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Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering the lives lost on Sept ll, 2001 - 14years later

Remembering all the lives that were lost 9/ll & never forget.
I remember the day so clearly in my mind. Kai was just 1years old. We live only 20mins from the Seattle Airport and we always have planes coming and going all day. But that day it was all quite which was so odd and actually scary since we are one of the more larger airports. I remember watching it on the news the whole thing how sad I was. How so many lives were lost by the 4planes that were used as bombs. Yet there were Innocent people on all of them. As I remember one plane took over the plane as they found the hijackers were heading it to the White House so they became Hero's, however still we lost more wonderful people as so many of them on that plane were able to call and tell their last words to their loved ones. I so believe that we should never forget this day as many other days in history where lives have been taken for the stupid reason like this. This goes back the Jewish people where six million of them were murdered, and the American black folks were treated like well you knowOX#@!!! and are still having these problems in the 21 century!!! And Other problems around our nation but this is a time to
Looking back it unfolded at 09:00. Fourteen years ago Friday, Terrorists hijacked four of our passenger planes [full] and rammed them into the New York City's World Trade Centers Top floors. I feel they did the top for a reason/ so that our people couldn't get out. A third plane [full] rammed into the Pentagon outside of Washington. The fourth jetliner [full] had crash-landed on an empty field in Pennsylvania by the passengers of the plane who took over the plane after overhearing what the hijackers were planning to do. Which was trying to ram the plane into the White house? So they were Hero's. So by the end of the day was over the hijackers had killed over 3,000 people not taking in account all firemen, police and other folks that were around the buildings when it happened. It is said to be the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil.  That day changed the world forever. We have had to be a more cautious nation and make quite a few changes in our airports too. That day Strangers became friends as All-Americans United on a day of Terror to our Nation.

Today, A More resilient nation looks to a more hopeful future while we
remember the past and all those souls...
A rainbow appeared over
New Yorks One World Trade Center
on Thursday, Sept 10, 2015, the day before
Friday, Sept ll, 2015
At the World Trade Center, where most of the victims were there will bagpipers and drummers to provided a solemn tune, in accompany to the ceremonial reading of all the names of the souls that lost their lives. At 8:46 am when the first plane hit the north tower they were moments of silence to observe the time the north tower was struck and then at 9:03 am when the second tower was struck. When all those folks on the planes and the towers were killed. In these attacks over 3,000 people died when terrorists
intentionally crashed American Airlines Flight ll and United Airlines Flight 175 into the north and south towers, respectively. More than 300 firefighters were among those who perished in the attacks and over 70+ police when the collapse of the 2towers.
Remember the Heroic acts of the
folks on flight 93
We must not forget Pennsylvania!
Hundreds of miles away there was a third passenger jetliner that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 am.
Today Crowds were marking a moment of silence at that exact time and read out each of the names of the passengers victims.
There was Forty passengers and crew aboard United Airlines Flight 93 that died when the plane crashed into the field nose down it seems. It is believed that the hijackers crashed the plane in that location, However, it is also thought that the passengers did find out what the hijackers target was [The White House]and they attempted to take control of the plane. Why some have said this is love ones have heard some of the commotions when the passengers took the plane and it was some of the last words they heard from their loved ones. There has been a lot of speculation over flight
93 and it seems the entire 4planes. However to me what's most important is the people that lost their lives, the folks that tried to save lives and the hero's on flight 93, firemen, police and so many others that just helped other of human kindness.
In Honor of the 40 soul's that gave their lives
to stop the hijackers from getting to their goal
the White House.
The memorial in Shanksville marks the grounds where the Hijackers of United Airlines crashed 14years ago. Investigators have determined that the hijackers likely tried to crash the plane in Washington D.C. but were thwarted when the 40 passengers and the crew fought back and the plane crashed nose down as a result as thought today. Since that day Sept ll, 2001, each year after that about 400,000 visitors have come to the memorial. A private group called the Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign still wants to raise about $5 million more to complete the entire memorial for the 40 hero's which includes a learning center and a tower with 40 wind chimes.

I found this bit of info from United Airlines Flight 93
From Wikipedia, the Free encyclopedia link ...
Transcript: Flight 93 Cockpit Tape; If you would like to read
this here is the link
I will write a bit to get your appetite going, it is a great bit of writing
A piece of the plane that
they found. In 2001 only now are
they showing it after 14years.
my dears... The passengers revolted on Flight 93 beginning at 09:57 after the passengers took a vote amongst themselves about whether to act or not. By this time, Flight 77 had struck the Pentagon and Flights ll and 175 had struck the World Trade Center towers. As the revolt began and the hijackers started maneuvering the plane around violently, the plane went off on its course to Washington D.C, but what area? The hijackers in the cockpit became aware of the revolt at 09:57:55 exclaiming, "Is there something? A fight?" Edward Felt dialed 9ll from his cell phone from the lavatory of the plane seeking information, His call was answered by
The faces of Flight 93
dispatcher John Shaw and Felt was able to tell him about the hijacking before the call was disconnected....If you would like to read more of this word to word account of the people of flight 93 and their heroic bravery just go to the link above...

The Pentagon-
Where 184 people were killed when a hijacked  Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the building. Today Shortly after 9:30 am Friday at a memorial ceremony began at the Pentagon which was attended by all the relatives of the victims that were killed that day. Today included a wreath-laying and remarks by Defense Secretary Ash Carter. Flight 77 hit the Pentagon at 9:37 am on 9/ll 2001.
At the White House Today, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stepped onto the South Lawn for a few minutes of silence, heads bowed at 8:46 am. It was the time that the first Jet hit the World Trade
Pentagon Memorial 
Center. Outside the Justice Department Headquarters in Washington, a crew planted a pear tree Friday morning --- an offspring of a tree at the World Trade Center plaza that survived the buildings fall. The original tree stands at the National September ll Memorial in
Pentagon Memorial 
New York. Attorney General Lynch spoke at the ceremony saying the tree is a reminder that 'We can endure, we can prevail, and we too can bloom again.''

I hope that you all remember this day with hope and with love for all the people that lost their lives. I will never forget. I think I have written a post every year on my blog and I will continue to do so. 
I also have a few videos to show you too. I hope you enjoy them and feel the love for the men and women that gave their lives for our country.

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