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Monday, April 4, 2016


 Neko No Kai Cat-
The Tale of the Neko No Kai Cat-Good Afternoon my dear friends, followers, supporters and readers too! I found one more tale for you all today. The Neko No Kai Cat or its also called the black spotted two-tailed cat. The tale is linked around the Motoyoshi family farmhouse. The son of the family, whose name was Genjiro was fond of cats & decided to take the cat, he found in the family farm and care for it. Genjiro was a healthy boy, but since he started taking care of the cat, he started looking sickly & getting quite emaciated and weak too!  The boy didn't have any particular illness that his parents could see & the doctors  couldn't explain the slowing decline on their once healthy young boy. As time went on & Genjiro got worse, his parents blamed his condition on the cat his found and was caring for.
For one thing, they noticed about the cat-it would be curled up in their son Genjiro's bedclothes everyday, the same clothes that Genjiro slept in. They thought without a doubt, he was catching some sort of infection or even an allergy from the cat. So like any good parents they tried many ways to get rid of the Cat... Fearing for the health for their son Genjiro. These were; throwing the cat out the door every evening, carry the cat to different towns to abandon it, however the cat would always manage to find its way back to their home and to their son. After a time the cat stayed away from everyone but Genjiro. The parents could no longer even get close to the cat. All awhile their son Genjiro's condition would get worse and worse and his parents insisted that Genjiro get rid of the cat because of his health. One time Genjiro mother had him take up the cat and she followed them as they walked to a distant town, going so far that the cat could never find its way back or at least she thought so. Well, her plan backfired on her because when they made it as far as Koshinzuka, Genjiro's mother had lost sight of both her son and the Cat! She looked around, but couldn't see or find her son anywhere. So with nothing else to do she recruited some of the local children in the town of Koshinzuka to help her search, but sadly it was fruitless. There was no sign of her son Genjiro & his mother was forced to return home alone. A few days later it seems that a dog was seen carrying a human arm in its mouth, in the vicinity of Saidaiji temple. The arm had scraps of a torn kimono hanging off of it & these kimono scraps were taken to Genjiro's mother for her to see. (To identify if it was her son) Sadly, she did confirm that they were Genjiro's, the same kimono he had been wearing the day of his disappearance. The official finding was that the Cat must have attacked and killed Genjiro and then devoured most of the boy's body. Given the strange nature of the Cat, no one was really surprised. Well, I have done a few Japaneses legends of Mystery Cat Tales and most of them aren't too kindly. This one is probably around the 17th century. I had a few other images of the Cat but they aren't as pleasant. I found this on a Japaneses site for which I will leave the link on the bottom for you. I hope you all enjoyed the post. I have a not so nice appointment tomorrow, so that is why I am writing late tonight, so you all will have a story to read. I don't know how it will go. And how my mood will be. It's my psyololgist the one that manages my MEDs. Anyway, I love you all very much

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