More than waves a swimmer cleaves.
Toss your heart up with the lark,
Foot at peace with mouse and worm, 
Fair you fare.
Only at a dread of dark 
Quaver, and they quit their form:
Thousand eyeballs under hoods
Have you by the hair.
Enter those enchanted woods
You who dare, 

by George Meredith 

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'Wild Elves'-2013

The Wild Elves-
 Live as far away from Society & the other elves races as they can. They can be found nearly anywhere in the wilderness although they tend to dislike the cold and usually try to avoid it as much as possible. Wild Elves are much more bulky than the other cousin Elven races & they tend to be a whole lot stronger than them too. 
However many have more strength & agility then their cousin elf's, but they are unable to preform Magic~

In the circle of the Elven races Dark Elves being the exception even the mention of a wild elf is an affront to the law. The other races loathe the Wild elves - calling them abominations of nature and associating with one is - punishable by being exiled form the tribe or their home. Some are even imprisoned - such is the hatred between the two Wild elves are yet they are:  

Very good craftsmen & women - Are easily able to make their own tools and any type of weapons they may need out of the surrounding materials where they live at the moment... 
They do move around a lot.
The everyday Wild Elves comes in at an average height of 5'8'' but can be taller - Wild Elf's are not uncommon to be at 6' feet tall. Their hair usually comes in a wide array of colors, spanning from a dark brown, light brown, to red & dirty blonde to blonde, white, silver & black~
Normally the Wild Elves have either emerald green or hazed eyes - But there is an occasionally an Elf 
with Dark -Blue once in a Blue moon.

While the Wild Elves don't have the ability to use magic - They do inherited abilities from their parents, that most of their cousins elves don't have..
These abilities are~
They can communicate with a rather large group of animals, these can be either very large animals or the tiny animals. Some of the elves are able to be friend any type of  animal & control with their minds. Another common trait is being able to see in pitch blackness or darkness which is very useful in late night hunts - This is one & only common trait that they do have with one of their cousins the Dark Elves & Drows -

Wild Elves usually travel in packs of four to 25 at times. Some getting even larger than that  at times.
But that is a rare occurrence, nevertheless a Wild Elf never travels alone-
If one is see, a Wild Elves be sure there are more to be around ~

The Wild Elves attire is hardly glamorous, ranging from furs to grass skirts. It usually depends on the environment that  they are living at the moment. As they like to try their best to blend into the environment.

It is said that the Wild Elves are portrayed as not very intelligent but they can speak MANY!

Different Elven languages - Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Snow Elf, Drows, Forest Elf, Night Elf, Shadow Elf, Star Elf, Ghost Elf  & many more! They will use their cunning & shear wit to catch their prey  - Be it animal or ELF! 
Wendy ~

Monday, January 28, 2013


Through the parallel worlds of time and space, elves have been with us for millions of years. Its just we as humans either haven't seen them, believe in them or they have been standing in front of  us and these mystical creatures just haven't wanted to be seen. 

There has been great diversity in how elves have been portrayed. This depends on which race of elves you might be talking about. Elves can be depicted as youthful -  men and women of great beauty, living in forests and other natural places. There are the dark elves, shadow elves, drow's, ghost elves, night elves & sometimes the moon elves that usually live in the very dept's of forests, caves & the deep caverns of the earth. Some of these elves use pagan and the use of black magic. but this is not all. It just depends on the race of the elves. Each race has their own set of history, Personality, Society, Religion, Magic, Clothes, appearance, Orgins, land in which the live ~

Some feel that elves are folklore and are generally possessed by some supernatural abilities. Often related to disease, which they could use for good healing or sickness depending on their relationship toward the person they were affecting. Some people believe that elves have some power overtime, so they can entrap human beings with their music and dance.
 It was called the lure of the dance - 
Except for Welsh sheep. The superior quality of Welsh mutton is credited to those reckless sheep greedily munching on the grass off the fairy ring! 

One might be drawn to the ring by fairy music. Fatally charming for human ears, it weaves dreams and acts as a sleeping draft or love potion. You will never have a better time, the tales tell, and never weary. But when you stop dancing, or are pulled away by a loved one who  remains bravely with one foot outside the ring, you may find a year and a day or a lifetime has passed away. Some have dropped dead from exhaustion. Those who do return are described as dulled or befuddled, moving trance-like through life,unable to recall the tune, the dance or partner, but also unable to forget.
The Fairy Ring
Dare you haunt our hallow'd green?
None but fairies here are seen.
Down and sleep,
Wake and weep,
Pinch him black, and pinch him blue,
That seeks to steal a lover true!
When you come to hear us sing, 
or to tread our fairy ring,
Pinch him black, and pinch him blue!
O thus our nails hall handle you! 
by Thomas Ravenscroft

Just like their Fairy Ring Dance - The Faeries Music alone can be just as important part of their daily lives - but just as dangers to humans too. 
Music play such an important part in the fairy's daily living, particularly that of a Celtic fairy. that some wee folk like the Hebridian spinning fairy, will punish humans who can't hold a tune. Their music is haunting, lilting, and utterly other - worldly fairy music, that if caught by human ears, is so bewitching - one will lose their senses. This is whether it is comprises sweetly melancholic music or lively tunes that will cause the human body to start to dance, this music can remain in the mind forever, so you can see how they could be a not so  friendly type of Fae. The fairy instruments are exquisitely tuned to the cultural tastes of the mortals (humans) who listen to them.
In Wales, the little people play golden harps, in Ireland miniature fiddles, in Scotland the pipes. They  can make music on more uncommon instruments too  - Like the natural things that are around them. Like fishing nets , silver branches, and even a hammer. They say that an fairy fingers on an instrument is like nearly resembles Heaven's harmony
Artist Image of fairy Ring 

Real photo of fairy ring

Fairies and Elves like to be clandestine, so what better way of moving around bustling human markets and towns invisible. It is one of the reason why they are feared by mankind & the reason why they are not understood or for that matter believed - that they are still here. One never knows where they are and what they might over - hear. Some of them are as tiny as a bee and even smaller. Others are human size or even much more taller. They are  living creatures that live very long lives and some are immortal. 
I think the thing that scares the humans the most is that they have magic powers over humans and that they can do their magic in many different way. They don't always have to us a spell or potion. Many of the elves can use their minds & this is what I believe scares the human race. And has for millions of years since they have had contact with the elves. 
Another problem I feel is that most humans have a hard time in believing in  elven realms, parallel worlds, or even portals that they have used for centuries, in the deep forest of Oak Trees.  The reason I say the Oak Forests is because they are known well for being protected by fairy spirits and these tree spirits can be quite crafty and tricky. If your not careful in the forest of the Oak, You might find your self lost wondering around in circles deeper and deeper in the forest and never finding your way out.
I also believe that the elf's & Faeries are mis-understood. Like I was saying their great cities were on our earth before the age of the dragon. Now  they use our forest the u-touched ones /Yes there are a few left. In these forests, is where they have their portal holes to a other dimensions & Parallel worlds, that they can come in and out of our world. One way they do it is by the ancient Oak trees at the base of the tree. Another is in the ancient runes in many parts of Ireland , Scotland , England , Greece to bee just a few.
It could even be in your own backyard - but you will never find it because if your not in tue with the realm of the correlates of the eves or faeries, Mnay of these experiences of these amazing beings will never be part of your life and they will never will appear before you. If your don't open your mind, heart and spirit.
I myself have been lucky or maybe the since the last 8 years in my life I've been much more open minded in my heart and spirit. I've seen many different orbs of light in by backyard  when i take photos & sometimes I see these orbs of light at dusk and at late at night. I hope that you are lucky to be with these beings at some point in your lives too.

Come fairies
take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you
upon the wind and dance
upon the mountains like a flame. 
by w.b. yeats

I love this poem, sometimes when life gets to hard, I think of my fairies friends.

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'Planting Hummingbird Flowers & the Zones to Plant them"-2013

'Planting Hummingbird Flowers'

 When planting hummingbird flowers. I've used the perennial flowers
for many years, because they thrive year after year. In the winter months
my flowers kinda go into a winter sleep & then when spring comes along,
they come back to life. Living in the Northwest - near Cana
da I've found 
that this has worked the best for me. But it really depends on where you live. The one thing you want to look for when you first go looking for hummingbird flowers is their planting zones - This is something that I didn't know much about when I first started my hummingbird garden. I hope to help all of you on this, so you won't go thru some of the heartache that I have gone thru over the years of planting flowers, that I loved - then when it came around fall to December they would all died.   
So first before I talk about hummingbird flowers & the different kinds
     of flowers, I am going to go over planting zones.      
Planting Zones ~

Zone 3 : -30 to -20 degrees
Zone 4 : -20 to -10 degrees
Zone 5 : -10 to 0 degrees
Zone 6 : 0 to 10 degrees 
Zone 7 : 10 to 20 degrees
Zone 8 : 20 to 30 degrees 
Zone 9 : 30 to 40 degrees 
Zone 10 : above 40 degrees

These are the planting zones that i hope will help you when you pick out 
your hummingbird flowers. I also will include a picure of a map of the zones to help you to.
As far as the flowers:
These are some of American's Award -winning hummingbird plants, 
I hope these plants will come useful to you in your own  hummingbird garden.......
Sparkler Blush Cleome - 2002 winner
Not your typical cleome, this hybrid was a breeding breakthrough when it was introuced -
Densey covered with pink flowers, Its more closely branched than other cleomes, giving it a denser appearance on a more compact plant - The airy  blush - pink florets attract not only hummingbirds but butterflies and bees too.
Quartz Bugundy Verbena - 1999 winner
The intense wine-colored florets will attract the hummingbirds first with their color,
then with their nectar, They have an improved resistance to mildew & will flower a lot longer than most many other vebeuas type of flowers. 
Note - these flowere will thrive in any container or hanging baskets.
Twinny Peach Snapdragon - 2010 winner
The shape of this variety of flower & colrful florets makes it especially
easy for hungry hummingirds to reach the nectar  - with their bewitching blend of 
peach, yellow & light and orange blooms. These snapdragons provide excellent 
coverage for both annal borders & containers.
Note: These are great floweres & easy care - exceptional tolerance to all climates too-
I've found they have even made it thru my cold winter months in the Northwest too.
Evolution Salvia of Many  Colors - 2006 winner
This vaiety expands the Salvia color range with its lilac spikes.
Hummingbirds, bees, & butterflies all love them & are attracted to the well - brached, 
robust plants -
Note- It comes also in a flower called 'Lady in Red' & 'Summer Jewel' variety too-
These are favorites of the hummingbird

Penstemon -  (zones 3 to 10)
These come in Red, purple  & white. Then reach heights of up to 4 feet, remaing in profuse bloom for 
most of all of the summer. They need full sun and well drained soil is ideal- 
(damp or rich soil may cause them to rot)
Butterfly Weed - (zones 3 to 9)
These beautiful flowers will dress up the wild part of your yard with summer -blooming
wild flowers in shades of orange & red. It will reach heights of 3 feet tall &blooms for most of the summer. 
Columbine - (zones 3 to 9)
These beauty bloom exuberantly in spring to early summer, the columbines comes in a broad range of solid colors and bicolors too .All  of these pretty flowers can reach heights of 1 to 3 feet high.
Cardinal Flower (zones 3 to 9)
This  beautiful flower is  - full of moisture & has all your favorite shades of red, pink, and white.
The flower grow to 3 to 5 feet tall and blooms for most of the summer.
Verbena - (zones 9 to 10)
You can expect this flower to bloom all summer long with the most beautiful colors -
The plants features spires of red, pink, purple or white and reach about a foot in height.
Keep their soil moist & dry conditions 
Coral Bells - (zones 3 to 9)
The Coral Bells needs reach, fertile soil - this is best for this type of flower.
Also they need partial shade which is ideal for this handsome plant. The Coral Bells are valued for their colorful, often purple - hue foliage - Then in late spring  the plant sends up pretty long lasting wands of tiny flowers. This is a wonderful plant- but I have found it to be a difficult one to grow.
Crocosmia - (zones 5 to 9)
This dramatic plant reaches up to 3 feet high & blooms in mid  to late summer, with fabulous red and Orange blooms - Moist soil is very important for this flower.
Bee Balm - (zones 3 to 9)
This flower is a staple in any hummingbired garden, and it has a fun shape to boot! Find it in
its traditional red if you can. It  also come in shades of pink, whit and purple too. 
But I have found that the hummingbirds love the red one the most.

Also the red flowers are edible & the leaves are too. You can use them for tea too. The tea taste kinda like mint tea.  The Bee Balm is my Favoite Flower flower & I have been growing them for about 6 to 7 years.
Red - Hot Poker - (zones5 - 9)
Terrific in mixed flower borders of smaller groups - dramatic red - hot poker plant grows up to 4 feet high and delivers bright plumes of red, yellow, orange and bicolors - For best results well drained soil is important for this plant - against rot in the pot - They do best in full sun 
Fuchsia - Annual
One of the most recognizable annual arounds fuchsia have dainty flowers that resemble ballerinas & hummingbirds will flock to the red, white, pink and purple blooms - you can find both dwarf and upright varieties but most grow  up to 6 - 24 inches 
These flowers thrive in baskets even in the winter months.
I hope that I've help in some of your questions in picking the right flower for your hummingbird gardens- 
And I hope that you share your favorite flowers and hummingbirds in my comments. I would love to hear what you all have discovered with these tiny Jewels-



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Hummingbird Feeders-2013

Hummingbird Feeders~ 

You can supplement the food that your hummingbirds collect from the flowers in your yard with a special feeder that gives the food source that they need when, your garden is in different seasons of the year. This could be when your hummingbirds favorite flowers aren't in bloom or it could be in other areas during periods of drought or floods, when  flowers might not be able to bloom profusely. When you  go out looking for a hummingbird feeder, you will fined many different kinds of commercial and Artist feeders to choose from. The question is which one is for you! And your hummingbirds. I could tell you a few hints of what I have learned over the many years of living with these beautiful tiny birds. One thing is I found that Hummingbirds are very attracted to the color red. Now this doesn't mean you have to get a red hummingbird feeder. But The two different kinds that I do have and always use are 1) my large clear plastic feeder where they are able to rest and sit while they eat the food that I make for them. 2) Is my large glass feeder that they can come and fly and get a quick drink when ever they want. I also have two  very small feeders that you can stick in a plant pot of their favorite flower. This is handy  when introducing a new flower  or one of  their favorite flowers. Now about the color red. When you first start out with trying to attract hummingbirds, I put some RED ribbons nearby to get the hummingbirds attention. They also love to fly thru water too. Like fountains...
Try to place your new feeder where it will be protected form the wind - so that the sugar solution doesn't spill out (I will give you my home recipe for hummingbird nectar later on in the blog), If possible it should also be located in the shade too; hot sun can cause your sugar solution to spoil faster. And of course, it should absolutely be hung where you will be able to watch your tiny jewels flying about.  That's is what got me so fond and love theses tiny jewels. I have even found a love of photography with these tiny beautys'.
There are lots of commercial hummingbird food mixtures available but these arent' good mixtures for your tiny beauty's. In my opinion, they have artificial chemical & preservatives but it is really up to you! 
Here is my Hummingbird Nectar 
4 to 5 parts water 
1 part white sugar - note  parts means 1 cup 
1 - teaspoon of pure orange Extract - This is what make my Nectar special!

Mix 1 cup of white granulated sugar to 4 cups of water, then put the temp to either med/high on the top of the stove.
When the solution starts to boil, stir until the white granulated sugar has dissolved. Once this has happened you will want to take it off the burner, and let cool.Once the solution is cool, you can then put in clean plastic containers filled with your own special nectar. Keep the extra Nectar in the refrigerator. 
It is important to only use white sugar - do not use honey or  artificial sugars it could sicken or possibly  harm your hummingbirds seriously. As far as the RED food coloring to add in your home made nectar well,  I think that is a personal thing. I myself do add a little of the red food coloring in my nectar..And I have been for about 5 to 6 years.
I have noticed that in the winter months when my hummers do stay here in Washington state. It snows here sometimes and gets down to the lows 20's . So what I fine that helps with the feeders is using old socks to cover the e feeders. And with the larger one's I use a old scarf.

Brazilian Ruby femaleype

 Lucifer Hummingbird 

The wine Throat hummingbird  

You should always keep your feeders clean. That is very important/Why you may ask? Well because of the big problem with mold.The mold can make the tiny birds sick. . So I clean my feeders a lot in the winter months, because of the mold. In the summer months it isn't as bad but you still have to keep an eye on your feeders for the mold..The best way of cleaning them is just warm water  & a little bit of dish washing liquid soap.Just make sure that you get all the soap off before you put your yummy nectar in the feeder. 
I hope that all this info has been helpful. For my next blog on hummingbirds I will go over different flowers that are great for hummingbirds & Great ones that attract hummingbirds too. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hummingbirds are truly the most amazing tiny jewels of the 
sky! I got into hummingbirds about oh 7 to 8 years ago. And I've been in loved with them ever since. The thing about this tiny jewels of the sky; Well that's what I call them. Besides being so beautiful in the colors that they come in. they are wonderful in your garden. They help in ways you might not think about. One is the Adult hummingbirds are great at gobbling up lots and lots of aphids, gnats, tiny flies & other kinda bugs that will sometimes attack you favorite plants. I have found that since I have had my hummers now for about 8-years how, I haven't had any more problems with my plants having bug problems. But that's just one factor of a plus of hummers.

 Allans Hummingbird 

The Lucifer Hummingbird

 Wine Throat Hummingbird 

What I love most about the hummingbird is their sheer joy they have given me. Over the years I have have planted this flower called Bee Balm and I had know Idea  that the hummers   liked them until one day I noticed that a beautiful tiny hummingbird would come and visit my garden every summer. I decided to add a few more different flowers that I knew that the tiny knew friend would like. I add Some more Red Bee Balm, Foxgloves,Fuchsia's, Sage(comes in lots of different colors - red, orange, & yellow are the best),Morning Glory's. I also added a feeder too.. I discover that my hummer was either a Anna's Hummer or an Ruby - Throat hummer. I haven't been able to figure out which one it is but it really doesn't matter to me because I have so much joy from the beautiful tiny bird. To give you an little idea about each of the types of the hummers I thought I would give you a little description of both; The Ruby-Throat hummingbird is found mostly in the east of the Great Plains, many of this tiny jewels will migrate nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico  - six hundred miles over open ocean water flying low over the tops of waves. to reach the Northern parts on California and Washington. But I have discovered over the years that both the Anna's & Ruby - Throat hummingbirds are starting to stay, at their winter homes these last oh, 5 to 6 years. The Ruby Throat hummers in additions to the flowers and feeders (which I will cover more in another blog about feeders and the food you can make at home that is much more healthy for your hummers) are great on eating insects to protect your flowers and some plants too. In addition to feeding on insects and the floral nectar, the ruby-throat  often feeds on the tree sap provided by the drilling of sapsuckers in many parts of Northern California & Washington. This tiny jewels are especially attracted to the blooms of the trumpet creeper - which seems to be primarily adapted to pollination by the hummingbird. The Ruby - throat hummingbirds are also very attracted to the Red Bee balm, Columbine and  Red Saliva.
Now both the Males and Females of the Red throat humming bird have a iridescent green backs. And their undersides are grayish white, with dusky green sides and flanks. They are a close relation to the Black - chin hummers who are in the westerly states. The males are a bit different by far...
When seen in the right light or not, but usually in the summer days the male has a fiery red gorge's that are quite beautiful.. I've have also found that the top of their heads have the same red iridescent flare when they move in the light. They are quite the talkative little birds too. 
Both can  produce this amazing humming sound with their wings & they seem to have a chirping sound that is quite loud at times. The Anna's Hummingbird is so much like my Rosy hummer too. The way he looks and the talkative part of the bird too. 
Anna's Hummingird  has the iridescent feathers but its on his head and his throat & basically all around his head. and you can see his even when its not a sunny day. Also what makes me thing of Rosy with this type of hummer is - the way that they hovering in midair air - the way they fly up really high  and then come down dive-bombing into a tree that is very close by my graden or another hummer. Doing these amazing flying dancing you could call it in the air. and then dive bomb at amazing speeds. 
Well, I will continue blog on my love for my Hummingbirds - And my Rosy - My wild little hummingbird...

Saturday, January 19, 2013



Before time, how did elves dominant the race on earth? 
They lived life as Kings and Queens, their magic & immortally was the norm. In the time of the elves was great glory of the dominant race on earth along with the faeries. They were very carefree by nature. Elves and their tiny friends - the faeries loved to dance and play stringed instruments. Music was a great part of their lives, as well as dance. 

Most lived in the thick dark forests where know one could find them. They could live freely out in the open with music, singing, dancing and lovely one another. There was a lot of sex and chasing about of both sexes. This was the way of the middle class elves & all other elves except,  the Kings & Queens Elves who were very posed about their actions & appearance's.Their children were expected to marry whom they choose. Some of the elves would live underground in the spring. They aren't bad but sometimes their pranks have been fatal to humans but never intentionally. Elves apparently came in several distinct varieties - though they are a rather mournful lot, one breed of elves was an invisible  kitchen helpers for good servants, the others the bringers of illness and misery. They can be of both sexes of sexless...

Yet the old tradition portray them as very different creatures, among the Norse, Teutonic and and Scandinavian peoples, Elves are tall, extremely beautiful and very powerful. 

A person may be said to have 'elfin beauty', when they posses fine bones, light and silken hair and large eyes. A Anglo - Saxon, there is a adjective - aelfsciene, that means 'as pretty as and elf.'
Elfin fact - The importance of elves in earlier western culture can be inferred from the number of words & phrases of that have survived into recent times. 

Here are are a few examples - of Early Elfin words & phrases - A changeling - is a elf cup is a stone with a hollow in it filled with morning dew, elf fir is another name for the will - o - the wisp, elf - locks maybe either knots in the hair, said to be caused by elves deliberately tangling it during the night, or short springy curls, elf taken is a phrase used to suggest those who are temporarily mad; elf - twisted - is used of a elf who has suffered a stroke. And elf blot is a disease in a farm animals, said to be the result of being shot by elf arrows.

In more recent times, there has been a general diminution of the elves. In Scandinavia they have become associated with the Hulder a small race, with kinship to dwarf's or brownies. They also aired a tradition of being mischievousness and spiteful at times. This just depends on the type of race to the elves.

In Germanic mythology, the forest Elves are called Schrat, while Danish folklore has Elev or Elle - Folk who have an unfriendly relationship with humanity~

Elvhenan was a place where elven language was reportedly at time time where elves were still the dominated race on the continent of Theda's. Elvhenan in ancient times covered all of Thedas and it wasn't an myth that elves were immortal and used magic. Their political, economical, cultural, activities & were in the heart of the city. Elvhenan was one of the greatest cities of its time. During this time there was much peace and harming with the elves of this age. Their homes were glorious ,  & high up in the forest tree tops. They had no war, disease and only peace and beauty of the earth, water , wind  & sky.  Arlathan or Arlath both have the meaning in elfin as ' I love this place'. Arlathan was located in a great forest in the North of Theda's not far from where the 'Tevinter Imberium' first emerged. Elvhenan is the oldest Elves found on record. Some go back before the dragon age.

Before the ages were named or numbers were used, the people were glorious and eternal and forever changing. They worshipped their Gods for months at a time. Decisions came after decades of debate and could last for years from time to time. Their  ancestors would drift into centuries of long slumber but this is not death as we know it. While the ancient elves did not die, the oldest of the elves were said to weary of life, Memories became too much to bear and rather than fade into complacency, they would voluntarily stand aside, and let the younger generation guide their people. This practice was know as Uthenera or 'The long sleep'. Elves would retire to a chamber that was one part bed and one part tomb. It was the Great Ceremony from all  the extended families, the eldest of the different groups of Elves would succumb to a slumber from which they would not wake for centuries and often never. In time the body would deteriorate and the elder would die in truth. All the while the family would continue to visit the chamber to pay respects to the one who made a great sacrifice.

Elvhenans fall can probably be dated to the crowning of the First Archon of the Tevinter Emporiums nearly six & a  half millemnian later...           

Monday, January 14, 2013

And What is a Hobbit-2013

'And What is Hobbit'  
Most people don't know about the Hobbit. There are these little people, smaller than
dwarfs. They love peace and quiet and good tilled earth. Hobbits dislike machines, but
are handy with homemade tools. They are a nibble but don't like to hurry. Hobbits have sharp little ears and eyes. They are inclined to be fat. And love to ware bright colored clothes. As for 
shoes - well that's a different story. They seldom or never ware shoes & there is a good reason
for this... The hobbit has rather large feet and on the bottom of their feet is  very thick and leathery.
On the top is  thick curly hair to keep them warm during the very cold weathers. Their feet is actually a trade mark of the Hobbit. Another thing that they love to do is laugh and eat at least 7 to 8 meals a day. If I remember they would have at least 2 - 3 different breakfast's to start a couple snacks before lunch. and after lunch there was a couple of more snacks and maybe  3 dinners. I can't remember if there is desert. Another  part of there dinning is their drink which they make their own. It was a special Ale of their own. Which they drank alot of it. The Hobbit loved to have party's and  celebration's. Their land is called the Shire, a place between the river of brandy wine and the far downs.

The hobbit was created by J.R.R.  TOLKIEN. But the hobbit is also a real creature in the world of the 
Eleven Realm too. Just like the faeries, elves, tree spirits, mermaids, Selkie's, pixie's, sirens & dragons 
and other creatures of different parallel worlds - port holes & different realms here on this earth. I feel that the hobbits lived in the same time frame as the Elves, faeries,pixie's, tree spirits , water spirits & more...

Some still live here on earth in deep un-touched forest places like - Ireland - Scotland and parts of England.
But others come from different dimensions or other parallel worlds which there are still able to pass  through from their world to ours...

I love the book that J.RR. TOLKIEN wrote about the hobbit because he has a true feeling of these creatures when they would roam the earth before the humans were in great numbers or even before the humans were here on earth. TOLKIEN gave a real picture of how we humans interacted with both the hobbits - elves - dwarfs and the wizards. He gave a true picture in your mind as you read his book - what it might have been like to be with the -  HOBBITS.
He gives you a story about a beloved character  named Bilbo Baggies & lets you follow his adventures throughout the book. Its show how he goes on a quest for the one ring and how it is brought back to the Shire &  to the next generations of his family to continue the story of the RING....

TOLKIEN - Also wrote 3 continues books  called -  The Lord of the Rings;The fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers,  & The Return of the King.

I have always love the Hobbit as a child and now as an adult even more. I fine that I understand it more. Its wonderful that the author wrote these wonderful books to show that  there is true fantasy in the world today - You just have to open your eyes and believe!   Wendy 
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