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Monday, May 19, 2014

Stocks Fairy Women-

Stock Fairy Women-
Hello my dears I found another different type of fairy for all of you! Its called
Stock Fairy Women 
the Stock Fairy Women. I couldn't find alot about these faeries or even images but
I found a little bit of information which was quite fun in it self. And I have a few 2images
for you too! It seems that the Stock Fairy Women are from Ireland and these fairies
for some reason have problems giving birth to their own Fae children whether it be the
baby die before birth, during or have some kinda birth deformity. Since these Fairy Women
being such beautiful creatures are repelled by their own off-spring they try to swap them with
healthy children of our world. From what I understand, what these faeries do is- The off spring or
baby or babies that is swapped with the human family is known to be able to create great Mischief
in a house hold. The Term Stock is Used because the Faeries have been know to use their magic
to surn a block of wood into what seems to be their Child. Now I know what you are all thinking!
Stock Fairy Women
Fairies that steal humans babies! As I said before all Faeries are not nice! there are some that are mischievous or even evil. As there are the same in the human population too. Looks can be deceiving with
the Stock fairy women as in also many Humans too!
But now back to the story... You can prevent your child or children from being Swaped by
Baptising Him/Her first as soon as you can. But if he/she recieves alot of attentiosn which all babies do
they will be in favorable to be swapped by a stock fairy. Nothing will good will come of this, when your baby spotted out for a a swapped. Why! Because the Stock faeries drains away all good forture from you.
It is said to dispell a Stock Fairy, you can do it one of a few ways; 1) You can either trick it to revealing its true Age, 2)Force Tea Made From the Lusmore (the Foxglove Flower) down their stocks . The tea or Throat witch will burn out its human insides forcing it back to the Fairy Realm or the Heat and Fire are Repulsive to the Stock Fairy women and it will fly away. 
Anyway I hope you Enjoyed the stort story of the 
Stock Fairy Women 
I love you all very much! My 
dear Friends & Followers !
Your Wendy 
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