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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Splinter Cat

Splinter Cat~
Hello, my dearest Friends & Followers for the next few posts I thought I would do a few legends for the month of October since Halloween is just a few weeks away. I will also include two more movie posts for your scary fun time too. For today, I found Another legend about Cats.
The Splinter Cat is in a group called fearsome Creatures; They are based on one legendary beast found over much of the Northern America area. These terrifying kitty's are about as large as a Bobcat with a strong muscular neck, broad head that contains nothing of any consequence and a bony skull plate that's harder than a ran's horn. This, unfortunately, causes the creature nasty headaches. Due to the constantly colliding with tree trunks the Splinter Cats regularly have terrible headaches which leave them in terrible moods!

The headaches are caused by its method of hunting tasty chipmunks, squirrels and opossums in the thick mountain forest it calls home. The nocturnal feline's found in the thick wooded areas of North America can also move at great speeds until they collided with tree's with enough force to bring the tree down. There is a reason the Splinter Cat does this; it's to get to the trees sap, which it likes to feed on, and to get at grubs and burrowing insects in the trees, as well as, on occasion birds which have made their nest in the tree trunks.
Since they look for the smallest morsels of food that could be hidden in trees, they will climb in a neighbouring tree and hurl itself head-first to mark the tree. It will also hurl into a tree so many times that the poor tree is nothing but a mass of splinters to get to the smallest morsel of food. After eating the strange kitty will take a nap, partly because it's full and partly to sleep off its splitting headache too. [I can understand her headaches heheh] Splinter Cats are nocturnal, you probably won't see one during the daytime forest walks, which is probably a good thing. Because remember it's terrible headaches cause a perpetual foul mood and may require your hasty retreat from the area that the feline might be resting if you happen upon her. This is especially true during the mating season when the males are showing off the female Splinter Cats by destroying as many trees as possible in a frenzied display of strength.  Note; if you should meet a Splinter Cat---DO NOT HOLD STILL! what you should do is jump around shouting while spinning your arms like a windmill.
This is so the Splinter Cat won't confuse you with a squirrel containing tree and try to split you open! As they are very fast felines, which are able to eject their spines from their back to use, in defence as well as using their claws, it is generally advised that one not disturb a Splinter Cat, though some North American Magizoologists, most notably Professor Wilbert Doohickey have found that leaving out dishes of honeyed mild, mixed with pain-relieving potions for the felines allows one to get close enough to examine and even sketch the creatures. Splintercats are highly affectionate with their own young, which are just as quiet as their parents and are often seen ramming into rotting trees as practice, long before they are even weaned to the full tree.
On some occasion kitty's have been found abandoned and have been hand-reared, however before they are even a year old the cats usually cease to be manageable and must be released into the wild. There are a few of these cats have been known to later return to the site of their rearing and even mate with kneazles, creating agile, spined, felines, but they are usually too independent by this point to even be touched or petted by a wix.
I also discovered the Splintercat is famous enough that it has an entire creek named after it, in the Oregon Mountains. It creek is said to be the heart of the Splintercat territory, so the name is only natural. It lies near Mount Hood National Fores which was once heavily logged before being set as protected land in 1883.
I hope that you all find this interesting my dearest

Friends & Followers Hugs 
Hope you all Enjoyed the Legend 
of the Splinter Cat 
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